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    Life is a Vapor...

    We celebrated our 32nd anniversary this week. Yesterday we went to Silverdale, the closest "big" city to us. I posted on Facebook, so I'm just copying and pasting what I wrote: "So we head out to Silverdale. As we were going, I got a message from my niece that there was a very bad wreck near the Hood Canal Bridge (over which we must drive to get to Silverdale). It had occurred about 20 minutes before we left home. We knew we might have a wait, but we went ahead. Things went well for the first 20 minutes. But then we got closer to the wreck. On the left we saw part of the burned area from the fire last week. We came to a dead stop. It wasn't too bad at first - but then, as we sat there, the sun got hotter...and we don't have air conditioning in the van right now. The breeze was blowing nicely, though, so that helped. Finally we got to move about 1/2 a mile. Then dead stop again. After an hour and a half, we were able to move and got past the wreck. Someone's truck was pretty badly wrecked, and a trailer that he had been hauling was overturned. I don't know how badly anyone was hurt, but we were so thankful to not have been involved in it. While we were stopped, emergency vehicles went the way we had just come...another wreck, and one that happened very closely to the time we had been there. Grateful again for God's protection. We had a good time at lunch, and stopped at Costco for a few minutes. Back home we headed. Traffic was heavy, but no back up. Until we were almost to the Hood Canal (again...but on the other side this time). We had to slow down and saw a fire truck wedged across our lane. As we were directed past it, we saw yet another wreck - three vehicle. Again, I don't know if anyone was hurt. "For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away." James 4:14 We prepared for our short trip to Silverdale by gassing up the van and making sure we had the funds to enjoy lunch. We would be super foolish if we were not prepared for the short journey of our lives. I have to wonder if those who were involved in the wreck were prepared for eternity. Life is short. And nobody knows when eternity will beckon. Do you prepare for earthly trips? How about eternity? Are you prepared?" After I posted this, I saw the following article. We live right on the border between Clallam and Jefferson Counties. I don't know if the wrecks we saw (two of them were in one of the counties listed) had to do with poly-drug use, but this is disturbing. The Sequim Gazette "From Aug. 17–Sept. 3, Clallam and Jefferson County law enforcement agencies deploy emphasis patrols to keep drivers safe during what is typically the deadliest time of the year on the state’s roadways. These patrols come on the heels of a new report from Washington Traffic Safety Commission that indicates what has become the most common form of driver impairment — poly-drug use (two or more drugs or a combination of alcohol and drugs). Beginning in 2012, the number of poly-drug impaired drivers involved in fatal crashes has increased by an average of 15 percent every year. As of 2016, one in four of all Washington traffic deaths involve a poly-drug impaired driver. In 2017 alone, 250 people were killed in such crashes."
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    Life is a Vapor...

    The world is a much more dangerous place that it was when I was a young person. It's not that there were not drugs around when I was young, it was that they were not so readily available and it seemed like only the "bad" people used them. Personally I heard about drug use, but was never exposed to it. There is also a much more dangerous aspect to drugs other than users. I live extremely remote in Northern California and that has its own set of dangerous circumstance in the form of pot growers and Mexican drug cartels. I am quite often alone in my truck on remote mountain roads, actually Forest Service roads, and always go armed because of the danger. Drug and alcohol use together is an especially dangerous combination. And it is so much more dangerous because the general public is not expecting something of this nature by just simply taking a car trip.
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