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  1. You 120% missed the whole point I was making because you keep assuming what my intent is or it's because I'm a dumb poster, I'll try to increase my skills. lol Please re-read. You replied to me about the effectiveness of the vaccine and that was not anything near what I referring to. I don't know how we can have a conversation when your answers are nothing to do with the question. My point is when the answer to the effectiveness of the vaccines has to do with aliens and men on the moon, then you don't have an answer and it confuses people to the point of not trusting authorities.
  2. I'm not anti-vax (we researched each vaccine before we gave to our kids and some vaccines we did not allow them to get, they don't need 80 by the time they are 8). I am against government over-control. Our government ignores the thousand of illegal immigrants crossing without checking for covid, but demand American citizens get it? The vaccine is not pushed for your safety, it is pushed with your vote. I know @Bouncing Bill will disagree and I have 0 problem with that. After all, I'm dumb
  3. Our present and previous administration has failed us with the vaccine. They turned the vaccine into a political agenda and Biden lied about the vaccine just the other day in the CNN town hall meeting (not the part where he rambles about the men on the moon and aliens), and his administrations has not been transparent about the vaccine. It's all been about votes. Sad!!! Thus the hesitancy. I honesty believe this would be different about the vaccine if our politicians told the truth from the beginning.
  4. No, I am not smart at all. I'm probably as dumb as my reply indicates. I was just correcting the stereotype you were making when you said "As GOP supporters die of COVID" now you changed it correctly to say most. It may be mostly GOP, but I can guarantee it's not ALL. Your choice of words was misleading, but you saved face by correcting it. That's what @Bouncing Bill is having us believe. "As GOP supporters die of COVID"
  5. I also may add that I believe that Biden and Harris are also part of the problem when it comes to the vaccine hesitancy and made it political from the very beginning. They caused doubt at the very beginning until they took office. Biden and Harris preemptively sow doubt on Trump vaccine announcement (msn.com) It's funny because I'm not against the vaccine at all.
  6. lol, nice stereotype buddy. I know you're quoting it in agreement with the article. Keep watching the news and you'll believe that. I wasn't aware that covid just killed people with certain pollical afflictions. Get out there and talk to people. I can take take you to countless people that aren't Republican's who refuse the vaccine. I can see the conversation take place right now. Baptist: I know you're dying of covid, do you know where you'll spend eternity? Doctor: I know you're dying of covid, if you voted Democrat you wouldn't be dying right now.
  7. This is sad. Biden not being transparent of covid cases of the vaccinated in the White House. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/21/politics/white-house-covid-transparency/index.html
  8. That's it? Just down 1.5 years. With what I hear in the media I would have thought it dropped by 10-20 years. This is a welcome relief from what I've been hearing. No death is good, but this is good news from what we've been told. This reaffirms my opinion, thank you.
  9. It amazes me how many people think that the government is the one that gives us freedom. Freedom comes from our creator. If anyone feels that we have not lost any freedom, then they themselves are enslaved to the government.
  10. I mentioned how many executive orders he signed in the beginning which is proven facts. If facts are cheap shots, then call me guilty.
  11. When you can't defend your guy, you bash someone else. I forgot about that. Didn't he say that only dictators rule with executive orders?
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