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  1. I'm traveling to Sight& Sound this weekend with our church to see Moses. I do plan on take care of this soon as I use the mobile app too.
  2. Hello Dot Dot Dot, If you feel he is unstable then please reach out/quote DW directly. If you truly believe that, then that is the best way to help him. Your reply seems like you have an axe to grind, which you are more than welcome to do so, but grinding your axe to everyone but DW, is not helping the mental state you believe he's in. Btw, we are dealing with the matter internally through members reports, not everything is done in public eyes.
  3. Same here in the US. I offer them work at the church and it has been declined 100% of the time. Too bad too, because it would have equaled to around $30 to $50 hour.
  4. let's break this down here as either you are a false prophet or your account is satire. (I believe both) Your Username is DinkyWinky which is street slang for a male body part that i hear middle schoolers use. As a "prophet", God would not have you use such a sinful, ungodly username. Which then means you are either a false prophet, don't listen to God, or a child that came on here as satire. Please watch your language. - Warning has been giving
  5. A prophet named DinkyWinky. I have an honest question, what grade are you in?
  6. Please list for me the demands and threats that were given to you by myself or any other member or moderator. After rereading this, I only see you making threats to us if we ban you.
  7. This attitude reminds me of a list of demands from a bank heist. Do this or you don't get hostages.
  8. First welcome to Online Baptist. Secondly, threats towards others are not allowed here and definitely not something God told you to do as it goes against His Word.
  9. BTW, Pastor Stacey Shiflett is a great pastor that stands up against abuse in churches.
  10. Here is the video where he says he has a conviction about not using the KJV He currently teaches at https://vbc.edu/
  11. Best bet is to use PWA. (Sorry iphone users, Apple does not support web standard yet) 1) Open chrome and go to Online Baptist. 2) Hit the the 3 dot menu on the top right. 3) Hit install App I'll add the search to the menu soon
  12. PastorMatt


    Why the topic name change?
  13. Bryan Samms used be be IFB, but changed because his kids wanted to use a different version. The biggest problem I have with Samms is that he a conviction against his members using the KJV.
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