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  1. According to God's Holy Word, repentance and faith are both necessary for salvation, wherein Biblical repentance precedes faith and directly leads to Biblical faith in Christ as personal Savior. As such, neither Biblical repentance nor Biblical faith are Biblically definable as a work. However, through the manner in which some define "repentance" (not Biblically, in my opinion), they turn it into a work. Thus I believe the controversy has been generated. Rather than argue for a correct/Biblical definition for repentance, some just argued against the idea of repentance altogether.
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  2. Alan

    Grace abounds

    James, Romans chapter 5 is a great chapter on how we are justified by faith, how God commended His love towards us through the Lord Jesus, how, due to our sins, we were enemies of God and our offence was (and is), so great we deserve to spend eternity in hell. But, as the offence was great; so was His grace. So, where the offence, our sin, abounded, the grace of God much more abounded. Here is a link to a good sermon on the grace of God by Jim Alaska. I would recommend you reading it and to pray that God would give you more understanding of the grace of God through His Son the Lord
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