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  1. Are you monotone? Not really, but I'm sure there have been times I have Are you loud in emphasizing your points? Yes and no. Sometimes when I get into the message I get loud Do you preach from notes, or off the top of your head "as the spirit leads" you? I always use notes. Notes cover my points, subpoints, Scripture and illustrations. How long is your typical sermon? 30-45 minutes
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  2. You might be an Independent Baptist if everyone agrees to have lunch at...any buffet style venue.
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  3. SureWord


    Calvin taught "Total Inability" of man or at least that's what his followers like Loraine Boettner taught. Most Calvinists hold that heretical point today. I'm not sure about Calvin himself. Sometimes the followers of a particular theologian/preacher take his teachings farther than he ever intended. I believe the same can be said for John Wesley. I've never read his writings either but I've heard he never explicitly said a saint could lose his salvation only that it appeared so in scripture. But his followers, like in Holiness or Wesleyan churches, have a believer losing their salvation over just about anything such as watching TV or wearing pantyhose. A Baptist pastor friend of mine who was once Holiness told me about this. Anyway, Total Inability is not the same as Total Depravity. Total Inability says that man is so depraved he can't even exercise freewill to believe the gospel.
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  4. Yeah, they get worried they may have accidentally walked into a Pentecostal church.
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  5. When you preach what is your style of presentation? I almost always preach expository, or textual (mostly expository). When I teach, it is more topical. I never do narrative sermons, it's just not me. Are you monotone? I'm not monotone by any means. I'm a very expressive person, and my preaching follows. I talk with my hands and emphasize a lot. Are you loud in emphasizing your points? Occasionally. I don't ever intend on being loud. I try to always pray beforehand that the Lord will help me deliver the message exactly the way I need to deliver it. I pray if I need to be loud, that it will be portrayed as passion, and not contention. I pray if I need to be quite, that it will be meditative, and not boring. Do you preach from notes, or off the top of your head "as the spirit leads" you? I almost always use notes, though I can preach without them. My notes, however, are just the basic points, subpoints, and Scriptures. How long is your typical sermon? I generally preach until I'm done. But now, starting a new church (we had our first service a month ago), I have been making it a point of only preaching 30 to 35 minutes. My longest message that I'm aware of was 1 hour and 58 minutes. So basically I'm all over the place on time.
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