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  1. We used to have a men's forum, but it was never active
  2. Does anyone know of any good Christian illusionists that travel as evangelists? Please don't make this topic about how evil they are (I have my reasons for asking).
  3. I don't know any at the moment as the ones around us has dissolved
  4. One thing I definitely didn't like was when I was in evangelism and I was preaching in a visiting church and they would clap for me on the way to the pulpit. Like....why would you do that?
  5. What part of CT/MA are you looking at? East, Central or West?
  6. Thank you for the reply, you bring up many good points. I was always taught to get my convictions and doctrines from the Bible so I always study things out myself to find the truth.
  7. Who said anything about anger problems? Am I missing something here?
  8. Doesn't Steven Anderson have some sexual allegations with his son that was thrown under he rug? I've seen the text messages with his son, hope it's not true, but Andersons reaction is suspicious. I have no respect for Anderson at all. Praying that people die (even kill themselves) and goes to hell is not Biblical.
  9. This thread is titled: "Why is it that people think we just believe just what we are taught? Your reply below should be posted in the thread where the actual is discussion is taking place. I'll be merging the topics together
  10. I have a sincere remark. Instead of using Scripture to answer the questions proposed to you, you instead ask a rebuttal question about the person. To be honest with you, I can care less what Jerry and others believe.....JUST GIVE ME THE BIBLE sir.
  11. I grew up in a Christian home and went to Bible college in Northern Indiana (not Hyles ) and have been in the ministry for 25 years. When some folks hear my background and disagree with my beliefs or doctrine, they say things like, "You just believe that because your dad/church/college told you that". It's crazy that some folks will never believe that we do study the Bible as well and come up with our own conclusions based on our study. I disagree with some Biblical things with my father and the Bible College I attended. These issues are not anything to separate over, but I'm also not going out there to prove them wrong or my prove superior intelligence I have noticed a few patterns with these types of people that tell me this type of stuff and it turns me off. 1) They are extremely proud and LOUD. 2) They are very arrogant and confrontational 3) Take one or two passages of Scripture and make a doctrine out of it 4) Conversions about doctrine go off on Rabbit trails and insults 4) They can never agree to disagree Come to think of it, I've been taught a whole bunch of junk as well in my life. I'm glad that can study the Bible out myself and come to my own conclusions. Proof that we don't teach everything we've been taught is that we've been taught so much in life that we would be all over the place with our beliefs and doctrine if we believed everything we have been taught. Hello, I'm Matt, and thank you for listening to my TED Talks.
  12. Where in Rev 18-20 do you get this timeline? Please, break it down for us who apparently don't use the Bible, but rather just teach what we "allow ANY preacher to interpret our Bible for us"
  13. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the school. Maybe someone on here has.
  14. The ladies of our church said the same thing, so I ended up grilling steaks for them after their Bible Study.
  15. Wow, I forgot all about those OB mugs. Thanks for the reminder, I think I may order more of those.
  16. Our current gift bag includes information about the church, personal hand sanitizer, $5 gift card to Dunkin Donuts, a church t-shirt with the yearly theme, church pen and a copy of John and Romans. I'm currently seeing what else to put in as we are running low on t-shirts for the year. We'll gladly offer Omaha steaks if any of you visit us.
  17. Don't forget we get a lot of traffic (saved and unsaved) from Google when people search, I believe Jerry's comments will be beneficial to some that may come across this site via search.
  18. I'm getting some ideas for putting together visitor packets and gift bags for our church guests. What are some things that your church has and what are somethings you may think is a good idea to have in a visitor gift bag?
  19. Thanks for this, I'll study this out with Scripture this afternoon.
  20. ANYTHING to distract us from what the CURRENT president is doing. If we keep talking about Trump, then we'll not notice what Biden is currently doing or not doing. The politics of distraction. @Razor, please only post small excerpts of the article with the link. We can get hit with plagiarism in Google's algorisms. Thank you
  21. Look back, it was already mentioned a few times. I'm not sure if you are questing us or the dictionary. I'm confused
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