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  1. 1Timothy115

    Changing Our Name

    My local church is changing it's name from Decatur Chapel (Happy may remember us by that) to Decatur Baptist. We're still adhereing to the IFB tenets, instead of moving away from them. Probably wouldn't set well with the liberal leaning crowd for us to be going the other way.
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  2. We are still in lockdown so we have not been able to meet with anyone except my daughter and some of her family who live at the same address. We have been able to have one service at church and from the 21st march we will be able to have an evening service as well. That is my birthday. We will have to spray the chairs between each service. 2 weeks ago my grandaughter and the husband returned from Nice in France and twas hey have to be self isolating in the back annexe, 1t was her 21st birthday last week so my daughter went to thw chippie and got some takeaway chips while her husband cook
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