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    The beauty of creation

    Sunset from Gracetown, South West of Western Australia
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    Well, since you haven't been around, then I can only assume that you aren't familiar with Totoosart nor his background. I warned HIM...with a level of warning that I felt HE should hear and would benefit from. There was enough information given in my warning that it should give enough reason for others (who aren't HIM) to seek more information if they are unfamiliar with John Ogwyn or "Tomorrow's World". ...just like you did.
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    The beauty of creation

    I'm going to change it up and show an ugly creation: the Black sea cucumber/Black tarzan (both names are common). I at first thought this creature was a piece of garbage floating around in the shallow tide pool, but on closer inspection, it turned out to be a creature that is very ugly. However, when I looked closely at its head, it was interesting how the tendrils flowed out and around in search of food. The video quality isn't very good and my dog is splashing around, but you can see it moving its tendrils in search of food.
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    Never, ever be alone with the opposite sex or someone else's children/grandchildren. That way you are far less likely to be falsely accused. And never leave your kids alone with someone else, even a preacher or deacon: If a preacher or deacon is what he ought to be, he will insist on that as well. Our church always has two attendants in the nursery, and "children's church" at all times.
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    I've sat back to see if "brosmith" would respond, but he hasn't... So "brosmith"...no apologies to the forum or administrators of the board for your failure to actually read the posts that you claimed to have read...that showed you were wrong? No apologies to the forum or administrators for being proven wrong in your lack of actually reading the follow-up posts to the OP? No apologies to the forum or administrators for condemning an entire board of users when you obviously didn't actually read whether anyone addressed the issue? Shame on you. You see...I don't want an apology for my part, but how dare you condemn an entire group of people for YOUR neglect. Next time...actually read the posts instead of inferring that you've read them...and jumping on EVERYONE because you think you've found something to get on a pedestal about, thump your chest, and put down an entire community...when you actually didn't read the posts. Again I say, shame on you. I hope your years of not commenting were worth coming back and making us glad you haven't been commenting. I'm tired of this stuff. If a moderator wants to remove this, I understand.
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    Away for anniversary

    3 bears carpark and surf breaks in the background, our old Cruiser in the fore.
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