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  1. I don't see how 6' or 18' makes a difference. Does covid measure distance to find those to infect? I thought it was an airborne virus which means you can't walk in the same are area someone else did that was infected.
  2. I don't see his reply as off topic. Anyways, I guess with the situation that you are mentioning that no-one should leave the house ever since here is so much more danger out of the house than in it Then again lots of people die in their own house... what am I to do make sure I don't die?
  3. I'm pretty much looking for the purpose of live streaming. Zoom will not work for us with the amount of viewers we have and I prefer a more classic TV style service rather than a meeting.
  4. Due to facebook's uncalled censorship of banning links and accounts, what are some alternative sites to use to live stream church services?
  5. So sorry to hear this. We're like you and no threat to facebook, but I am waiting of the day they decide to shut us down.
  6. I never saw a problem with it. I don't tithe for the tax deduction. Less of my money in the governments hands is fine with me.
  7. I saw that. I'll be praying for the family.
  8. It seems that the original website for the New IFB website is no longer around. I guess the website was a directory of the churches that are NIFB. On the other hand there is this website that tell us all about the Andersonites. https://newifb.info/
  9. So sad that people do stuff like this. It does not make me angry, it just makes me want to preach more Jesus.
  10. Please pray for our Revival starting tonight through Sunday. God is blessing His church. Last week Mimi who is 90 came forward for Baptism, she came from a Catholic background and is on fire for God. Our state just imposed more restrictions for meeting, so please be in prayer. Thank you
  11. Leaders among the Southern Baptist Convention are increasingly discussing dropping the “Southern” part of their name due to a reminder of the convention’s historic role in slavery. As of 2019 there were over 45,000 churches that identify as Southern Baptist. Among those 45,000 there is an estimated 14,525,579 members. The churches in the convention are autonomous, so some could and will still use the Southern name. According to the Southern Baptist Convention’s president J.D. Greear, the remaining effort is pushing the rename to “Great Commission Baptists" due to what is calle
  12. This is the official Online Baptist voting poll. If you need another option added to the poll, just let me know. Then media loves pols (when it favors them), but I think they will ignore our poll.
  13. See....Connecticut wins in pizza again. https://patch.com/connecticut/across-ct/hail-king-connecticut-pizza-again-named-no-1-nation If anyone is ever traveling to/through Ct, my wife and I will love to take you out for some pizza, just let me know.
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