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    Scientific Facts in the Bible.

    Brethren, Rebecca Young has graciously given the following photo for our enjoyment concerning the natural world being created by the breath of the mouth of God. Photo, courtesy of Rebecca I want to thank Rebecca for the photo. If any of the other members of OnLine Baptist would like to share a photo, or a scripture verse, or a song, or a thought, concerning the works of God in the scientific realm, than please feel free to do so. God Bless! Alan
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    Saw "Unstoppable" on Netflix a couple nights back. Huge disappointment. Kirk Cameron was speaking at one point in the movie of the flood that destroyed the Earth. He said that the bow that God set in the clouds was God's weapon of war. Just as a soldier hangs his weapon when ceasing from war, God hung His bow in the clouds to signify His war against the Earth was over. Or something to that effect. His argument seemed to hinge upon the fact that everywhere bow or bows was mentioned in the Old Testament, except Genesis 9, it was speaking of weapons. So God must have been speaking of a weapon in Genesis as well. So, the bow was not a rainbow, but a weapon? Really?
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    Two blind men in desperate need of the Good News that they have rejected.
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    Wow...a private meeting between Bono and Peterson with an interviewer! Amazing that they just happened to have a camera available...and a director, and a producer, and an editor, and...well...a whole film crew. Almost as if it was planned.
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    Heir of Salvation

    Why King James Only?

    Try to teach the doctrine of the "church" or "ecclesiology" as it were, with a KJV, and see how many countless hours you will spend de-programming the minds of the Church members about what the real meaning of the greek word ecclessia is......You'll reject wholesale the translation as "church" and all it's encumberances and nuances in English for the first several hours while explaining that it "really" means something more like "assembly" or "congregation"..........................................................(and you'd be right about that). Then try to teach on the topic using a Geneva.......it goes a lot quicker. I use KJV not Geneva.......but, sometimes.......it is better....sometimes it is worse. It's in the family of the "good" translations, it's nothing to be afraid of.
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    CNN just reported that Kasich dropped out. http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/04/politics/john-kasich-drops-out/
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    The Lord is going to allow this nation the leader she deserves. This nation doesn't want a genuine Christian president and it looks like she's not going to get one this time around. Despite all the baloney coming from newsrooms across the nation, Trump is going to crush whomever the Democrat nominee is. His vote total in Indiana last night equalled both of the Democrat Socialists. All across America Democrats are switching parties to vote for Trump, 80,000 in Pennsylvania alone. Christians can stay home and honor the Lord and Trump will still crush the commie Democrat come November with all those rock-n-roll christians voting for him, Then we can support him when he honors God and pray for his salvation continually, and oppose him when he goes against the things of God.
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    It's easy to misinterpret God's Word when one does not hold God's Word in their hands but a forgery with the notes of man in the margins.
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    Understanding God’s judgement

    I agree here 100% But I have to say that to try to place ourselves under the same rules as Israel would be an error. God made separate promises to Israel... some conditional and some unconditional. Many were fulfilled, many more are yet to be fulfilled to and for Israel. God has made separate promises to those of us in the age of grace. 1 Thes. 5:9 tells us we are not appointed to wrath. 1 Thes. 1:10 tells us we are delivered from the wrath to come. I have no doubt that God's judgment & wrath will soon fall upon this unbelieving nation (as well as the entire unbelieving world). He has given them over to a reprobate mind. But not so, for those of us who have believed upon and trusted in Christ alone for salvation. We are promised we will suffer tribulation stemming from mankind's persecution. But we are not appointed to God's wrath. 2 very separate things. The UN had a meeting on April 22... the world's nations signed a treaty in regard to the false "climate change" agenda. This false agenda has nothing to do with the climate nor the "good" of mankind or the earth, it has everything to do with giving up national sovereignty, and handing over control to global elitists. This world is headed for a global governance. Just as prophecy foretold. What's more troubling about that meeting is that they are now drafting up a new resolution which they intend to "vote" in on May 30th. The treaty (covenant) would force Israel to give up the Golan, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (falsely called the "west bank"). The wording was that they are supposedly doing this for "peace and safety". If this isn't troubling... read Daniel 9:27, 1 Thes. 5:3, and various prophecy regarding the parting of God's land, and specifically in regard to Jerusalem. I also take note of the prophetic conditions that no nation will stand with Israel. We currently have those conditions in play with an antisemetic (sadly) president. What happens should a republican president get voted in come November? We would then have a president who stands with Israel (and rightly so), so the window of opportunity closes for 4 years? I don't see things slowing down for that long... the push for global governance, the coming economic collapse of monetary systems which paves the way for one world currency and the mark of the beast, the situation over the Golan and the recent oil discovery (possibly the "hooks in the jaw" of Ezekiel 38) and I don't think it's merely coincidental that Russia and Iran are right outside Israel's borders... so many things that would have to be "put on hold" that I don't think will be. Should God decide to "judge America" for abortion, gay marriage, and all the other atrocities committed against Him, would it make sense that He would target Christians? No... mankind targets and persecute Christians. God's judgment and wrath will come upon an evil and unbelieving world. And it will come after we have been raptured. I trust the Lord's promises in 1 Thes. 5:9 and 1 Thes. 1:10. Maranatha!
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    Now that Cruz has dropped out of the race... what are the staunch Cruz supporters going to do? Sit the election out? Which is as good as giving a vote to Hillary (or Bernie). The GOP hasn't yet named Trump the nominee. They now have a choice between 2 things... support the will of the people and select Trump as nominee, OR go against the will of the people and name someone like Kasich (or another GOP puppet) as nominee in direct conflict with the will of the voters. If they chose, the 2nd option... they will then cause many republicans to sit out the election which will hand over the presidency to a democrat. Who knows, maybe that's been the plan all along. I trust fully in God and in God's will. He sets up kings/rulers and all those in authority, he knocks them down as well. If I am still here (and if there is an election) come November, I plan on voting for whichever republican candidate they choose as nominee, because to not vote would be a vote for the democrats... something my conscience won't allow. I have always voted in the elections up until last time.... I sat it out because I refused to vote for a mormon cultist. So did MANY republicans (sit out last election). Look how that turned out. We ended up with something FAR WORSE... an islamic socialist bent on NWO agenda. Lesson learned. I won't sit out the next election (if I' still here and if there is an election), even if the GOP nominee isn't who I wanted. I think it's telling that Kasich is staying in the race, even though he doesn't have near enough delegates. Will the GOP try to shove him in as nominee? Who knows. And I despise Kasich.... he's ruined Ohio and will do worse for the nation. But I know this, I won't vote democratic, and I won't it the election out. Here's why... Here's will happen if republicans sit out the election: 2 clips here (below) Obama admits the world banks are created to support the NWO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqoar7DZ-so&feature=share Next clip, Obama says "the end of the republic has never looked better" he jokes it could be "the last" presidency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buEmGWVT4eo&feature=share
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    Revelation Bible Study.

    Enjoy your long coffee break, Alan!
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