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  1. If you know what their email address is (If they send it to you) you can update it in their profile. Thank you. I can update his email address if you have it. That will allow him to log back in.
  2. You will not have to restart over. The new software update changed the way one logins in for security reasons. If you email me your email address, I'll change your account to the one you provide. You can email me at matt@mattsouza.org
  3. Growing up: Faith Baptist Church - Dad was Pastor Then Liberty Baptist From High School to college - Dad went into Evangelism Fairhaven Baptist College for 4 years (College) Lighthouse Baptist Church for 20 years Now Highpoint Baptist Church- Last 6 years
  4. Yeah, I guess this means we're not conspiracy theorist anymore. lol A friend of mine was just fired from a local hospital for refusing to get the 2nd vaccine shot. After she got the first shot she was in the hospital for a week so her doctor told her not to get the second shot...so the hospital fired her for not being vaccinated. I don't understand why we keep ignoring science. This decision to get the vaccine should be between a person and their doctor...not the government.
  5. I guess the question to ask here is, does preservation make the Bible any less important/relevant?
  6. Wow that seems like its way over my head, I'm tapping out.
  7. Hopefully someone can help you here. I'm a city boy, so the only farm animals I see are in the grocery store.
  8. Our church is currently using the Majesty hymnal. I personally don't like it (not because of CCM), but that's more of a preference than anything else.
  9. I heard someone say on social media about not using Majesty Hymns hymnal because of the CCM in it so I went to Google to see what I can find people saying. Low and behold, Google brought me to this older thread on Online Baptist. Anyone here have a problem using Majesty Hymns hymnals?
  10. I take "A woman can teach a children’s Sunday school class, perhaps even a teen class with boys and girls " as an answer to "Jerry, should a mother be allowed to teach her child?" If a woman can teach a children's Sunday school class then they can obviously teach her child. Maybe I'm wrong and Jerry can clarify, but it would seem like a contradiction to say yes a woman can teach a child, but no, not her own child.
  11. Steak, green beans and rice last night
  12. Would you say it is more prevalent down south than up north, or about the same?
  13. Are you actually reading when people comment? He did answer I didn't answer for him, I actually read what he typed that you could have read for yourself. If you take the time to read his post you will see that you asked a question that he already gave the answer to. It's like me saying....The sky is blue, and then your next comment is asking me what color I think the sky is. It's all cool bro
  14. From what I read in Jerry's posts, he answers that.
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