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    Fort Worth Star-Telegram Series

    Ok this has gone on long enough. We have rules for posting on these forums, rules that the new people in this thread have obviously not read. Here is the one pertinent to this thread: We will not allow the following c) Members that come just to argue doctrine instead of fellowship. I am locking this thread for the above stated reason. Any further attempt by anyone to start a new thread on the same subject will be cause to ban that person.
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    I can only answer for the church that I am a member of, but...... Any accusations of sexual abuse (whether adult or especial involving children) will be passed on to the police to investigate. Further to this, anyone who does not have a police clearance CANNOT work in children's ministries, and anyone with a record of child molestation cannot be alone with any child at our church building. But once again, this applies ONLY to the church that I am a member of. This is a factor of independent Baptist churches being INDEPENDENT. YOU WILL NOT GET ANY ONE PERSON SPEAKING FOR ALL INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCHES BECAUSE WE ARE IUNDEPENDENT. This is part of the reason that the original article of accusations is not relevant to me. As I said before, it would be like someone saying that you are responsible for the murders committed in red brick houses because you live in a red brick house. It is a ridiculous assertion. Likewise, to suggest that I can speak on behalf of (and am therefore responsible for) an independent Baptist church that I have never been to, never spoken to, have no authority over, don't even live in the same state - or for that matter country - is clearly ridiculous. I have now answered on at least four occasions both the OP and the subsequent accusation that Independent Baptist Churches are somehow not independent, and unless there is some sort of change in the questioning, there is just no point in me saying anything further. It is not a discussion if one side refuses to listen. And for the final time - any sexual abuse is abhorrent and criminal and should be dealt with by the proper authorities.
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    The Answers Are Coming

    Greetings all, i just want to share this and say i feel so blessed to have found onlinebaptist.com and you helpful people. Since my arrival here, i have been able to find more answers and although i am full of questions and doubts, i know and believe that the answers are coming. Thank you all and may the Lord bless your hearts Jeremiah 29:13: 'And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.' Matthew 7:7: 'Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:' Matthew 7:8: 'For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.' Luke 11:9: 'And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.' Luke 11:10: 'For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.'
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    Nice testimony. Thank God for the Neighborhood Bible Clubs for kids. Statistics are high for young people getting saved, but when you get up in the middle years it becomes exceedingly difficult. Your story is also sad in a way. Your parents rededicated their lives to the Lord, which is great and quite a wonderful thing. But because they had drifted away from the Lord, you might not have been saved -- even though the knowledge of the Cross was right there within arm's length. I wish that discouraged people would only realize that if there was one good reason not to drift away from the Lord, it is their children. I went to Laz-Y-Boy and bought a neat custom made recliner just for this website. It has a vibrating seat, a heat source, a built-in refrigerator (where I can keep my cold soft drinks, pretzels, and candy apples), and an attached keyboard. I am ready to rumble! er, ramble . . .
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    Quick intro and testimony

    I was saved at the tender age of 6 in a Southern Baptist church ministry in Hawaii (dad was a military man). At the time my parents weren't really church going people, and during the summer the church had a program where neighbor kids would meet at different members' homes for Bible studies and games. One of the weeks a missionary (I can't remember where he served) spoke at the Bible study. At the end he asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ's offer of salvation, and I did! After that I started going to church with the neighbor, and when I'd get home I would ask my mom questions about the Bible that she couldn't answer. This went on for a few months until she finally decided to come to church to see what they were teaching. At that service she rededicated her life to the Lord (she had been saved as a teenager) and she ensured that my sisters and I always went to church from then on. About 4 years later my father had a close brush with death, and he rededicated his life to the Lord and took up the mantle of spiritual head of our little family. It wasn't too long (maybe a few months) before he began researching which churches are the closest to what is seen in the Bible and he discovered Independent Baptists. He had grown up Free Will Baptist, so besides the belief that one can lose their salvation, there wasn't too much of a difference. From that point on we have been Independent Baptists. I recently relocated to Pennsylvania and am visiting churches in my new area. There are 4 Independent Baptist churches within 30 minutes of my home. Years ago I was an active member of the online forum Historic Baptist Symposium, and I used the same handle - Propovednik. If there are any other HBS members here, you will likely remember me. I haven't been fellowshiping online much for the past 4 or 5 years because life has just been too busy with wife, kids, church, work, and planning a big move. Hopefully we will have a lot of fruitful discussions together!
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    My father is dying.

    My father, who is 80 years old is dying. He has stage 4 colon cancer that has metastasized as well to his liver causing as the doctor stated "more tumors than can be counted" on his liver. Last night he went into emergency surgery because his colon ruptured. Needless to say none of this is operable or curable and prognosis is less than 2 months tops if he survives what happened last night. Now for the good news. My dad has a very solid testimony of salvation and obvious influences of the Holy Spirit in his life. However, my brother Jeff is lost, knows it, and doesn't care. My sister I am not sure about. She says she is saved but her beliefs are modern neo-evangelical "works salvation" since she believes every time you drop a stitch you need to be re-saved. Has never read the bible and has no desire to (which I don't understand if you are truly saved). My prayer is more for my brother and sister than my dad who is at peace with finally going home. Prayer for him would simply be that he passes as comfortably as possible. Bro. Garry In His will. By His power. For His glory.
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    A Virtuous Woman

    Belated "hello".

    Okay, so I'm seeing that new members are to introduce themselves. I apologize for being tardy in this respect; I wasn't sure where and how to do this. Hello, everyone! I'm obviously new here and its nice to meet all of you. I'm a concerned loved one and while searching for answers on possible new safety protocols being put into place in IFB churches, I stumbled across this forum. I was saved in an Independent Fundamental Baptist church when I was seven. My parents, good people, served years as deacon and Sunday School teachers. I'm from a small, rural town church in the Southeast part of the US.(Is it required I give my state here? I will if need be, but don't necessarily feel comfortable doing so.) My life has been all about the church and serving in some way or fashion there, something that I'm thankful for. I found this forum and thought it could maybe be a helpful place to ask a couple safety questions I had about my family since asking their church has gotten us nowhere. If this is not the place for that sort of discussion, then please, by all means, let me know. Any pointers on any particular direction I should go are greatly welcomed. Again, my apologies for a late intro. I appreciate all the helpful feedback I did receive. Blessings to each and everyone here.
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    This is something a believer can ask for as often as he feels the need. It is a wonderful blessing to know God answers and I am not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. I view calling on the Holy Spirit for His help during the day is about as close to walking in the Spirit I'll ever know. When my wife died, the only thing I could do was just cry "Jesus!" over and over again, as the grief was palpable. In times like that one truly understands verses like this . . . "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God" (Romans 8:26-27 KJV). 18 months later the grieving is not as profound as it was, but memories often reveal themselves, and on come the waterworks again. The Lord knows I am looking forward to the trip where she and my Saviour are waiting for me.
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    Belated "hello".

    Welcome! Feel free to start a topic in the lounge to ask your question, and we'll try to be of help!
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    Belated "hello".

    I find this to be a place of fellowship for like-minded believers. Often in church, there isn't that much time for yapping. It is also a place where we can post our personal Bible studies and devotions, and get the opportunity to witness of online searchers for truth. I do view the internet as somewhat of a final mission field. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this is that our words can reach into countries where the Gospel has been banned. I honestly don't know if we have readers in North Korea or in Afghanistan, but what a thrill to think that someone might one day be in heaven because of something my fingers might have said. But! And this is important. This website can not replace the position of your pastor. Other Christians may be able to answer questions in a general way, but when it comes to the specifics of a particular church, only the pastor can answer. He is God's undershepherd and the spiritual lives of the members of his church are his very special responsibility. Not a one of us would willingly or knowingly usurp his role in someone's life. If he cannot answer a question for a member then that member must choose on the merits of the issue whether he/she is satisfied in that church, and may need to seek out another. This decision should be considered most soberly, because it would be terrible to leave the place where God wants you to be based on some misunderstanding. I do hope that you will enjoy your time here at OnlineBaptist. I also have only been a member for a very short time, but I've been blessed. I know that you also will be blessed as you continue to seek God's will for your life.
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    A Virtuous Woman


    Thanks for posting your introduction! I wasn't sure how and where to do the same for myself. :)
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    Hi! As people are requiring an introduction post here it is. New to the IFB (that’s why I’m here, to learn more). Married, no children, love dogs. From the southern part of the US. That’s all I’m going to share online. It’s not safe to give out personal info. Telling someone what church I attend narrows it down to what, 100 members to look though? Telling you my “associates” is as simple as a google search to find them. If someone on here has bad intentions, I do not want to be the one who gets hurt. Sorry, but my safety is my priority. I assume you all understand. We do not live in a safe world. I would like to say though, I am mildly concerned as to why it’s so important that we give you our information. We don’t know you, just like you don’t know us. Using the internet means being cautious and not expecting anyone to potentially endanger themselves. And I’m sure you’re all wonderful people, but nobody can guarantee anyone’s safety online. If it’s that much of an issue, I will leave. I do not want to, I’m very interested in hearing what people have to say, but not at that cost. Thanks.
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    Like To Do More Than Like

    hover your mouse over the icon and it will open for you to click on the feature you want.
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    I is important to us because we have had numerous people come to this board with nefarious intentions. Many are people that come here with the express intentions of causing trouble or trying to subvert others to their agenda. If you tell us a bit about yourself, like perhaps your salvation testimony and/or the church you are a member of, we may be able to determine if you are who and what you say you are. It is not necessary to give out personal information that may be used to compromise your safety, most everyone online understands this concept. Scripture allows us a certain degree of assurance in matters of accepting people in positions of trust. 1Jo 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Thank you for understanding and Welcome to the Online Baptist Forums. We look forward to your participation in our discussions.
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    Welcome - and that is fine - we have found over time that people who refuse to introduce themselves tend to have ulterior motives for being here - and that comes out after a while. I have been here for years and most people wouldn't know what actual church I attend. It is smart to be careful, but it shows a bit of openness and good nature to introduce yourself. I think everyone is happy enough for you to leave it at "southern US and IFB". Unfortunately we get some people who come on here just to attack or to try to teach false doctrines, and they are usually reticent to share anything that might allow people to check on them on line - we had one guy who has a whole website full of false teaching, but he wouldn't tell us anything so that we could find out what his agenda was. One of the members here did some investigative work and found him and it turns out that his whole point was to try to lead people away from IFB churches. Your intro and your willingness indicate that you are here for genuine reasons, which is what we always hope, but sometimes we get burned. By the way, I am nothing official on this site - I am just another member who happens to be on at this time.
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    Fort Worth Star-Telegram Series

    I have to ask, why does it offend you so much that modesty is mentioned in this way? The actual quote where the term is used is: There is no implication that it is blaming the woman if she is not modest and is attacked. There is no implication that dressing with modesty will keep the woman from being attacked (note the use of "less likely"). There is no implication that being immodest is the cause of such attacks. But please let me ask you this - if a man is intent on making such an attack, is he more likely to attack a woman who is dressed immodestly or is he more likely to attack a woman who is dressed modestly? The line in particular that is quoted above is simply good advice, not some sort of judgemental attack. It seems to me that you are simply overreacting to what is a very reasonable statement. If I am wrong, then please point out to me where in his statement it forces the blame onto the woman? And also please keep in mind that I am absolutely 100% for criminal charges to be brought against any man who attacks any woman (or child). It is never justified for a man to attack a woman or child, just as it is never justified for a woman to attack a man or child, and it is never justified for a man to attack another man, or a woman to attack another woman, etc. Any such cases should be investigated by the proper authorities and if cause is found for charges and criminal proceeding to be commenced.
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    Fort Worth Star-Telegram Series

    And once again you have been answered clearly and absolutely by me. Any allegations should be investigated by the proper authorities as a criminal act. However, because we are INDEPENDENT CHURCHES - whether you like it or nor - no single person can speak for all Independent Baptist churches. You show a clear lack of understanding of what an independent Baptist church is, which makes your claim to be an independent Baptist nothing short of a lie. I am sorry to be so blunt, but you cannot claim to be a part of something that you so clearly have no knowledge of. And if you really were an independent Baptist you would understand that you arguments against the term are wrong. So once more, every independent Baptist church I personally know of would not hesitate to get the proper authorities involved with any allegation of sexual abuse. HOWEVER, as independent churches NO SINGLE PERSON OR BODY can speak for the group. Whatever you say, independent Baptist churches are not a denomination in any organised sense, and there is no spokesperson, ruling body, or organized council to speak in the fashion which you seek. Your manner, you arguments, and you mistaken understanding of what an independent Baptist church is all combine to indicate that you have nefarious motives. Speak to us plainly of your background, your affiliations, and your purpose, and we might be more keen on discussion. Many of us are more than happy to discuss with even those who are of opposing views, just so long as those people are honest and reasonable.
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    Sorry, I just don't trust that you are who or what you claim to be. You have posted nothing to edify the forum. I'm finished.
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    Bach -The Violin Concertos

    Bach is an all time favourite, but i adore his 'Toccata con Fuga in D minor'.
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    I'm sure Potiphar's wife was considered credible too, but look how that turned out. I'm sure your family is safer in an Independent Baptist Church than just about anywhere else. We promote teaching young ladies modesty, so they are less likely to be the target of perverts. We teach that men shouldn't be alone with girls and women, to protect both sexes. You show me another institution that does more to protect potential sexual abuse victims than Independent Baptists, and I'll eat my hat!
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    Bach -The Violin Concertos

    I am glad that the brethren like, 'The Violin concertos,' by Bach Enjoy!
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    Obviously using "appears to be" and "Protestant" shows me that you know very little if anything about Independent Fundamentalist Churches. What protestant body did we come out of?
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    My thoughts are that if these allegations are true it goes to show people are still sinners and need God's grace. Do you want strangers talking about your sins online? What if the allegations are not true? How can you be sure they are true? Why should I take the word of the supposed victims over the word of the supposed perpetraitors?
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    Just googled and found your church's Wordpress.com Blog and followed! I have one of those myself, although don't know why I didn't put it in my signature LOL! http://brojoshowens.wordpress.com Also forgot to put our church's Youtube channel, so here it is! http://youtube.com/jscalloway
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    We are members of Pleasant View Baptist Church, McQuady, KY, Pastor Dale Massengale! http://pleasantviewky.net
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