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  1. Get better soon. We have a few out at our church with covid as well.
  2. We used to have a men's forum, but it was never active
  3. Does anyone know of any good Christian illusionists that travel as evangelists? Please don't make this topic about how evil they are (I have my reasons for asking).
  4. I don't know any at the moment as the ones around us has dissolved
  5. One thing I definitely didn't like was when I was in evangelism and I was preaching in a visiting church and they would clap for me on the way to the pulpit. Like....why would you do that?
  6. What part of CT/MA are you looking at? East, Central or West?
  7. Thank you for the reply, you bring up many good points. I was always taught to get my convictions and doctrines from the Bible so I always study things out myself to find the truth.
  8. Who said anything about anger problems? Am I missing something here?
  9. Doesn't Steven Anderson have some sexual allegations with his son that was thrown under he rug? I've seen the text messages with his son, hope it's not true, but Andersons reaction is suspicious. I have no respect for Anderson at all. Praying that people die (even kill themselves) and goes to hell is not Biblical.
  10. This thread is titled: "Why is it that people think we just believe just what we are taught? Your reply below should be posted in the thread where the actual is discussion is taking place. I'll be merging the topics together
  11. Why is it here in 2022 that truth is all of a sudden arrogance ?

  12. I have a sincere remark. Instead of using Scripture to answer the questions proposed to you, you instead ask a rebuttal question about the person. To be honest with you, I can care less what Jerry and others believe.....JUST GIVE ME THE BIBLE sir.
  13. I believe what I said was misinterpreted, and if you want to kick me off the site because you don't want to hear the truth be my guest, listen, I love all of my brothers & sister everywhere, & this subject has nothing to do with salvation, I'm just trying to do what I'm supposed to do, help a brother ! So let me clear it up, we all know Jesus was here once, the second time He returns (not all the way to earth but in the clouds) is the rapture & the last time he returns will be to fight the battle of Armageddon, although this is totally off the topic, which is post trib !

    1. PastorMatt


      There are no plans on kicking you out of here. Anyone who follows the rules here can stay. Welcome to OB.

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      Thanks Matt !

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