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    A. I love that you at once say you do not follow Andetson and then immediately say you do....... B. Sometimes popular doctrine is popular BECAUSE it is right.... C. People here in general do not like Anderson because he is a proven false teacher, and not just in this matter, but in many matters D. Your initial premise is a set up for this argument. You have twice said something like "when I see effeminate preachers"...... I would suggest you stop going where effeminate preachers preach, and stop looking for effeminate preachers to be offended by. You won't find them at the church I attend, nor would I suggest at any other church represented here. Plenty who won't follow Anderson and his false teaching, but none who support "effeminate preachers".
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    I did not call John R. Rice a reprobate and you know it. You are the one who is crossing the line with your false interpretation of Romans chapter one and the other associated passages of scripture.
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    John R. Rice, may be a reprobate in your eyes, but in the eyes of many strong IFB saints, he was a man of God, filled with the Holy Spirit of God, a winner on countless souls, a writer of many excellent books & tracts & pamphlets, and walked close to the Lord Jesus Christ. John R. Rice boldly stood against evolution, Calvinists, liberals, moral wickedness in society, moral wickedness in Hollywood, and was a staunch defender of the faith. In our perverted day and age, many false teachers, liberals, Pastor Steven Anderson and his followers in the NewIFB Movement, find fault, nit-pickers I call them, with John R. Rice, Charles H. Spurgeon, and other men of God, who walked with God in every aspect of the word. To call John R. Rice a reprobate is not of the Lord. And, to call out his name in a thread called, "What are Your Thoughts on Effeminate Men in the Name of Christ," and insinuate that John R. Rice is an effeminate man of God is a lie, deceitful, and a shame.
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    Oh my friend, you have made it abundantly clear early on that your views on doctrine have been determined through Mr Anderson's lenses. You can no longer distinguish his teachings from Scripture. All I am asking you to do is to get it from God alone and you will start to comprehend the Spirit of Truth and be free of this spirit of error. Follow the below link with an open heart unadulterated by men. Just try it for a few months and you will see the differences. Trust me you will get hooked and will see His Word as He intended, as The BREAD OF LIFE. Take it from a Former tare who followed all the "great men of God" for 30 plus years.
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    I really appreciate your encouragement and sharing your sympathy towards my mental struggles. That’s very kind, hardly anyone is willing to discuss those things, so, thank you! I am also encouraged by your thoughts on the matter that I wrote about, I’m going to add those points to my notes! Doubts can be very hard to share, I hate telling everyone my struggles, I just get so upset. I’m a very sensitive person, I’ve always been. I do have to trust that I’m saved. I believe/accept the Gospel and have called on the LORD to save me. I need to remember this! God gets the glory and longs for our fellowship, so I don’t think He would make it difficult! If someone wants Him, then He’s right there! Thank you, I appreciate your take on this matter! It is helpful! I will keep this in mind!
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    You said it better than I could. There's nothing morally or Biblical wrong with presenting the Word of God in a "soft spoken" manner. by a more refined "city guy" type man. I've heard great Bible preachers expound the scriptures that way. As well there's nothing wrong with a "rough", country backwoods "tough" man or "former marine" type either; I've heard great preaching from them too. Where either goes wrong is when pride or scorn rear their ugly heads up and, unfortunately, I've seen that from both "types".. Not good. Rebuke (in love) when it's needed, but just don't forget that God commands us to "exhort" too.
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    Now you are calling John R Rice, Glen Schunk,, and Jack Hyles reprobates. They all taught crossing a line with God, and not being able to be saved, using the same verses that I did.
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