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  1. I will not watch any videos with Phil Kidd in them, whether it's him preaching or someone praising or condemning him for whatever hobby horse he's on/language he's used this week. I've listened to him "preach" before and I couldn't finish the video. That's all I will say about that. The IFB is a movement of sorts, but not in the sense that there is an overseeing board or group that tell the other IFB churches what to say, preach, etc. Not in that sense. For the most part, the majority of IFB churches are indeed independent of other churches while still following the same core Biblical doc
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  2. Brethren, Here is the link to the PDF "Accurate Scientific Statements in the Bible." Note on September 8, 2020: I had to revise the PDF copy to correct some formatting, grammatical and other minor errors. Here is the link to the updated PDF copy. Sorry for any inconvenience. Alan https://preceptpublications.org/Accurate Statements Bible Internet 09.08.20.pdf I am considering this thread on "Scientific Facts in the Bible" still open for discussion. Also, there is some new material in the PDF manuscript. If a question, or a comment, in some part of the PDF manuscript tha
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  4. Having pineapple on pizza goes against the Bible. I know it's in there somewhere, when I find it I'll give you a chapter and verse.
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