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    What is preaching

    Topical, textual, expository, they are all good in their place. Personally I don't think that any one method should preclude another. Some posters here have tried to make bold distinctions between the three methods and even asserted that one type would and should exclude others. I am not of this mindset. I am of the mindset that all three can and should always be focused in a teaching environment. I do know that this is not a popular or even accepted idea of what is normally believed, but I also know from personal experience that if you are not teaching, your people will be weak in doctrine. My first missionary pastor was old school and taught his people from the very beginning in such a way that many became well able to go on to teach and preach the faith once delivered to the Saints, as outlined In Jude:1:3. Many times in our services a doctrinal issue is spoken of, but not elaborated on either within the sermon or at other times when it can be taught as a stand alone lesson. For instance, in the course of a sermon you may hear the preacher mention doctrines like; The trinity, the security of the believer, the deity of Christ, Salvation by grace, predestination, election, or the local church. But if these things are not explained, we have not properly grounded our members. It is not enough to simply believe what we hear; we must prove it by God’s Word, this requires teaching. So, is there a remedy and if there is, what is it? The answer is yes there is a remedy; unfortunately the remedy is conditional in many cases. It is conditional simply because of the number of churches that have fallen prey to worldly devices, weak teaching institutions and the sheer number of new preachers that have been educated in an environment that focuses on all the wrong things. i.e. Easy believizm, a prosperity Gospel, feel good theology, contemporary Christian music and a drawing away from our historical, spiritual roots. Jude 1:3 Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. If we fail to pass on what we have learned, there comes a gradual digression simply because future leaders have not learned these things. So then, the remedy is simple and like so many things “Bible”, it is so simple that it is often overlooked. The remedy is this; back to the basics, which is “the truth once delivered to the saints.” If my sermon does not teach someone something I have failed. Stories are OK as illustrations, but to comprise a whole sermon based on stories is, in my opinion, wrong. Topical preaching has its place, but it can and should also teach the hearers.
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    The Local Church.

    Brethren, We will be looking at the local church in 3 John 3-9; the love thereof, the joy thereof, the problem thereof, the evil thereof, the solution thereof, and the good thereof. In order to obtain the full riches of 3 John 3-9 we will need to look at the context of the rest of the book of 3 John and the short book of 2 John The Apostle John expressed the joy of every true pastor in 3 John 4, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." Alan
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    If you find an evolutionist in the house, it will (most likely) be a visitor and not a regular member of OB.
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    Sir, I will try to say this as respectfully as possible. While I realize the amount of effort and study that you put into figuring out your timeline...on this site, you won't find anyone who accepts or believes in date-setting. You asked if we saw a mistake mathematically or numerically. I haven't checked your math, but in my view, there are many numerical mistakes; which are, the dates. We believe setting dates to be a mistake...especially the day of the Lord's return. The Lord Jesus Christ himself said no man knows that date.
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    Ministry in Western Australia

    In general yes. It does tend to be a little bit "pigeon" in the far north, but still recognisably English.There are very few Aboriginal people who don't speak English. In fact, the bigger problem is that many of them do not speak their traditional languages, nor do many of them know much about their traditions and heritage. There are many many dialects which can vary greatly from one area to another. About the only things they are universally taught is that white men treated them badly. This was true by the way, although at times it was done "with the best of intentions", but it makes you wonder about the thought processes that lead to those conclusions. For instance, there was a policy of taking the children away from Aboriginal parents because it was thought that they did not know how to raise children properly. Forget that they had been raising children for a few thousand years in their own culture just fine - they didn't teach them to read and write, didn't clothe them in dresses and jeans and shirts, they didn't live in "proper houses". So they took the kids and gave them to white families. This is referred to now as the "Stolen generation", and looking back it was so wrong, but in the day it apparently made sense. This kind of past history can make it hard to reach the Aboriginal people with what they see as "White man's religion", especially since many of the children ended up in Catholic "missions" being abused in various ways. That is what they associate "Christianity" with. I do know of some wonderful saved Aboriginal families who dearly love the Lord and serve Him in local Baptist Churches. In fact, it is reaching the Aboriginal communities in the far NW that has my view. The problem is that it is so expensive to live up that way, and these communities are typically only between 50 and 150 people, and they are spread over a huge area. It would not be possible to have a church in each community, but I think the old fashioned circuit ridin' preacher' could reach them. My thought is to have a camper bus set up to travel between the communities in the dry season (can't travel up there once the rains hit) and stop for a few days at a time at each community, preaching and teaching. That is actually one of the reasons why we got our old landcruiser - it is simple and rugged, and would stand the country. Much of the roadways there are gravel, and with the big trucks travelling them they get badly rutted (we called it corrugations - like small ridges going across the road only a few inches apart and going like that for miles. Shakes the car to pieces if you are not careful. And 4x4 is pretty much essential for travelling up there - not normally, but if you get caught out by a rain and don't have 4x4, chances are that you will get heavily stuck, and no one will come by for days. People die like that. We can't afford to buy and set up a bus, so the Cruiser and a camper trailer is the initial plan. When we can afford to do it. Or maybe the Lord would have me and our church to be a sending support for that ministry?
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    What is preaching

    I once had a man in our church tell me, shortly after I became the pastor there, "Brother, please don't take offense, but you're really more of a teacher than a preacher." I told him, "Why would I be offended? I'm here to teach the Bible-that's a big part of what a preacher does. If you aren't learning something, I'm wasting my time." A preacher is a teacher, who teaches specifically the things of God. I intermix topical with expository, though for the most part never really thought about it. Why? because some teachings in the Bible are topical and some are expository. Sometimes Jesus or Paul would teach on a single subject for some length, and other times, we see a few things being taught, though often in a single context, which connects them all, and thus, really, is sort of expository topical. I will not do topical if I cannot find sufficient evidence for it, not a verse or two out of context, but numerous places in scripture, old and new testament, sometimes, and all that agree in context. There's nothing wrong with topical sermons, so long as its actually there, and doctrinally correct. By the way, I'm not a particularly dynamic preacher-always wanted to be one of those stomping, spitting, hollering, stalking back and forth-type preachers, but it just wasn't what God gave me, At the first I tried to imitate other preachers I liked, but just couldn't hold to it. So I just teach and don't worry about being anyone else. Seems to work okay.
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    No Nicolaitans

    What is preaching

    At the risk of offending fellow Christians and preachers...which isn't my intention...I will try to explain what I meant by the "exposition" of God's word. First, the definition of exposition... the act of expounding, setting forth, or explaining:writing or speech primarily intended to convey information or to explain; a detailed statement or explanationA good example of exposition from scripture is... Nehemiah 8:8 So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly, and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading. To me, true biblical preaching will explain God's word to the hearers; it will convey what God's word says so that it makes sense, and it will help people to understand God's word. However, to do so requires tremendous study on the part of the preacher. He must take into account context, he must compare scripture with scripture, he must be able to apply application, he must be able to rightly divide, he must know historical references, and the list goes on. In other words...he must STUDY! When Paul told Timothy to "preach the word", that's what Timothy was to do...preach THE WORD. My opinion is that this is best done through expository preaching...verse-by-verse. Preach a book of the Bible, start at chapter 1; verse 1, and go through to the end of the book. The preacher may only cover one verse in a sermon, or he may cover several verses in a sermon. What I see more of though is this... a preacher has an idea for a sermonhe scours the Bible to find a passage that mentions what he wants to preach onhe reads the text he has found at the beginning of the sermon (often taking it out of context)he spends the majority of the rest of the time telling life stories and personal examples rather than expounding on that textIn other words, "Topical" sermons are the norm in most churches. Also, what I see more of is this...the sermon has become a form of entertainment. The preacher has become a showman...putting on a show for the hearers. The other day, I was listening to a sermon on a local station that's fundamental, and everyday at 2:00 they play a "great sermon from the past" by "great preachers of the past". That day, I started listening a little late, so I don't know who the preacher was. I listened to that sermon for 20 minutes before I turned it off. The entire time I listened, all the man "preached" about was when he rode horses and helped herd cattle...not one verse mentioned, not one mention of Jesus Christ, not one mention of God, not one mention of biblical application, not one mention of anything spiritual...just his cowboy stories...for 20 minutes! He was getting "amens" from the crowd the whole time. I've sat through similar sermons. Entertaining, bombastic sermons delivered by an entertaining, bombastic preachers...and I was entertained. The pastor should be the main teacher of the church, but many neglect that God-given responsibility. I had a pastor once (fairly well-known) who even got on a roll during one sermon and proclaimed that it wasn't his job to "feed" us...we were supposed to feed ourselves. Well, everyone was caught up in the hype of the sermon, and he got a good round of "amens" when he said it, but all I could think was how un-biblical that statement was. Now, with that said, I'm not completely opposed to topical sermons; they certainly have their place. However, if God's people are to grow, they need to be taught God's word. I know that many of today's churches wouldn't like a preacher who goes verse-by-verse, but I truly believe that's what they need. Sure, things may happen that require a topical sermon at times, but for the most part, people need to hear the word...they need to hear it explained...so that it makes sense...so that they can understand. Preach the word! What many preachers don't realize is this...if they would preach expositionally (is that a word?) through the Bible, they would be amazed at how many "topics" are covered by going verse-by-verse. You said that you want to know what people want in preaching...I don't care about a man's entertaining delivery, his charisma, or his personality. What I care about is has the man studied God's word, and can he explain it so that it makes sense and can be understood. Now, all of this is my opinion...so take is as such.
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    No Nicolaitans

    What is preaching

    Exposition of the word of God.
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