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  1. The name sounds familiar as I probably have seen him a few times in the past. @Ukulelemike Pastor Doug Fisher is usually one of the speakers at this conference, but probably not this year due to his health.
  2. Do any of you pastors attend any Pastor Meetings or conferences throughout the year? I usually attend 3-4 per year which includes Church Planting Conferences and such. I'm heading to NJ for a Pastor's Conference this week Summit 2021 (northeastvision.org)
  3. Brother, you must be confused. We're talking about the verses you copied and pasted regarding liberal voting which leads to government control when voting. That my friend is right on topic. You quoted Matt 25 and I asked who that chapter was referring to (because that is important in voting decisions) in which you said that chapter has no bearing on this topic. Soooooo....... Please don't create a problem and then try to be the solution.
  4. Would it not make sense to me to refer to the verses you were quoting, where I quoted you? Nobody that I can see mentioned the 10 virgins but you. In all sincerity, do you know what verses you are copying and pasting? If you need help navigating here I can help you if needed. **Edited to add if you scroll up you can see that you copied and pasted Matt 25:35-36 so naturally that's what my reply was, who is Matthew 25 talking to?
  5. With all due respect, sometimes I wonder if all you do is google answers then copy and paste. Are your reply's you or someone else on the internet? You are telling me that Matt 25 has nothing to do with this topic when you are the one who quoted from Matt 25. When I asked for you to expound on your statement, you then quoted Matthew 25:35-36. Then I ask you who Matthew 25 is referring to, and your reply was you don't see that Matt 25 has any bearing with this topic? I'm curious, are you aware what you are copying and pasting? I'm asking in all honesty and sincerity as it will help me in the future to understand your replies. I was going to get into that after he answers why he said that the Bible verse he quoted has no bearing in this topic. I'm very confused.
  6. So what are some examples in Scripture about Governments abuse of power. It will be interesting to see what the Bible has as examples for government over reach. I'll go first. In Ex 9 we see Pharaoh resisting Moses in "Let my People Go" even after several plagues came. After all, having the Israelites there was good for the wellbeing people of Egypt. We know God's people eventually was able to get out of slavery, and this verse is a great example in the beginning of the Bible about Government's over reach in power.
  7. @Bouncing BillWho is Jesus talking to in Matt 25? Please remove formatting when copying and pasting. Hopefully you still have the instructions in your inbox.
  8. Who defines 'false religion'? Pretty clear to me!!!
  9. You 120% missed the whole point I was making because you keep assuming what my intent is or it's because I'm a dumb poster, I'll try to increase my skills. lol Please re-read. You replied to me about the effectiveness of the vaccine and that was not anything near what I referring to. I don't know how we can have a conversation when your answers are nothing to do with the question. My point is when the answer to the effectiveness of the vaccines has to do with aliens and men on the moon, then you don't have an answer and it confuses people to the point of not trusting authorities.
  10. I'm not anti-vax (we researched each vaccine before we gave to our kids and some vaccines we did not allow them to get, they don't need 80 by the time they are 8). I am against government over-control. Our government ignores the thousand of illegal immigrants crossing without checking for covid, but demand American citizens get it? The vaccine is not pushed for your safety, it is pushed with your vote. I know @Bouncing Bill will disagree and I have 0 problem with that. After all, I'm dumb
  11. Our present and previous administration has failed us with the vaccine. They turned the vaccine into a political agenda and Biden lied about the vaccine just the other day in the CNN town hall meeting (not the part where he rambles about the men on the moon and aliens), and his administrations has not been transparent about the vaccine. It's all been about votes. Sad!!! Thus the hesitancy. I honesty believe this would be different about the vaccine if our politicians told the truth from the beginning.
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