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    What are you willing to give up?

    For your "pet" doctrine? This is something that I have observed over many years: that people find a pet doctrine, or are convinced of a certain doctrine, and they then proceed to throw away some very basic doctrines in pursuit of their new favourite. An example of what I mean. I knew a man who was rabid about the KJV and about adult believer's baptism - both good basic positions to hold. However, over the years he became convinced of the "merits" of Calvinism. Now in our city there were few Independent Baptist Churches that were even Calvinistic leaning, let alone full on Calvinist. This meant that to find a church that would teach and hold to his new fav doctrine, he was forced to search outside IB circles, and the most obvious choice was the Presbyterians, who by and large are Calvinistic. The problem is that the majority are also infant baptism, modern versions, universal church, and other wonky things. But he was willing to throw out these basic IB doctrines and a few others as well, because hey hold to Calvin's doctrines of grace. The thing that amazes me is that even if Calvin's muck was right, why would throw out everything else for that one thing? And I have seen similar things over the years, where men are happy to link up with prominent men who teach doctrines clearly outside Baptist norms for sake of a particular doctrine they personally are having fun with. The latest is a guy I know who is rabid about KJV for instance and super conservative about music and "worship style", has linked up and is always posting quotes from people like Macarthur, who is modern worship and modern versions. But he promotes his current favourite doctrine, and so he is happy to link up with him...... I just don't understand this - ignore the differences, which are often vast, to accept a single doctrine. Anyone seen this phenomenon?
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    No Nicolaitans

    What are you willing to give up?

    Yes...I've seen it. It's a sad situation. With that said, I'm still trying to get folks interested in helping me start a "Nonsense Church"...based on Colossians 2:21. Even though it's biblical (according to Colossians 2:21) for us to have no sense, it's getting hard to find folks that are willing to first cut off their fingers...then cut out their tongues...and finally to cut off what's left of their hands...in order to stay true to God's word in having no sense. Hey Dave...send those guys my way...sounds like they have a good start in what I'm looking for.
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