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    I start with Genesis. If the Garden of Eden is presented as the mythological story of Adam and Eve, I pass. Then I look at Isaiah 7:14 and if the virgin birth is discounted as simply the story of a young woman of marrying age, I pass. I don't believe that they were all hopeless heretics, but I do pass on anything from the German school of rationalism. Actually, the older I get the more I am inclined just to read and believe my King James Bible.
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    In the movie, End of the Harvest, David White's character, Matt, stands before a psychology class and presents the following dialogue (written by Rich Christiano and not Jeffrey Bartell): While this is just a movie script, I find it very compelling.
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    I touched on this in my daily devotional, Profiting From Proverbs, today where it says: "I find it utterly amazing that most of the “higher critics” of the Bible are themselves unredeemed men that denied many of the essential doctrines of the Bible. How is it possible that men, devoid of the Holy Spirit, should assume the responsibility to correct and manipulate the Bible to fit into their theological system—when the primary requirement for even understanding John 3:16 is that very same Spirit Whom they know not of?" Granted, men like Barnes knew the Lord--but they were sure shaky when it comes to dispensationalism and premillennialism.
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