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    I'm sure several of you remember Candlelight. She was an active member here for quite a while. She and I were out of touch for a while, but recently reconnected. She has asked me to post this prayer request. She was diagnosed with cancer. She has had surgery and the cancer removed. But she is in a lot of pain and still has a ways to go for recovery. Thanks for praying!
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    I remember her very well. In fact, I was wondering about her the other day as I was combing through old threads here. Please tell her that I'll pray for her daily.
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    Two actual miracles I've seen...

    First actual miracle I saw was God's keeping my wife alive & healing her a great deal. Late in 2000, she was the aide on a schoolbus that left the road & flipped completely over. She was slammed into the ceiling so hard that the steel was buckled & partially torn loose from its braces. Most of her ribs were broken, both scapulae, both clavicles, & 1 humerus. Both her lungs were punctured her liver was lacerated & her spleen ruptured. First part of the miracle was her spleen bled in such a way that the blood dammed up & stopped the bleeding from both her spleen & liver. Second part was that she was still able to get oxygen in both punctured lungs while unconscious. Third was the fact she survived at all! Fourth was that , while knocked out, her head, spine, & lower extremities were uninjured & she had no external injury. Fifth was that she survived the large amount of internal dead tissue from her injuries, & survived her spleen removal (very small incision by Da Vinci machine), the removal of the blood she'd lost(When one bleeds internally, that blood soon dies from lack of 02). She was on life support for over a month; after 9 days, her condition improved slightly, but she was kept fully sedated for over 2 months. When she was taken slowly off sedation & weaned from the respirator(she had a trach tube installed), HER MIND WAS COMPLETELY INTACT! PRAISE THE LORD! She then recovered over a 4-month period so she was left only with COPD, can't turn her head too far right, not raise her R arm above the shoulder, & has intermittent aches & pains. (She won't take any painkiller stronger than acetominophen.) She went back to work, on light duty, & has been working ever since. (She was 51 at time of accident; she's now 70 & going strong!) THIS WAS ALL A MIRACLE OF GOD'S, SEEN BY ME & SEVERAL OTHERS, LIVED BY HER! THANK YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD ! ! The other miracle was at the steel mill where I work. (I'm now a janitor thanx to my 42 years' seniority) Nine years ago, a co-worker, a devout Baptist Christian, collapsed after egressing from an overhead crane he ran. First part of the miracle: he collapsed in front of his boss, who caught him & kept his head from striking the concrete floor. Next, that boss hollered into the nearby control room where I worked, knowing I was a former navy corpsman & paramedic. I immediately found he was in cardiac arrest & hollered at someone to summon help. Two men arrived who also knew CPR. As I was growing tired, I had one of them take over compressions while I breathed him. To keep the story short, others watched for the paramedics to arrive & guided them thru the plant to us, where they used their advanced equipment & defibrillated him twice before transporting him to the ER. I didn't think he'd live, but enroute his heart began to function & he went on to make a full recovery, returning to work in 6 weeks! All credit goes to GOD, as, despite what you see on TV, most people who go down with cardiac arrest don't survive. The most-efficient CPR only circulates 35% of the blood a normal heart beat does, & often the underlying cause of the cardiac arrest is too severe to recover from. The miracle was so profound because we gave CPR for nearly 15 minutes without any emergency equipment & he still lived! (I collapsed with hyperventilation from breathing him when the medix arrived, but I was OK.) AGAIN, THANK YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD, FOR YOUR MIRACLES AND HEALING GRACE! WE CANNOT PRAISE YOU ENOUGH FOR THESE TWO MIRACLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bear record that I saw them both, & have no doubt they were miracles ! ! Anyone else seen a miracle(s) ?
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    Sister Ronda, words fail me this morning as I read your announcement. I have prayed for you on reading this post and will continue to pray. Please know that your time here on these forums has not been in vain. Many, myself included have been blessed by not only your presence here, but also by your life, faith, ability and dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am also thankful to our God for His mercy, love, grace and promises to be with us through all the storms of life. He has reinforced these things as evidenced by your life and testimony. Thank you for having the courage to share this most intimate information with us. Go with God knowing that you have been loved and appreciated by those who your life has come in contact with.
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