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  1. They are historical because he is writing the book to them after he had the vision and he was directed to give each a whole copy of the vision. Revelation 1:1-9 is the introduction to John's testimony of the vision. Just as John is real, so to are the churches to whom he was writing. The rest of us are simply invited to read, hear and keep the testimony. While they are the first recipients the rest of us are called upon to apply the revelation to our day and keep it for the next. Though its fulfilment is future, it had a present application for them then and for each of us who were to come aft
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  2. Here is a article where some high-profile lawyers German lawyers are in the process of suing the Leftists' Globalist Agenda for using the COVID-19 pandemic, initiated by the communist Chinese, and supported by the tyrants, anarchists, deceived individuals, in America, Europe, and the United nations in an effort to destroy our Constitution, Democracy, and the rule of law. Here is the Link: https://thenewamerican.com/huge-lawsuits-coming-against-covid-totalitarians-and-con-artists/ And here are some of the excerpts from the article: "Totalitarians and con-artists who hyped and ex
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  3. 3. As you're able...as the respondent permits...and as time permits...give them the actual gospel. Don't side-step the gospel for a popular modern-day derivative or anything less. They need to know and understand that the Lord Jesus Christ died for their sins according to the scriptures (and what that entails). They need to know and understand that he was buried (and what that entails), They need to know and understand that he rose from from the dead on the third day according to the scriptures (and what that entails). 1 Corinthian 15 Don't give them a quick ABC (A - admit that you're a s
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