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  1. Thank you Mike. I know I originally said Pastors, but I realized I would also like to hear from others as far as what would you like your Pastor to do to prepare for the end times because we might be living in them. I say this because I know as a Pastor, there are many great Godly folks in our churches that play just as an important role as the Pastor.
  2. This question is for pastors & preachers. It indeed seems like we are getting close to the end times. Since we have no idea the day nor hour the Lord will return, I'm afraid many in our churches have become lax about this issue. How do you prepare your folks about the end times?
  3. @jeff_student_of_Jesus Is it hot where you are?
  4. Interesting article. Just look around, we can't be too far off from His return.
  5. I heard this the other day. She definitely had an influence on many.
  6. I've seen some Christians use the Parable of the Lost Sheep as a comparison to the Black Lives Matter Movement... It goes something like this. While I see what they are trying to accomplish, these types of analogies are "Theological Racism". Seems we're so quick to find Scripture to back up what we are saying that we don't take what Jesus was talking about in context. To use this story and to compare to black people to the one sheep is insulting to them. This guy in the link below talks about this issue. https://medium.com/@marc.lavarin/why-im-skept
  7. Welcome to OB, looking forward to your posts.
  8. The edit button is moved to the 3 dots in the top right corner of each post. Clicking the three dots gives you all the Moderation Controls for that post. Let me know if you do not see the three dots.
  9. Jim, when you come across one can you send me a PM with the link to the posts that are missing the edit link?
  10. Hello, we don't have a built in feature (yet) that will allow you to easily post scripture. For now it pretty much is copy and paste.
  11. This morning we upgraded the software for Online Baptist, so things look a little different around here. Please let me know of you run into any trouble.
  12. Thank you. He did mention the same thing in a private message to me.
  13. @No Nicolaitans I said You replied: I said I gave, you said I was giving. **I'm confused as to what you are refuting** Sorry to see ya leave. Door is always open for you. God Bless.
  14. Keep on keeping on Brother Mike. Praying for you.
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