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  1. I personally have never come across anyone that calls themselves Baptist that believes in reincarnation. I'm curious if this something you have come across, I'm asking because I'm wondering what scripture would be used to support it.
  2. I've seen may Christians divided on this topic, Should a person who is suffering from a terminal illness be able to end their own life? Should they be able to end their own life of pain and suffering? Please give me your thoughts on this along with Bible verses and/or Biblic principals. I'll give my thoughts later.
  3. Thanks for joining. Please feel free to start a new thread to discuss this topic.
  4. Thank you. Please continue to keep us updated so we can keep praying for Randy. I'm not sure what I can do, but if we can do something, please let me know.
  5. https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/religion/article/79101-thomas-nelson-faces-15m-in-fraud-breach-of-contract-lawsuit.html "Thomas Nelson, a part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP), faces more than $15 million in damages owed to a printing company after a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee found it liable for breach of contract and fraud."
  6. I did actually ask you to address the verses and tell me why you think the verse says you can lose your salvation. You make the implication of what the verse says, I'm asking you to explain why you believe what you believe.
  7. Welcome to Online Baptist, I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Hope you find your time here enjoyable and uplifting.
  8. It's great having you here. An ovation goes out to the Mods here that do a great job moderating the site to keep it safe.
  9. While I would word this welcome letter differently, I do think some of our churches should be more welcoming of others. While our church welcomes all, we do not change our preaching based on who is there. The Word of God will make some feel uncomfortable because of their lifestyle, but welcomed because they are loved. The Word of God changes lives. We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, filthy rich, dirt poor, yo no habla Ingles. We extend a special welcome to those who are crying new-borns, skinny as a rail or could afford to lose a few pounds. We welcome you if you can sing like Andrea Bocelli or like our pastor who can’t carry a note in a bucket. You’re welcome here if you’re “just browsing,” just woke up or just got out of jail. We don’t care if you’re more Catholic than the Pope, or haven’t been in church since little Joey’s Baptism. We extend a special welcome to those who are over 60 but not grown up yet, and to teenagers who are growing up too fast. We welcome soccer moms, NASCAR dads, starving artists, tree-huggers, latte-sippers, vegetarians, junk-food eaters. We welcome those who are in recovery or still addicted. We welcome you if you’re having problems or you’re down in the dumps or if you don’t like “organized religion,” we’ve been there too. If you blew all your offering money at the dog track, you’re welcome here. We offer a special welcome to those who think the earth is flat, work too hard, don’t work, can’t spell, or because grandma is in town and wanted to go to church. We welcome those who are inked, pierced or both. We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, had religion shoved down your throat as a kid or got lost in traffic and wound up here by mistake. We welcome tourists, seekers and doubters, bleeding hearts … and you!
  10. Kinda sappy, but got my wife a heart shaped pizza tonight before church.
  11. It's no doubt that mobile is the future. Stats on Online Baptist shows that our users are now evenly divided in between desktop and mobile. If you read the subject line, you may be wondering, what in the world is PWA? In short it stands for Progressive Web App. Pretty much Progressive web applications are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but can offer the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native applications. Still reading this? Good. What this means is simply that we have partially enabled PWA on this website. Pretty much what you can do right now is when browsing Online Baptist on your phone (Android) you can click the settings button in Chrome and then Click "Add to Home Screen". What that will allow you to do is add a shortcut on your phone as an icon and browse Online Baptist as a web application. It still is a work in progress and hopefully by the end of this year I will have it converted into an apk so that it can be downloaded from the Google play store. Just keeping you updated on the progress of Online Baptist. Thank you for being part of this community.
  12. We as Independent Baptist, do not have any diocese that is led by anyone outside of that local church. Each local Independent Baptist church is exactly that, Independent. And in general, Baptists do not allow same sex marriages as it goes against what Scripture teaches. We love the people and would love to see them come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior but have to stick with what Scripture teaches and this area is sin.
  13. I did not read the article, but I know that I have a God that is bigger than anything on this earth including diseases. If this article is true, it should not come as a shock to us because that's my God.
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