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    Matt McMillen Ministries

    From what I have tried to learn on the internet, Matt McMillen ministries is mostly writing devotional books. Here is the link: https://mattmcmillenministries.com/about/ I read several of his devotions. From what I can gather is that he is contemporary in his writings. On one devotion, he believed heaven was "in us" but was hesitant to say it was a place; but it was a place where God dwells. In the same devotion, for the unsaved, they did not have heaven, but, Matt did not mention a place called hell, or even mention hell. The devotions that I read were somewhat confusing as if he did not want to offend anybody. There was no doctrinal statement that I could find. As far as his background was concerned. Matt McMillen's background was also confusing. Evidently, I cannot say positively, he graduated from a Southern Baptist University in Texas, was a "Student pastor" at "FiveStone Community Church" in Garland, Texas. "FiveStone Community Church is a hard-core contemporary church, again, with no doctrinal statement. 7/22/19 update: Although Matt has not answered my personal e-mail as of 7/22/19, after a further search, I was able to sort out part of, not all, of the confusion concerning Matt McMillen's background. Matt McMillen is a different person from the Matt at FiveStone Church. Alan In my estimation, he is in the religious book selling business trying to make a profit from anybody who goes to any church.
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    Yes, this. /\ Calvinism’s definition of total depravity includes the inability to choose Christ. You cannot embrace one part of the doctrine without tacitly accepting false doctrines.
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    The problem with aligning to those terms is how they are defined by those groups. They don't mean what you mean when you say "Totally Depraved", or "perserverance" as a couple of examples.
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    Matt McMillen Ministries

    Thanks Alan. Maybe I can borrow a book of his and look it over. I see he has a facebook page too, if time permits I'll look over what is there.
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    Zero points here.
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    The Day of the Lord

    Brethren, I am in the process of writing the next lesson, 2 Peter 3:3-15 and Revelation 21:1, "The Day of the Lord - a Time of Creation." It is my prayer, and sincere desire, that it may be a blessing to all of you. Alan
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