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  1. She has not been on here since she posted this so she may not come back, but I am hoping she will come back to further discuss her situation.
  2. This is why the government will not make abortion illegal. It's a way for them to be able to experiment on humans in the name of science. They'll call it a fetus, but do experiments on it like its a human body.
  3. @Mirandavitoles You still with us? We'd love to hear back from you to see how you're doing.
  4. I get that and I respect your conviction in this area. Don't ever change if that is how God is leading you. I have come to my own personal conviction because I don't know the personal lives and beliefs of all the hymns writers in our hymnal. I'm blessed because my daughters writes a lot of there own songs and music that we use. We just released our first one on Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and more. If the lyrics are doctrinally correct and falls into the Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs categories, then we will use it just like in the hymnal. I will say this, with all the modern
  5. Music is one area that is really sensitive to a lot of people. I don't come to church to be entertained or to feel good, I come to hear from God, so I want the music to reflect that. We mostly sing hymns and Spiritual songs, but we do take some CCM music with good lyrics and we will calm down the tempo and/or rewrite the music so it will not sound worldly. I know some people are against that, but I need to follow the Lord's leading in our church. We try to have lively music, but done properly and in order. There is a clear distinction between the worlds music and what we use. I guess it c
  6. Unfortunately, some churches do display this kind of behavior. Like Pastor Markle said, put your trust in God alone and not people. May I ask what hypocrites in the church have to do with your individual relationship with God? Your faith should be in God, not a pastor or people
  7. That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to reading them.
  8. I know some preachers who get up and street preach on sins just for the reactions they get. I've never seen a street preacher preach on gluttony. The gospel alone is enough to get the devil mad.
  9. We have a baptism this Sunday so I'll be at the church setting up the baptism. You guessed it....more than likely I will order a pizza.
  10. Canada churches seems to be getting hit hard by the government. I'm praying for our friends up North.
  11. Another topic got me thinking. When you street preach what do you preach about? I am 100% against abortion, homosexual marriage (If the government want to have civil unions so be it, but God ordained marriage between a husband and a wife), alcohol, and other things, but when I street preach I stick with the gospel message. I get into homosexuality and other sins once I get to engage on a one on one situation or they bring it up. Salvation first, then let the Holy Spirit work on their heart. Does anyone here get up and street preach about homosexuality?
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