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  1. The Bible has one...Salvation.
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  2. Hi, My name is Miranda and I want to tell you a story that ended bad for a little girl at a church. The girl's parents were members of a Baptist church for over 10 years and the little girl was baptized there. The church's school hired a casting company to pick the kids for the production of Annie. The little girl didn't attend their school, but was a member of the church and homeschooled which qualified her. She was so excited and she auditioned knowing that since she didn't attend the school, she might get picked for an extra which was ok with her. She sang and danced and got casted as
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  3. Unfortunately, some churches do display this kind of behavior. Like Pastor Markle said, put your trust in God alone and not people. May I ask what hypocrites in the church have to do with your individual relationship with God? Your faith should be in God, not a pastor or people
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  4. DaveW

    My daughter to PNG

    Long story short - the PNG government has changed the visa requirements for those at the clinic, and it has caused some problems. As a result it is difficult for new staff to get in, and some have had to leave. This all means that Hannah-Rose is now basically running the clinic. She is doing fine in most respects, misses her family and home church, but loves the work, the church there in Kotidanga, and loves the people she is working with and for.
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  5. I'm glad I read some of this thread, PastorMatt. I usually answer with Biblicist myself. I don't reveal whether or not I agree with TULIP, etc. It's irrelevant what I as a person think. The only thing that matters is what the Bible teaches, and though both "sides" can back up their stances with Scripture, they don't settle the question! I guess that's why God only reveals what we truly need to know about living the Christian life!
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