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    Aside from Sunday morning services.....

    It seems to be common problem where I am that Sunday morning is the biggest service by numbers, but no matter what your actual numbers are, Sunday evening is about half or less than Sunday morning, and Prayer meeting (Wednesday night for us) is about half again - so only about 25% of the morning service. Thoughts people? How can we (biblically of course) find a way to help people see the importance of the other services? I struggle to understand it personally, because pretty much from the day I got saved I was in every service I could be. It just seemed to be what I should do, but that is apparently not "normal"....... (How surprising is that? I am not normal!!!!! )
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    Ahhh, but generally speaking this issue is not about attendance and the recognition of its importance. Rather, this issue is about commitment to the priority of the Lord in an individual's life. Generally you will find that those who are Sunday morning only attenders also have the Lord and His Word at a lower level of priority in their daily lives, and have the world and its "things" at a higher level of priority. In such cases, the attendance issue will not change until the priority of heart changes. This is the FOUNDATIONAL issue - the priority of their hearts. (Note: Sometimes the numbers difference is contributed by a ministry program difference, such as a bus ministry on Sunday morning, but not for the other services. Also, sometimes the Wednesday night lack is contributed by a work schedule difference, such as 2nd shift workers that are not affected on the weekends.)
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    The stats that you mentioned seem to be the same across the country in our churches. It seems we have become so entangled with the affairs of this world that church has become just a tradition for many Christians. Col 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. I wish I had an answer for you, if I did it would not be a problem in our church.
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