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  1. I tell them I'll listen to them only if they faithfully agree to listen to me after they've finished, telling'em I won't take more than 10 minutes unless they wanna hear more. When they finish, I ask, "Who do you say Jesus is?" & after hearing their answers that always deny His Divinity, I quote them verses from a REAL Bible showing He is God's Son & also God, along wit His Father & the Holym Spirit. Then, I quiote them the verses saying the ONLY one who can save them is Jesus, & what they MUST believe & do to be saved. Then, I quickly give them the history of their "New World Translation" & the fact it disagrees with their own interlinear version. And, as they leave, I tell them, "Remember you heard the ACTUAL GOSPEL Jesus preached here, & I'll be glad to tell you more " So far, no takers, but the JWs & LDS haven't come to my home for awhile. (Most likely labeled us hairy ticks to avoid)
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