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    Mosque and parking

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    One big difference: you were shown basic respect when you first arrived, but returned none to anyone on this forum and none to the forum rules. You have not earned respect here and indeed you have shown contempt to the board, to many individuals, both members and moderators, and also shown contempt for the Word of God - with the lackadaisical use of it. I give respect where it is dur and I give people the opportunity to show who they are. You have done so, and have certainly not earned any respect from...... well as far as I can see, anyone on this board. I'm done now mods, so I won't continue to pollute Alan's thread with more argument.
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    Mosque and parking

    Starting at the gate, put up signs with little piggies on them "FRESH BACON served in the fellowship hall".something like that.
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    Funny - Israelites today refer to themselves in a general sense as EITHER Jews or Israelies, but they refer to their tribes specifically. I know several Jews and Israelies, and have spent some time among Jews and Israelies and today they do not make the distinction you keep pressing. And that includes those who are NOT of Judah, Benjamin, or Levi but still proudly refer to themselves as Jews. And of course there are many Israelies who are not Jewish, but Arab Muslim, and a number who are Christian of varying breeds. You are just wrong. Why do you disrespect these men of God by using such infantile nicknames for them?
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    America is not Mystery Babylon

    Once again you are showing yourself to be a liar. It has been shown to you that the future fulfillment of Revelation 4 onwards was a known doctrinal position in the first few centuries after Christ and WELL before the Jesuits were invented. You are a constant liar and constantly present false information to support your false theories. And once again I will tell you that historical prescence or absence of doctrines does not make a doctrine true - biblical accuracy makes a doctrine true. It is just plain good manners to at least credit the source you are copying, rather than present it as your own original material.........
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    Lazarus Sleepeth

    John 12 9 Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there: and they came not for Jesus' sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also, whom he had raised from the dead. 10 But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; 11 Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus. We don't have a record of what Lazarus said when he was raised back to life, but he said enough to people that they knew Jesus brought him back - because many believed on Jesus because of his testimony. He obviously thought it better to talk of Jesus Christ than of Heaven.
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    This kind of stuff has been shown here before. You ignore it. You continue to say Darby invented it when it has been shown before that it was known well before his time. You still keep saying Darby invented it. Your continuance in this leads to only two possible conclusions: either you are lying with your claim, or you are calling everyone who has shown this stuff before a liar. It is not just this time. You have been shown before. Wear it the way it fits.
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    Invicta, the prOBlem is that you have been saying for years now that Darby "invented" the pre-trib doctrine. There have been plenty of people - myself included - who have provided sufficient evidence to the contrary. Yet you continue to say that pre-trib doctrine started with Darby....and even here, in the face of more evidence, you do not apologize for your spreading of this falsehood, but rather cling to a lie that we have dismantled many times over.... What gives? Why can you not simply admit that you are wrong on this point? If you reject the pre-trib rapture of the church, it is your prerogative. But don't go around spouting the same nonsense about Darby, when we have proven you wrong on so many occasions. This is why the others have accused you of lieing - you continue to say Darby invented the pre-trib rapture, even though we have debunked that theory several times. Maybe Darby SYSTEMATIZED what many had taught before him, and maybe Darby POPULARIZED what many had taught before him - but he did not INVENT the pre-trib rapture doctrine.
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