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    No one denies that things such as you outlined happen. it is then that you need to diligently search out a church home where you can agree with their doctrine and program. But speaking to the issue I presented, a sixty mile radius of you is not "most everything" or "the majority". That was the statement I was speaking to. I sincerely hope you find what you are looking for.
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    Proverbs 1:7 -- "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: but fools despise wisdom and instruction." In my opinion, they are leaving because they lack the foundational motivation of heart to stay. They are more concerned about what pleases them than they are about what pleases God. They do not possess the fear and love of the Lord in their hearts. Rather, they possess the love of self and the world in their hearts. They are dull of hearing toward the teaching and preaching of God's Word because they do not possess a foundational fellowship with the God of the Word. They have entangled themselves with the riches, pleasures, and social connections of this life and world; and those things are choking out their desire for the Lord their God and His Holy Word. It is ALL about the priority of their hearts.
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    Well now, you managed to push my button. No, it is not for the pastor to relegate the job to an evangelist to preach what he won't!!!!! If there is a topic or passage that a given evangelist does a better job of conveying Bible truth to folks than the pastor can, I don't have a problem with him getting a guest preacher for it. HOWEVER, if the pastor's is worried about being rebuked or voted out due to preaching Bible -- he needs to grow up, determine whether he is called of God to preach, and if so then preach because your final accountability is to God and His Word!!!!!!! NOT to give someone else the task of doing your job that you're afraid will get you "fired". The pulpit is NO place for games, church politics or "career building"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think maybe just the term "Baptist" was coined as a denomination, so to speak.
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    We are living in the last days, you will not hear this in the modern church today. What we are seeing right now before our eyes, as when Christ came to this earth the first time. People could not see the truth, man did not fear God. Money is still the root of all evilness. Churches today, with their tithes and offering that are just covering the churches mega budgets, and large salaries. Entertainment and shows, must help to pay for all this. More and more churches, but less Christians, Sad.
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    Pretty much all (of the few) in our church are of the millennial persuasion, so I can speak a bit on this. I have, for instance, twin brothers, 28, who seem to love the church and the Lord, but tend to be in and out, for family events, occasionally getting caught up in a video game, working so any hours of overtime they sleep most of Sunday, spending the day working on their yard or truck. So there seems to be a certain ADHD, of sorts, that they are going so many directions they tend to just...forget. We find that often if we text and remind them of upcoming service, probably 90% of the time they make it. But they are too mindful of other things. They haven't learned to fully put God first. I am patient with them, because I see myself there, too, when I was their age. It is nothing new really-we must remember the Bible says that few will find the narrow path.
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    Sadly, that "pastor" needs to get saved as well. That church isn't dying, it likely never was, and certainly is not now one of Christ's New Testament Churches of the kind that Jesus started. We see this all the time sadly.
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    I think we’re getting a bit off topic here, and the repentance reference will likely take it further off. Let’s keep this thread to the technology subject; if anyone would like to discuss repentance/doctrine or issues in churches, they are welcome to start new threads.
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    Family integrated churches don't have this problem, because the parents don't send their children off into rooms with strange adults. The definition of "strange" is anyone who is not your immediate family. If you don't have a youth pastor, he cannot molest your children. On top of that, churches are warming up to the sodomites, even putting them in children's ministries. Run out of that church as fast as you can.
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    There is plenty of hard preaching against Islam and false religions online from church services. Nobody get picketed for it. The only picketing comes from pastors preaching hard against the sodomites. Even then , it doesn't last long, and the sodomites go back to their filthy deeds and leave them alone. A friend of mine that moved away from a church that has been picketed for preaching against the sodomites online just had to quit the only IFB church within three hours of where they now live because he found out that the pastor was allowing a convicted child molester and sodomite attend their church while keeping it from their members. Islam isn't our biggest problem.
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    My wife and I have been looking for a Baptist Church to belong to, but have given up in our area. One of the two that were KJV was a church called Victory Baptist. When we were searching, of course we used the internet, because the yellow pages are there as well. This church didn't have a web site, or even a Facebook page informing people of service times, church doctrine, etc. We found it, and went there for a couple of months. What we did find is that the pastor had a web site for his own family's ministry, where he sold his books and such, but nothing for his church. After attending for a while, I concluded that churches that don't even have a facebook page, let alone a web site, which are both free nowadays, have something to hide. Our First Baptist Church is now called "Wellspring Church". I have a feeling that they used to be baptist, now they are not, so they took the name off of the sign. Victory Baptist says "Independent" on their sign, and I have to wonder if they took the "fundamental" part off of the sign at some point. In my experience, the more technological a church is, the less fundamental they are, because the technology is part of the reason people come, not the doctrine, or the work being done in the churches. In my town, they have revolving "in" churches. It used to be the Calvary Chapel church, and then it switched to a church by the name of "Redeemers". The latest one I have heard about is called "Family Church". They have the music technology, the big screens, video satellite churhes, etc etc. While it appears impossible to find a church that doesn't teach works salvation in my area, you can go enjoy some rock music and watch some video any time you want. Baptist churches are either taking baptist off the sign, or literally dying off, because your either take "baptist" and "fundamental" off the sign, or you shrink down to numbers that cannot pay the property taxes and light bill. I've been to a couple of them where it is just Bill, his wife, two kids, an 85 year old pastor, and the mother in law that are left. The problem with that church is that Bill's wife and mother in law are running the church, because the church will have nobody in it if the mother in law gets offended. I'm not exaggerating. I got yelled at by the mother in law in the bible study this Wednesday night because I mentioned that a woman should not be speaking and talking doctrine during church services, which is what their "sister" church did last Sunday night when we joined up with them. The woman literally yelled at me, telling me that it was fine because it was a praise service, and she was speaking at the music podium and not the pulpit. The three men kept silence in the church while two women were rebuking me. Can anyone one recognize a dead baptist church? Should I go to their sister church to see if the women rebuke men openly during Wed night bible study? If Baptist churches don't get more fundamental than they are, they are on their way out. Technology won't solve their problems. If they go full on technology as a means to attract people, they will no longer matter concerning the things of God. Use technology wisely. Get your name out with it. Let people know what you believe with it, but using it to attract people won't produce fruit for the kingdom of God, it will just attract shallow people, and when shallow people fill your church, you must know that you have become shallow, otherwise they would not be there. I use the Bible Gateway on my phone all the time, but couldn't imagine trying to give someone the gospel with it, therefor churches should not use electronic replacements. Show me a church that has replaced the paper bible with electronics, and I will show you a church that does not do soul winning.
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    While I believe that repentance is necessary for salvation (not going to discuss that in this section), I don't think that the problem of millennials leaving the church is a pastor thing, but Christians in general. We as Christians should be studying the Bible and know why we believe what we believe. It should be for every Christian, not just the pastor.
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    In trying to find a Baptist church to attend and go soul winning from, I made the mistake of telling a pastor that I didn’t believe that the Jews were God’s chosen people, and that we are. He told me that I shouldn’t attend his church because that was their big “thing”. Their soul winning program was him doing door hangers once a month with his kids. I also asked him if he believed that you have to repent of your sins to be saved. He said that he believed so. I asked him if he could show me from the scriptures, and he could not. He tried to find something, but ultimately said that he wasn’t sure why he believed it, but that he did. He was a Bible college graduate who was a youth pastor for several years, then was sent to this church as the pastor. I am just a 50 year old HVAC guy, but can show you from Genesis to Revelation why you can’t repent of your sins for salvation, and that the Jews are not God’s chosen people, and we are. When pastors cannot defend their beliefs from the scripture, and the focus of their church is preaching about the Christ rejecting Jews in Israel as if they are the biggest concern that we should have, mellenials or no, they are dying.
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    I don't agree. How can Muslims believe if they cannot hear the gospel? Our pastor visits India rom time to time.and to get a visa he was not allowed to preach outside the church. However, unbeknown to him the church had rigged up large loudspeakers outside the church to broadcast his message. Preachers in that country face 6 months in jail for preaching outside the church but the go to jail and when the come out they preach outsie again and then do another 6 months. The church is to spread the word, not to keep it to members. Luke 9:26
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    In our little country church, maybe we will just bring in our guard dogs.
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    Good for you Mike. "No Deacons" is always a plausible option, especially for small churches.
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    When I first became a pastor, there were no deacons, just 'trustees', because we were small, and they were there for business purposes. I have since done away with the official state business aspect, got rid of the 501C3 aspect of the church, and so no trustees. While still too small to worry about deacons, once I had considered it, and they balked at the idea that, A, they weren't going to be a board who decided what did and didn't go on at the church and run the pastor's ministry, and, B, that their primary job was to take things OFF my shoulders and take over in various duties like visitation and the like, so I could put my focus on the word and prayer for the sake of the church. Even when I showed them in scripture what the deacons were hired for, basically waiting tables, they didn't like it, and so no deacons.
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    And so it goes and has gone that way for many years now. This is the reason that when and if Deacons are chosen they must be deeply spiritual men, well versed in Scripture and with a Godly understanding of what the office of Deacon consists of. Even more important is what the office does NOT consist of.
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    Websites (or at least a Facebook page) are a requirement nowadays, I think. If I'm searching for a church to visit, I won't even consider any that I can't first look up their statement of faith and peruse their website. But the website needs to look like it was updated within the last 15 years!
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    My seven grandchildren are all millennials. None of them go to church. Their reason is they all grew up in public school and are evolutionists. They were not taught the Word in school. They believe in the science they were taught. After 12-16 years of school their "truth" is based on this science. I keep trying, but it is hard to overcome this situation.
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    I am of the opinion that it is a combination of both positions that is the truth. I think there is a lot of shallowness and hardness in IFB that is driving people away, but I also acknowledge that there is a lot of worldly temptations that is also drawing them away. I do not think we have an either or situation here, but rather a "these are both problems" scenario.
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    Well said bro. Scott. I also have to wonder about how many of these have been under the influence of Easy Believism and a quick prayer to "Invite Jesus Into Your Heart".
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    The pervert is married with children and still took him less than a year in his role to start manipulating children. Sick. Romans 3:18 there is no fear of God before their eyes.
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    My thoughts exactly. It's so sad/gross to see this happen so much.
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    Let me put it this way, when I go to these churches, I get to sit through salvation messages to supposedly saved people, long calls to an altar, praise of a foreign country that hates Jesus, and music that has no doctrine, or bad doctrine. The one thing that I want to do, I have no fellowship in doing, which is learning how to better give the gospel and actually doing it.
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