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  1. DaveW

    My daughter to PNG

    My Hannah-Rose has made it through the boredom of 2 weeks quarantine in a hotel in Port Moresby, and is currently spending the day with the missionaries, getting to know them and making last minute preparations before flying up to the Kotidanga region on Friday (that will be Thursday night for most of you!) The flight is by a single engined small transport - typically a Pilatus Porter or similar for those who care, and the airstrip on the mountain is slightly larger than a postage stamp. The pilots who fly in such places are absolute heroes. A one hour flight, assuming the weather is
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  2. This might be a composite of quotations, but: "When we preach, we stand, not at a pulpit, but on a throne. We cannot play at preaching: Life, Death, Heaven and Hell all hang on the preaching and hearing of a sermon." CH Spurgeon This used to hang on my office when I was first a pastor, (and wen I had an office).
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