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    My family just returned home from a week long trip in Gatlinburg Tennessee to celebrate my Parents 50th Wedding anniversary. My 3 brothers and their families was able to be there so it was nice having the family back together for a week. The cabin that my brother rented was the Amazing Grace cabin that overlooks downtown Gatlinburg. Here is a picture of the cabin (sleeps 25). Everything was beautiful, but way too many bears for my liking. I'll stick with the city, I'm used to people coming up on the porch when I'm reading my Bible, not have bears chase me back into the house, like this little bear did.
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    When you live in the New York Metro area like I do, yes I left the city. Not nearly as much concrete and not nearly as many people. Lol Plus the rivers are clear in TN, and *gulp* I lost cell reception in the mountains. Not cool. Lol
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    City folks are always a hoot!. I have lived both in the city and remote. Growing up I lived in the city, but as an adult I have almost always lived remote. Regarding cell reception, I don't have any at home at any time, it just not available. I depend on an old fashioned hard wire phone. I have also lived where wild things are the norm. In Alaska I had to be vary careful just stepping outside of my door. But then, in the city it is the same in many places, not because of wildlife, but because of people.
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