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  1. I will add that if it is past the 24 hours to edit and a member feels strongly about removing something that is embarrassing/posted in the flesh, that we have no problem editing and/or removing the thread if necessary. The whole point is that it was abused in the past and this is how we decided to handle it going forward.
  2. The time has been changed to 24 hours. The reason why we are not making it longer is because we've had problems in the past of people editing their posts and replacing the post with a simple period .
  3. I'll be checking group permissions, permissions may be set differently for different groups.
  4. If you think this thread is interesting and informative, try reading the Bible. FYI: I say that because his reply is suspiciously spam looking
  5. I'll have to check, but there may be a time limit set of 60 minutes to edit a post.
  6. You have the ability to edit your post, but not delete them. The reasoning for not being able to delete them is because then it is unfair to the those who posted after you. When members were deleting posts, the threads then did not make sense anymore and the context many times changed. In reality, you are having a conversation. Once one person deletes part of the conversation, it can change the meaning. In that case the whole thread has to be removed and that is not fair to those who took the time to reply. I'll go check now to make sure, but we used to allow members to close the threads they started. That way if a person who starts a thread no longer wants that thread to go on, they can close it from future replies.
  7. The only members here that can do more than you is mods/admins.
  8. Thank you for your input and welcome. I believe your reply comments should be reserved for talking about Jesus, not a religious organization.
  9. Yup, it's the members decision. I was preaching in a church in NY a few years back and one member placed in the offering his tithe. On the envelope it said. 100% of this tithe to go to the church, 0% to go to the pastor. I'm not sure if he aware that he really has no individual say in where that money went.
  10. I can't say that I have, they usually have flashlights.
  11. I don't celebrate Halloween as it seems too much of a contradiction for me to get involved with some of the things Halloween involves. I understand the paganism in Christmas and Easter, but there some things I can celebrate in those holidays like the birth and resurrection....I haven't found anything in Halloween to celebrate yet. I don't look at giving out tracts on Halloween as celebrating the holiday, if they are on my doorstep...they are my mission field..
  12. I miss Pastor Tharp. He was a pastor here in New England and I've been to that church countless times in Holyoke, Mass. His son was tragically killed in an accident in the early 2000's, and Pastor Tharp had to leave as I can only imagine how that must have affected him. Praise the Lord that Church is still going strong now, and played a huge part financially in us starting our church a few years ago.
  13. Love that song. We sing it a few times a year at our church.
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