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    Brethren, I was asked in a private message, about a month back, if the individual could post this testimony of mine and my service in the Vietnam War in a printed article. I agreed. As a public notice, if anybody, whether or not a member of OnLineBaptist, wants to post my personal testimony on Patriotism and my Vietnam War experience, on a website, newspaper article, institution newsletters, or any other article or media, they may do so. If they want to use my full name that is acceptable also. If further information is needed, or desired, please send me a message either by PM or as a reply in this thread. Dr. Maurice Alan Young, Sgt., E-4, Honorable Discharge, USAF
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    Hubs in the hospital...

    No, I did not know you had neuropathy, Jim. I'm sorry to hear that. My dad had it, and it caused him quite a few issues there towards the end. His was degeneration due to diabetes, which is apparently the same reason Randy has it beginning.
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    I have never had any issues with posting Bible verses or such on facebook. I even have a page for my ministry, which I am keeping as "closed/private". But I also don't post highly controversial things either, which I've noticed most people put in "facebook jail" are doing. Facebook as a whole is beginning to regulate words and phrases more often, they are cracking down on what they consider to be "hate" speech (and controversial Christian activity). But thus far I haven't had any issues.
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    Steven Anderson

    Thank you @Bob Tuttle for the links. I do however think because of because of the little influence that Steve Anderson has in the IFB, that we give him too much exposure sometimes.
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