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    John Young

    Steven Anderson

    In regards to Brother Anderson, I am neither a supporter or a detractor. I consider him a Christian Brother who holds to errant doctrine. I do not recommend him, his church, or his errant Covenant doctrines to anyone and I think he and his followers should be corrected when they try to promote those doctrines. (My attitude toward recommending him and his camp is the same that I have for Ruckmanites or contemporary Baptist groups). However, I also am not interested in promoting lies about him (or any fellow Christian) and these lies should also be confronted as well. To be sure, many people on either side of this want me to go further than his doctrine and take a stronger stand on him as a person. They want me to either say he is an "unsaved false prophet" and partake in condemning him, beyond what I believe there is actual evidence for, so they can label me friend or foe as well but I'm not really interested in being an enemy to any Christian but instead to correct and help them and if I can, give them the benefit of the doubt.
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    John Young

    Steven Anderson

    It is precisely because I follow Christ that that I'm speaking out against misrepresentation and false narratives regarding Anderson. If you see this as my defending him, then that is what you chose to see. But if you look closer, and consider what I have been saying all along, then you will see that I have been trying to defend my brothers from getting caught up in believing and sharing lies to "defeat" a errant/false teacher. We should not and cannot overcome lies with lies but rather only with truth.
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    I don't believe Biblical modesty changes. Some pants are modest, some are immodest. Some skirts/dresses are modest, some are immodest. What I think changes is our acceptability to certain things. Culture will always change, but sin will always be sin.
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    IFB churches are independent. They hold to clear cut provable doctrines from the Bible so that would be their regulating authority. Aside from pastors discussing doctrine and having simulare views there really is no set document.
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    A look at "this generation"...

    None so blind as those who will not see. The great tribulation was the 3½ years from AD 66-70, when there was no tribulation ""such as" that. If Jesus had meant any generation other than the one he was speaking to, he would have said "that generation".
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    Witnessing to Mormons

    Please pray for people lost and deceived by the Mormon cult. My wife and I just finished witnessing to 3 mormons, 2 are their female missionaries and the other was a male member of their congregation they brought along with them. My wife and I met with the 2 girls last week as well. During the conversation we had the girls were getting noticably upset when I would ask them to show me what they believed in the Scriptures. When a topic would come up and I would turn and read a passage from Scripture they would recoil from it. The guy they brought with them, who was a former missionary, said he would like to talk again but the girls said they did not think they could talk to us anymore. Most people do not waste their time with Mormons. My grandfather was LDS and died believing he was off to become a god of his own planet. I know first hand the destruction their cult can cause. They are lost souls that need Jesus Christ.
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    Steven Anderson

    Can you please show some respect for our beliefs already? You are a guest on this site. You aren’t required to agree with it (Re KJV), but you could be a bit more polite and stop throwing your “KJV myth” comments everywhere you possibly can.
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    Good Sunday School Materials

    I am working on training a young man in my church to teaching; I learned to teach and prepare lessons, and later sermons, through using a good book of prepared Adult Sunday school lessons, and teaching through them, so this is what I desire to do. However, it has been such a long time since I used that sort of thing that I'm not sure where to look for something good. Years back we used Regular Baptist Press, but they are not so good now. Any suggestions?
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    Steven Anderson

    Well, actually, I'm an advanced member. And I politely ask for respect for MY beliefs, one of which is that the doctrine of KJVO is a myth.
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