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    President Donald Trump, Patriot Thank you President Trump and your love for America, the Constitution of the United States, and the values that we hold dear as Americans. Alan
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    The Unequal Yoke

    “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14) This is one of the definitive statements in Scripture on the doctrine of Christian separation. Not only should believers refrain from practicing evil teaching and error, they shou... More...View the full article
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    How to sharpen an axe

    A few years ago I realized something(praise the Lord), but I haven’t yet seen an open door to share it, until now. Yesterday’s response on this site, by DaveW, was the open door I have been waiting for. What I am referring to is the Scripture.......... "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend." (Proverbs 27:17) What the Lord pointed out to me, is the fact that most people do not know how to “sharpen” an axe! If you do not know how to make an axe’s edge SHARP, you will not know how this Scripture works! ------------------------ Let me start, at where I learned to “make an edge SHARP”! I was just a young married man with a young family to support and had a job at a shop that built air conditioning ducts(the old fashioned way, by hand), This construction required thousands of 1/8" holes to be drilled in sheet metal. All of this drilling, caused these 1/8" drill bits to become dull. But instead of throwing them away, my boss would have us “re-sharpen them”, and they would be LIKE NEW. So as I was being instructed on how to do this, I leaned that the way that my mind thought, would make these bits sharper, actually made them duller! I quickly learned the right way to do it and the same principal works with any iron, that needs to be sharpened. Occasionally, over the years I would see on a television show or movie, an actor’s depiction of an old farmer, sharpening an axe and I would be reminded of the way that I thought it should be done and how that most people think that it is done that way. Then, a few years ago, I applied this fact, of “how to truly sharpen an axe”, to this Scripture; And realized God’s method, of truly making my self sharper! ------------------------ Picture in your mind, a grinding wheel, in front of you; and your ready to sharpen your axe. Now, as your lowering the axe toward the wheel, with it’s edge away from you, is the wheel turning toward you or away from you. The way that seems to be more “logical” and “safe”, is for the wheel to be turning away from you. That is, with the wheel going in the same direction as the blade’s edge. This will make the blade duller and duller(building up more and more metal on the edge). But, if the wheel is turning against the sharp edge of the blade, it will be removing more and more metal, making the blade sharper and sharper. ------------------------ The way this applies to this scripture, is: If we only debate and discuss the Bible with people that we totally agree with, than we will get more and more assured, that we are right. But, if we discuss the Bible with Christians, that hold an apposing view of that subject or Doctrine, than it will give the Holy Spirit a chance to chip away at some of the wrong ideas that we have. I can somewhat understand, why some people would want to avoid these kinds of heated discussions, because it is not always fun, to be told that your opinion is wrong. But if it’s wrong, you(we), should be anxious to be corrected, so that we can be “rightly dividing the Word of truth”! ------------------------ I have yet to find an individual in my area, who is willing to have these kinds of discussions with me. Local pastors and friends that I know, do not want to get into the weeds, of any of those subjects, we are not in total agreement on. But, praise the Lord for the internet, where people feel more free to be truthful with you, when they think that you are wrong. And for forums like this, where you are able to say “almost” anything. I recall a few years ago, there was a site called “The fighting fundamentalists”. Where you could go and discuss ANY SUBJECT OR ISSUE. It was kind of like the old west. Sure, there may have been a lot of “un-Christlike responses”, but you had to be tough and stand your ground with Scripture. Nothing was ever said or done, to PROTECT anybodies feelings! Those were the good old days. I recall a “Reformed site”(Calvinist), that did not allow any statements or even questions, that would call into question the “Calvinist view of things”. I was kicked off almost immediately. But the problem with that was, it HURT the Spiritual Walk, of every true Christian that was on that site, because they are being PROTECTED from opposing views. ------------------------ Facing OPPOSING VIEWS, is good for us. Because it forces us to take a closer look at what we believe. There is another site, called “the Baptist Board”. I spent a lot of years there and it did some wonderful things in my life, because it is ran by and filled with, people who believe that being King James Only, is some incurable disease. All the years that I spent “defending the Bible” on that site, increased my faith in God’s Word a hundred fold. BUT, on a few occasions, I had to back off. On times when the onslaught of attacks became too pointed or when attacks started coming from people that I respected on that site, I would have to back off and stay away from that site. There were times that I felt like David, when he penned.... "But as for me, my feet were almost gone; my steps had well nigh slipped." (Psalms 73:2) When there were times, when I would start to even consider the possibility, that God’s Word could have any mistakes!!!! I knew that I needed to back off from these lies and get back into God’s Word and allow the LORD, to restore my faith! Yes, these were dangerous times; But they worked together for good, in my life. And who knows how many souls, were encouraged by my stand, to take a stand of their own.
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    How to sharpen an axe

    Long ago I found that axes sharpen better and can be "tempered" with water close at hand Ephesians 5:26
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    corinne gomez


    Dear One, I would like prayer for two urgent needs: That my son, Bobby, get sober and clean free from alcohol and drug addiction and may his beautiful projects come to manifest in his highest and best interest. That my daughter, Jennifer, keep her daughter, Eleanor, 100% custody and receive the restraining order and win her case against Rob Madrid. His family has a history of sexual addiction and abuse. Thank you so much for this. With a heartfelt thank you, Corinne I will be sending a donation next week with a grateful heart....
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    corinne gomez


    In Jesus Christ, of course!
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    I'm praying for your children Corrine. Please keep us updated. I do have a question for you....What are you placing your trust for eternal life in?
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    During the 1980s my father and I watched, "Vietnam, the Ten Thousand Day War" series and later War Stories with Oliver North on Fox News. Granted, they are not news stories because the newsies are almost all commies or fellow travelers and useful idiots. Despite President Johnson's murderous actions, our troops did win the war and we trained up the South Vietnamese to fight and defeat the communists. We lost when Congress cut the purse strings of support and without money and war materials, the South fell. Sound familiar? Joe Biden was complicit in this act of treachery, sending millions to an early grave and enslaving tens of millions more under the iron curtain. Democrats do this with nearly all the wars America fights. WW2, China/Taiwan, Vietnam, Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc. etc. The left has changed tactics again. Today our troops are all elevated to phony hero status, especially the wounded ones and are all made into victims. The word hero has been changed to be nearly meaningless like the t-ballers all getting trophies for showing up to play, like John Kerry. Nonsense! George Washington was a hero! Alvin York was a hero! Audie Murphy was a hero! Lance Sijan was a hero! Decades of God being banished from the classroom and the rampant social engineering since 1993 have completely changed our military from what it once was. I no longer recognize it. Communism used to be a bad word and a bad thing. In the early 20th century Communists were beaten, jailed and deported, for their ideology is subversive to and incompatible with our Constitution. Apparently we as a nation didn't learn that lesson from the War of Northern Aggression when the North and conquered South were turned into progressive utopias of government tyranny. No, the Greatest Generation was elected communists and their sympathizers to the highest offices in the land as did their Baby Boomers and each generation since. Curiously, Donald Trump's mentor was none other than the anti-communist and commie hunter Roy Cohn. Will Trump relegate these American commies, fellow travelers and useful idiots to the dustbin of history? Ok, rant over, couple more posts to read and then work to do!
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