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  1. Thank you for you reply. I think this is more of a cultural definition than anything else. What one see as bold another may see as sarcastic/rude/inappropriate. However, I see Jesus in those verses being bold and to the point, but I don't see him making fun of them. After all...It was it's love that brought Him here for them.
  2. I'm not trying to be dumb here, but can you please break the verses down for me where Jesus was sarcastic/rude to others? I want to put some thought into this. Or maybe you need to define what your definition of sarcasm and rude for us, because I cant see where those verses are sarcastic/rude according to the dictionaries definition.
  3. @Matt McMillen I'll respond to these accusations against us when I get some time in the next couple of days. In the mean time, you're more than willing to defend yourself here as we want nothing but the truth. We are genuinely interested in what you believe. You have not been restricted, banned, or warned so did one of the mods tell you not to defend yourself? I'm asking because you said we will not allow you to defend yourself. I just want to know where that came from. Hopefully, that is not false information against us.
  4. Yes, show me one time in the Bible where Jesus was rude/sarcastic and/or made fun of them.
  5. There is a difference in telling the truth in boldness and being sarcastic/rude. Jesus was never the latter.
  6. I listened last night...what a blessing it was. I know of the Bickford's from when they were in Maine. I don't know if they still are there or not.
  7. For the last 4 years our church has used https://get.tithe.ly/ for an online giving platform. One feature that I like is that it allows the giver to cover the processing fees. It is designed for churches and the giving part is free to use other than processing fees. Another one of the features we use is the Kiosk via a tablet on our welcome table. It allows those to give at the church via debit card. (Of course that is not relevant during these Covid-19 times).
  8. Just a thought, can any on disability tithe through online banking? Most banks offer that free of charge. You are indeed in a unique situation there. I guess i don't have to tell you that.
  9. I'll have to listen to it when I get home. So sad to hear stories like this.
  10. PastorMatt

    Social Distancing

    True...and when you preach on separation.
  11. Wish I could help in this area, but sowing machines are too ancient for me to learn.
  12. You'd be surprised. I keep encouraging our folks to watch the live stream, but they keep showing up at church.
  13. PastorMatt

    Social Distancing

    I'm a Baptist. I've been teaching my daughters social distancing from boys for a long time time now. lol
  14. Ct has pretty much shut down everything except that which it considers essential. They are saying churches can meet as long as its not more than 50 people.
  15. The Lord has blessed me with opportunities to travel through out the Northeast preaching at different Churches and Baptist Colleges. Due to the virus all my recent meetings have been cancelled, but I'm looking forward to starting up again when this is over. Anyways, I recently (3 weeks ago) took my girls and one of our church teens with me to preach at Vision Baptist College in NJ to look at the school and sit in on classes. While I was there to preach I figured I'd let the girls sing in chapel. The girl playing the piano & the girl on the right are my daughters, and the girl on the left is a teen that was saved on our bus ministry and is looking at attending a good Bible college.
  16. I'd love to go back to those days, but being in the NY metropolitan area we rely heavily on our website and live streaming. I get constant inquires about our church through the website, and even last night a lady was watching our live stream and when her phone cut out she drove to church because she had to hear the preacher. I guess people here rely too much on technology. We are still old fashion traditional Baptist church, but we heavily rely on technology in communication and advertising.
  17. We have not cancelled our services as of yet. I encouraged our members last night to watch our midweek service on our live stream, instead we had a larger than normal crowd by far and we did not do some pickups. Granted we are a church plant so its not like we had hundreds of people. I know I'll probably get ridiculed for having the doors open at this time, but we are taking precautions and just doing what we believe God is telling us to do at this time. I will not criticize any pastor that closes the doors and goes online only during this time. I believe they are doing what they feel is God telling them what to do, that's the nice thing about being Independent.
  18. Great words of encouragement. Thank you for being a blessing to your pastor (Who ever that is ).
  19. My reply below is not meant to be critical or mean, just honestly asking because I don't understand the logic in your statement. Why? Because God is not answering a prayer request in the way and time frame that you want? God is not a genie in a box were you get 3 wishes that you wish. 1 John 5:14-15 (KJV) And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. James, I have been there before. I've had no job for over a year trying to provide for my family. I now look back and see how God provided over and over again during that time period. Not working actually saw my faith strengthen because I saw that God was with me and provided food and clothing for my family.
  20. CT, NJ, & NY just announced that all restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms are to close at 8pm tonight...only allowing drive through open. There goes my dinner plans for tonight. lol I was schedule to preach last night in a church in Hartford Ct. --That got cancelled. I'm scheduled to preach at New England Baptist College on Monday - I think that is getting cancelled today.
  21. You have to live in the Northeast to understand Northeast politics and the difference on what the government post in public and what they say in phone call and letters. Almost mob style mentality. With the government here in the Northeast shutting down colleges, they actually spread it from the Northeast to all over the country. They shut schools down and forced students (some who have been exposed to the virus) to go home. The virus which was contained to one area now was sent all over the country. What I don't understand is why are we looking to the government for help? Living in the Northeast my whole life, the government is all about take control and liberty in our lives. Our politicians seem to tell us they know me better than I know me.
  22. Concerns me too. They are considered a large church church (my guess is over 1,000) so the state of NJ does not want them meeting.
  23. My daughter just called me. She is a student at Vision Baptist College in NJ, and the state of NJ is in a shut down and she has to come home. Solid Rock Baptist Church is not allowed to hold church services right now either.
  24. It's all out panic here. All schools (elementary through college) are closed, all large activity meetings are cancelled as well as all spring athletic activities. Now so I'm just waiting for our governor to say no meeting at church as well. We do have some very faithful bus kids that their parents will not allow them to leave the house including going to church. Our local hospital has set up barriers all around the building with tents and stuff to test people in the parking lots. Looks like something out of the movies. I went to the grocery store last night to pick up a couple of small things for my wife, and I never seen so people in a store in my life and many had multiple carts. We have over 10 large grocery stores within 5 radius miles and I hear they all were that way. No toilet paper to be found. We had a decent attendance last night for Bible study, I pray it stays the same for Sunday.

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