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  1. Brethren, Among many other responsibilities that are too numerous to mention, I had to make modifications in my new website and manuscript. In a day or two the PDF "Accurate Scientific Statements in the Bible" will be uploaded. Alan
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  2. Brethren, Here is the link to the PDF "Accurate Scientific Statements in the Bible." Note on September 8, 2020: I had to revise the PDF copy to correct some formatting, grammatical and other minor errors. Here is the link to the updated PDF copy. Sorry for any inconvenience. Alan https://preceptpublications.org/Accurate Statements Bible Internet 09.08.20.pdf I am considering this thread on "Scientific Facts in the Bible" still open for discussion. Also, there is some new material in the PDF manuscript. If a question, or a comment, in some part of the PDF manuscript tha
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  3. Actually, it is best to seek obedience unto God's Holy Word in ALL matters, both in helping the genuine needy, as well as in confronting the unworthy lazy. The precepts and principles of God's Holy Word are not to be compromised either on the right hand or on the left. When God's Word states -- "If any WOULD NOT work, NEITHER SHOULD he eat," God's Word is providing a clear instruction concerning our behavior toward the unworthy lazy. Any individual, group, or program that does not seek a legitimate application of this Biblical principle in its giving policies toward the poor and need is not
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  4. Biblically, there is a distinction between those who are poor because they CANNOT from those who are lazy and WILL NOT. In order to be strictly Biblical, we must develop an understanding and behavior that includes both sides of the distinction.
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