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  1. Alan

    A Word of Encouragment

    I would like to pass along an unusual experience I had about three weeks ago that blessed my heart and I would like to pass along the blessing. On Taiwan there are a huge amount of motorcycles. Due to the price of gasoline being very high, parking places very few, and traffic congestion also high, they are smaller in size than in the US (most of the them are from 50cc to 125cc). Also, unlike most countries, they park them on the sidewalks and every place imaginable. Almost always there are people coming and going on the motorcycles, and, as usual, there are people just sitting on the moto
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  2. We are literally burning! CA has over 3400 SQUARE MILES that have burned (just to give a little sense of distance, it's 2200 miles from here - Sequim, WA - to Indiana...). OR and WA are also burning. We have lost over 330,000 acres in just 24 hours here in WA. There are fires raging in other western states as well Now, I know someone will probably say that CA is reaping what the government has sown re: closing churches, etc. And that is quite likely. But I do know that it is also a mismanagement of land care by Democrat officials who like to claim environmental care (you know, tree hugger
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  3. Bless your heart, Alan, You have also blessed my life a lot with your kindness and care along with everything else you have done for me from the very first days of my conversion to Christianity and finding out about this website. i'm sure Jesus Christ will bless your heart heartily and may you be blessed with His Grace. Totoo
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  4. A young women, who loved to read, ask her boyfriend, "Tell me some books that made you cry." The young man scratched his head and replied, "Let's see, oh yes, Organic chemistry Quantum mechanics
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  5. I hope you the best in your search for a good free online Bible study course. Keep us posted.
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