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    Thanksgiving Plans?

    We're staying around home. I'll take my wife to a restaurant for dinner. No children or grandchildren this Thanksgiving. Thankful... YES! Thankful this year... I have a wife to have Thanksgiving dinner with! I have children and grandchildren! I'll have a Thanksgiving Dinner! We won't have a dinner mess to clean! Most importantly...I have a Savior who loves me and gave His life for me on Calvary arose from the dead and now prepares a place for me to live with Him forever! In spite of my ugly sinful flesh AMEN! 1 Corinthians 15:57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
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    Thanksgiving Plans?

    Hosting friends and family at our new home. We've little furniture but lots of folding chairs and tables from church!
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    John Young

    Steven Anderson

    I think its dangerous to paint Anderson's "followers" with broad strokes or to say that they are only out to get people to say "a prayer". As with any person with false or errant beliefs that would come to our church, seeking a place to serve, and who share with us their views, to see where our common ground is, we should never write them off as "part of that cult". Rather the pastors who deal with them should treat them with long suffering and compassion, and should also be ready to answer their questions with clear scripture and not just baptist platitudes. To me Anderson's "followers" have the same spirit as the Ruckman "followers" of the past. Filled with crazy ideas from the non local crazy "TV Personality" but if treated right can make great level headed church workers and their wrinkles can be ironed out over time as they study the scripture in the local church. They can't get that if we all push them away to Anderson's franchise churches.
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    Argument Settled

    Got into a discussion with my friend about sports. Somehow it became a discussion/argument over what sport God likes. I settled it when I said "you can't get past the very first verse in the bible without that being revealed". It says, "In the Big Inning God created...
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    Food storage

    So I'm excited! I'm moving to a new rental in a couple of weeks (a trailer - so my own walls! No more apartment neighbors, yay!) with a bit more storage space. Yesterday on Kijiji a shelf reliance can rotation storage system came up for sale. I'll be picking it up tomorrow night, Lord willing. I've been wanting to try can rotation for a while - it'll be neat to have the space for a proper system. Anyone else do the whole food storage bit? It's a little bit a.l.a. LDS, I know, but it's the one thing I think they're right on.
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    On another thread I told about our road trip around the U. S. When we reached Florida my friend developed a severe back problem. He was in severe pain that would not let up. We went to five different hospitals in three days. It was only in the last one that he got a correct diagnosis. It was sciatica. It took Morphine to kill the pain, but it wore off with time. He has to deal with the V. A. So it is difficult to get anything done. I have had this condition also and found an exercise that worked. I had him try it and it seems to be working. He can't travel in this condition so our trip has been on hold for two days. We hope this exercise will work well enough to allow us to get back on the road. We are only half way through our planned trip and need to complete it and get back home to California. I have a bad problem going on at home with ,livestock. My wife is alone and we live very remote, so this is difficult for me emotionally because I can't be there for her. So, please add us to your prayer list, all prayer is appreciated.
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    You are probably right about it being your computer Alan. Sometimes it is something as simple as a hard reboot, or clearing all cookies.
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    Steven Anderson

    Jordan, Thank you bringing to out attention the pdf book by David Cloud, "What about Steven Anderson? I had previously read it and encourage others to read it also. Brethren, I have seen the video put out by Anderson on soul winning. In fact, in studying his doctrines, methods, lessons on Revelation, ad nauseam, in order to know what he believes and why, I am glad that he does not want to be affiliated with traditional IFB's . For those who have read my latest two lessons on the Revelation Chapter 19-22 Study, and my previous posts concerning Anderson, it is pretty well known I do not care for his doctrines nor attitude. Thoughts on Soul Winning and John Young's comments, I agree with what brother John Young stated. There are those brethren who are seriously interested in soul winning efforts, who are nominal saints, have listened to Anderson and are interested in winning souls. Also, they are not hard-core Andersonites but do serve humbly in church and are active in good, may I repeat, good, soul winning efforts. A Personal Experience While on a brief furlough in the States, March - August 2018, I was able to visit one church for a few days. This included going out on Saturday morning visitation, a Saturday fellowship in the afternoon, both Sunday services and fellowship on Sunday afternoon. During that time at that church I met two men who watched Anderson's videos. I noticed that both men appeared to love the Lord, soul winning efforts (good, solid, soul winning efforts), and loved the pastor (not considered a follower of Anderson), loved the church, and treated me and my wife as most IFB churches treat us. In other words, they loved missionaries and were actively involved in the work of the Lord at a good, solid, IFB church. During the Saturday morning visitation I visited, for over two hours, with one of the individuals. This individual loved the Lord, loved the salvation of souls, was courteous to those who wanted to listen and was courteous to those who were rude. While walking together he mentioned he watched some, not all, of Anderson's videos. Politely, I mentioned that I had seen his major videos, his video on soul winning, and that I did not agree with several of his key doctrines and methods. My partner understood my position and we politely talked about other things. During the whole time I felt that he was a saint who loved the Lord, was courteous, and not belligerent to anyone we met. While he talked with individuals who wanted to talk, he was definitely after a real conversion experience with the individual he was witnessing to and not just after a 'door way conversion.' That meeting was the last meeting on that short furlough. My wife and I left the church to return to Taiwan the following week. We left that church with new friends. I fully understand that my experience is not the experience that is portrayed in Anderson's videos nor with some of his disciples. God bless! Alan
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    Food storage

    I store all my food fully processed just above my belt...
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