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    Baptist Don't Fast?

    I JUST taught on fasting last Sunday night! It isn't a terribly popular subject, but it is such an important thing. It has many benefits to it, and God promises that those who fast in secret, God will reward openly!
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    To answer the original question of should Christians tithe during the corona virus? YES!!! I understand times are tough, but even when I was unemployed, I still gave what I believe God was telling me to give. Follow God's leading, He'll never leave nor forsake you.
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    And the baby grew up to be a scuba diver
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    I believe the following reasons are why millennial's are leaving the Church: 1) The cost associated with being a follower of Christ is absent from Gospel presentation, easy-believism is promoted heavily in the Church today. Also, a lot of Pastors as well as Christians in general fail to confront sin while presenting the Gospel. When a person doesn't understand the cost of being a follower of Jesus as well as their sin, they don't feel the need to stay in Church. 2) The lack of discipleship in Churches. Jesus was very hands on and intentional in His discipleship and so were His apostles. Nowadays, when someone gets saved, we get them baptized, tell them to read their Bible, tell them to go to Church, clap for them, and then move on with our lives. While all of those things are true, that isn't discipleship. What every new believer needs is the discipleship of a mature believer. I am sure some may disagree, but that has been what I have witnessed over the years. God bless!
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    The clear initial problem here is that deacons ran the church. Deacons are there to assist the pastor, to take certain responsibilities off his hands so he can minister in prayer and the word-when deacons boards began to run things, that's when church leadership went awry.
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