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  1. Hi, greetings all i've got a humble suggestion for all churches: i propose the kind pastors teach everyone to recite the Bible beautifully, especially the pastors themselves need to be able to recite the verses correctly and clearly. It is heartbreaking to watch some pastors on YouTube just run through the verses without giving nor showing any sense and feeling from what they read. If you are short of time, do not save it by running through the text, if you are so short of time, why are you doing this in the first place? If you need to read the text, pay the text its respect, and read calmly and beautifully, let it sink in the listeners and your audience. Otherwise, what is the point???? How can one expect to move the multitudes when the reciter is sans feeling? i strongly recommend everyone to at least listen to Mr Alexander Scournby's recordings, he is not perfect, but he is the best there is, hope someone will better him soon. There are dramatised recordings, i do not recommend them, for one, they are not the KJV, and when something is dramatised, it's the view point of the director, not the book. Have a better day and bless your hearts, Totoo
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  2. He could be new to the movement. I know I asked a lot of questions like this. He does sound a bit like he’s writing an essay, though.
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