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    Merry Christmas

    Dear Alan, Thanks a lot for your kind greetings. I'd like to know what 'joyous' means to you as a Baptist Christian, please. Best wishes, Totoosart
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    Rock Tumbling

    Here are some closeups of the individual rocks, these are my favorite ones so far. I need to practice taking better photos of small things. The lighting is off, but they didn't turn out too bad for a cell phone. These are all after 2 weeks of tumbling, I can't wait to see the difference from these to the final product! The last photo with the two rocks are the Sodalite gemstones, I like the blue color of them, hopefully next time I'll have better lighting and the color will show up better.
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    Rock Tumbling

    All I have is a smile to my name. But, I have a plan. If Trump can ask Shumer for $5,000,000,000.00 (I think that is 5 Billion dollars), than I am going to ask Shumer for $50.00. I'll get back with you once I receive the funding.
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