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  1. Why do people put these foods together? Pineapple and Pizza Chocolate and Pretzels Popcorn and m&m's Turkey and Cranberry Sauce Cheese and Honey Apple and Cheese Ketchup and Eggs I'm sure there are more, that is all I can put together for right now.
  2. Yes, I saw that. I see that he was removed off North Florida Baptist College website and not listed on the church staff either. I don't understand why a church would hire him during the investigation. Part of the agreement is that Giovanelli does not have to register as a sex offender. If he did do what was claimed, he got off way to easy.
  3. I do appreciate you sharing this information with us. Everyone is on here at their own time and inconvenience. We are glad that you posted what you did and feel free to post more to help lead those to the truth.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Those roads are like are roads here in Connecticut, so many pot holes you need a 4x4 vehicle. lol It is great you got away...and Happy Anniversary.
  5. I do know some churches that has had people record piano recordings for them that they use. I don't know if that is something that you would consider. Thankfully, God gave me 4 girls, a wife, and a mother to play the piano. I lead the congregational myself and I feel for ya. I can't do it without a piano player. lol Praise the Lord for the church growth.
  6. Amen brother. Praise the Lord for Church members like you that uses what God has given you to bring people to hear the Word of God each week. Keep it up brother!!
  7. I love the bus ministry and we are working on starting one at our church. I've seen much fruit from the bus ministry and I've also seen it hurt churches. Our plan for the bus ministry is to see souls saved and then help them grow in the Lord. I've too many bus ministries where they "lead" thousands to Christ and baptize them, but never to see those kids/adults in church again.
  8. Yes. When Jesus gave communion He did not break off pieces of His body and He did not cut himself to pour out blood. This is an honest question that I have. If it actually does become the body and blood of Christ, then why doesn't it taste like it?
  9. In the Bible there are only 2 ordinances given to the local Church, Believer's Baptism (Acts 2:41-2:47) and the Lord's Supper (1 Corinthians 11:23-11:32). Any other ordinance is man made as it is not in the Bible. We also believe that the Lord's Supper is symbolic and does not actually become the body and blood of Jesus.
  10. Yes, you can copy and paste new here as long as then you leave a link to the original source. We just try to discourage just posting links with no context to them.
  11. Welcome @Angel. Glad to have you here, thank you for introducing yourself.
  12. PastorMatt

    New year

    Thank you. I've never been a big fan of New Years. Imagine what goals we could accomplish if we treated everyday like we do New Years?
  13. I try not to put down people that are involved in other religions/cults. Just preach Jesus to them and let the Word of God work in their hearts. I just would love to see them find the truth in the Word of God.

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