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    weary warrior

    Music help?

    I appreciate all of the advice and encouragement. We had 28 present again yesterday. I chose "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" because of its very short verses and modest range. And with 6 verses, there was opportunity for them to kind of learn it by the time we were done. It went much better...no one's ears were bleeding by the time we finished. It all actually is a blessing in a way. We sing the one song, I rattle through 1/2 dozen announcements and then go straight into the preaching. As you might imagine from reading my posts on here over the years, my preaching is not what one might call fluffy and light. It's not harsh or mean, and I'm definitely not a screaming wind-sucker, but it is very direct and to the point, so a 30 minute message is usually enough. We then dismiss and go downstairs for a church family Sunday dinner every week. So the timing is working out well. The weekly meal after church? It's our version of "breaking bread" together, and Im finding that the benefits of this to the people individually, and to the cohesion of the church as a whole, are so much more than I ever imagined. Have you ever noticed how many important things in scripture Christ did with the disciples were done over a meal?
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    Music help?

    I'd like to add a suggestion. At the church I attended during Bible college, occasionally the song leader would bring out an interesting fact about the hymn we were about to sing, whether about the song itself or the author of the song. It really helps with the understanding or appreciation of the hymn. It would take some effort on your part to do some research about one of the hymns, but if you do this than the folks who know nothing about the hymns will grow in their understanding and appreciation of why we sing the traditional hymns. It's not something you need to do for every song and not needed every service, but just once in awhile bring something interesting out about what you are singing. Nothing more than a minute or two of talking, especially if you just had the people stand for the song! I would also like to encourage you not to worry about whether or not you have a singing talent. Just keep up what you are doing and some day God will lead someone to help lead the singing. With the way the church is growing, it's possible God has already put this on someone's heart, they just might not be ready yet.
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    Music help?

    A word of encouragement. At our last church we started, in Taiwan, in the Chinese language, with just me and my wife, and no piano player, with me as the song leader. We sang traditional Baptist hymns every Sunday. Most of the folks who came, one by one, did not know any of the songs and a lot of them learned new words every service. A lot of the Bible words, and expressions, were new to them as well as the tune they were sung in. So, every month or so we sang some of the same songs until the folks started to learn them and the meanings. After awhile, a long while, Rebecca came and helped with the piano playing and the songs got more better. After a while one of the young adults felt led to take piano lessons. The church paid for the piano lessons and then another young person (very young), also took lessons. Eventually, the young people took over the piano playing and, at the same time, the folks took over the whole service. All in all, the church, Victory Baptist Church, has three young people who play on a rotating schedule (that they set up themselves and not me). In the photo below the song leader is one of our converts and the piano player is also one of our converts. Here is my word of encouragement and my suggestion. Keep on singing the same hymns out of the traditional song book. Yes, most do not know the words nor the meaning of the words. Yes, you do not have a piano player. So, you just sing the best you can and if you have grace to bear the members mistakes they will bear your mistakes. By the way, my mistakes in the song services, and my preaching, were the mistakes I made was not only in my lack of singing ability but also in the language. So, I had to endure smiles of folks holding down a laugh at my language mistakes besides my lack of singing ability. Eventually, God, will move your converts, or folks moving from one church to your church, to play the piano. God bless.
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    brosmith, I do not think any "excuse" is needed from anyone. First of all understand that this is a general message board, not a church. The members here are probably all at different levels of learning and walks with God. Some may never even have head of Herbert W. Armstrong, therefore would not even know to warn anyone about him. If you took the time to do a search of this message board I think you would find strong warnings against false teachers of every kind. In a brief search I found three pages of such warnings, many against Herbert W. Armstrong.
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    Whats for Supper...

    Korma is very mild. It has a lot of coconut milk in it. It is not my favourite, I prefer something a it more spicy. I don't know of any Indian restaurants in our town, but we have at least two Nepalese restaurants. We have a lot of Nepalese in our town as mostly retired Ghurkas. I did omelette again today, but with smoked salmon and tomato.
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    Yep. I welcome all through the doors, and all are welcome to sit and hear the truth. "They that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick". However, it's takes a clear testimony of salvation, Biblical baptism and 3 months of faithful attendance to apply for a voting church membership. And public service in the church (music, teacher, deacon, secretary/treasurer etc.) are much more restricted. I consider church ministers of any kind to be much like a wife or a mule. A good one is priceless, but anything less is a $3.00 nightmare, and I'm better off without 'em.
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    Finding balance is a difficult road because it requires us to practice Biblical Church Discipline. That is tough when your head deacon is “sharp” in his financial dealings, or when your church secretary (that everyone loves) is also Queen Gossip. It is simple to keep an LBGT out. And we really need to get think Biblically. I suppose you are welcoming of ALL, but just as nit-picky as can be who is allowed to formally join and serve. And our problem likely originates in the 5 minute professions we rack up as we beat the doors of the neighborhood down. If a pastor has never been burned by some instant convert someone made a deacon the next week, then they just haven’t lived long enough.
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    What happened in church today?

    I agree, starting with the life of Christ is a must! I started with that as well. I understand the need to restrain myself and slow down. I am already praying about what to teach after Moses. I may go back to the NT and teach about the early church.
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