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    Thanks for the information. I would like to add that that the folks at Maranatha Bible Baptist Church are friendly, love the Lord, and would be behind the man of God who would accept the position of pastor both in prayers, encouragement, and support.
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    John Young

    Steven Anderson

    It is precisely because I follow Christ that that I'm speaking out against misrepresentation and false narratives regarding Anderson. If you see this as my defending him, then that is what you chose to see. But if you look closer, and consider what I have been saying all along, then you will see that I have been trying to defend my brothers from getting caught up in believing and sharing lies to "defeat" a errant/false teacher. We should not and cannot overcome lies with lies but rather only with truth.
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    Do the Amish live simply because they believe it will somehow work towards their salvation, or because they are choosing to eschew the temptations of the world? There's nothing wrong with the second option (albeit one can probably eschew temptation while still utilizing some modern conveniences). It's not really a spiritual issue - after all, there's no Scriptural support for not living simply either. The statement that 'knowledge shall increase' is merely a statement of fact, not direction for living.
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    Steven Anderson

    That is not the point. To Claim "advanced member status" when you haven't been active on the site for TEN YEARS, whilst being correct on the technicality of the statistics, is in reality borderline deceitful. And the fact that you refer to Slayan as a gentleman only serves to prove the point. The fact is that you noticed your status comment and have tried to use it to give your position more weight, but Salyan is a senior member of the forum, a moderator, and a woman, none of which you realised, which proves that you are not in fact an advanced member IN REALITY.
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