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    The Local Church.

    Brethren, We will be looking at the local church in 3 John 3-9; the love thereof, the joy thereof, the problem thereof, the evil thereof, the solution thereof, and the good thereof. In order to obtain the full riches of 3 John 3-9 we will need to look at the context of the rest of the book of 3 John and the short book of 2 John The Apostle John expressed the joy of every true pastor in 3 John 4, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." Alan
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    If you find an evolutionist in the house, it will (most likely) be a visitor and not a regular member of OB.
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    Sir, I will try to say this as respectfully as possible. While I realize the amount of effort and study that you put into figuring out your timeline...on this site, you won't find anyone who accepts or believes in date-setting. You asked if we saw a mistake mathematically or numerically. I haven't checked your math, but in my view, there are many numerical mistakes; which are, the dates. We believe setting dates to be a mistake...especially the day of the Lord's return. The Lord Jesus Christ himself said no man knows that date.