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    Witnessing To A Catholic

    First off, welcome to OB. I do, however, have to disagree with you on this. If a person who is a Catholic, SDA, JW or Mormon, and they believe everything their particular cult teaches, then there is no possible way that they are saved and will be in Heaven. The Catholics are pagans at best, heathens at worst. The JWs believe that Jesus is just "A" god, and not "THE" Son of God; and the Mormons believe that they themselves will become gods if they're good enough. None of that lines up with the biblical definition of salvation. Now it is possible for someone in one of those cults to get saved, and if they are truly in fact saved, they would no longer identify themselves with those cults. There is only one thing that saves us, and it is through our faith in Christ Jesus. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God." Ephesians 2:8 KJV
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    Witnessing To A Catholic

    Here's the part I think you're missing, which Jesus Christ? The Muhammaden version? The Catholic or Methodist version? The Mormon or Jehovah's Witness version? How about the Freewill Baptist or Nazarene Christ? Can any of their Messiah's save? Only by making repentance towards God and putting one's faith in Jesus Christ can one be saved; this is the Bible Way and the only way to heaven. All of those other works-based "religions" lead to the same place, eternal hell. None of them are in accord with the Scriptures.
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    What's with the goofy t-shirts under the sport coats, anyway.... I'm amazed at how many, many Baptists listen to Casting Crowns. Its worldly music set to Christian words. I will agree it is difficult to put a black and white definition to "good music" and "bad music"......but if a person thinks the only bad part about rock music is the words, then its a discussion that you're not really going to be able to have, anyway.
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    We baptised Sita 25 years ago, & her daughter in law soon after. Sita has been a very faithful church member & with her husband Ratten hosted our weekly meetings. He will be feeling very alone. I asked how long they had been married, & he said they had started planning for their golden wedding in May, so that will be a further occasion for sadness. She had cancer surgery 8 years ago, seemed to have recovered adequately but had health problems since & succumbed to secondary cancer last Sunday. Ratten said she was eager for Jesus to take her, & now she is at rest with her Lord in glory. The family was Sikh background. More recently Granddaughter, daughter & husband have been baptised. Grandson Rajiv, a believer before he was 10, who witnessed to his GF, died tragically 10 years ago in April, when a garden wall fell on him. Much sadness, but great faith.
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    All they are doing with all of their many versions is Satan's work, just further confusing people.
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    I Hear They're Going To Ban

    They've been using pressure cookers for years to make homemade bombs. I've seen some paody jokes claiming they are going to ban them but nothing serious, yet. They make bombs out of metal pipes, fertilizer, compressed gas, various canisters, and all sorts of things. If they want to ban something, start with Muslims, after all, they ban Christians from their countries.
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    Amazing all the mighty works of God through the KJB over the past 400 years and still today. The only ones who really have a problem with the KJB are those who seem to think they are too educated to use such an "archaic" Bible, yet if they are so educated why do they need a Bible written at or below a 6th grade reading level using contemporary words and phrasings which change the meaning of the text! Some of these same folks sit and read Shakespeare in it's "archaic" form and then bespeak of it's beauty and recommend everyone read it yet they take the opposite approach with the KJB. Interestingly, some years ago a project was undertook to "update and modernize" Shakespeares works but it was a failure. The reason being that they found there was no way to keep the original intent and meaning intact using modern English. How difficult is it to learn what "thee and thou" means? The other words mentioned are easily learned as well. Again, another false argument against the KJB. The fact is, the KJB makes one think and the KJB pierces even to the dividing of the soul and spirit, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart and many there be that don't like that! They prefer the watered down versions that allow them to feel better about themselves because they aren't near as convicting. This man's opinion is of no importance to me. The Lord specifically led me to use the KJB so that's what I've used ever since.
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    Witnessing To A Catholic

    One Sunday morning years ago the local coC had a visiting preacher in view of call. During the morning service he asked one man in the congregation who happened to be a neighbor of mine that if he was at the gate of Heaven & was asked why should you enter into Heaven. The coC church member replied, “I have been baptized into the churches of Christ.” The preacher stated, “Wrong answer, you would never enter Heaven answering that way, baptizing does not save, there’s only one way to be saved, & its by grace though faith in Jesus Christ.” Right after the preaching service ended one of the elders led the preacher off into a room where several of the other elders met them, while one elder asked everyone to please keep their seats. They told the man to leave their church, we don’t want you in our church, your Sunday night preaching has been canceled & two men one each side of him escorted him & his wife out of the building & to his car making sure that he nor his wife talked to no one. On entering his car they told him to turn & exit our parking lot right there & never to come back. While that was taking place one elder stood behind the pulpit apologizing for what had took place. Also telling the members not to talk about this to anyone out side to this church. he stated this man badly mislead us, we really thought he was a true coC pastor, but as you now know he has no idea how a person is saved, for the only way a person can enter Heaven to to be baptized into the churches of Christ. And yes, it is a true story told to me by one if its members, plus there were visitors present at that service & of course they were telling people around town about the strange events that happened that morning at the coc. So yes, but some churches doctrine you can tell clearly that that church does not teach anyone how to get to Heaven. One of the coC doctrines is you must be baptized into the churches of Christ in order to enter Heaven. And the coC is not the only church that has doctrine that condemns its members to eternal destructing in the pits of Hell. By the way, most Protestants churches teaches works based salvation, & that my friend, is damns a soul to hell. Works will save no one.
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    I don't know what I'd call it but no doubt much of what they call country music today is much more rockin than that song. A few years ago I heard this song sang by a pastor and a pastors wife. They didn't use this music but it sounded nice when they sang it. We were given a Southern Gospel DVD and that form of music has sure changed alot since I was younger! Many of the songs on that DVD were much more instrumentally heavy than in the above video. While I wouldn't want to go to that concert above, there are some of our brothers/sisters in Christ who do. It also shouldn't surprise us if there are some at those concerts who might not be saved or who might act or dress differently than others; we see the same thing in many churches. Every believer isn't at the same point of maturity in Christ as everyone else. Had there been such music as this when I was first saved I might have listened to it. I've seen many believers over the years who listened to things at an earlier point in their walk with the Lord that they didn't later. I've seen many who once read MVs but at some point over the years they turned to the KJB. Some used to watch a lot of TV, some now only watch a little and some don't watch any today. Many years ago I heard the song "Thy Word" as someone in a program at a park sang. A little bit of the song stuck in my head and I would sing it to myself sometimes. It wasn't until a long while later that I found out those few lyrics I remembered had come from an Amy Grant song. That kind of makes me wonder how many other songs I've heard over the years may have similar origins but one wouldn't know from hearing them sang acapela or to a piano. Myself, I like several old hymns, I like some Bluegrass Gospel, some old-time Southern Gospel, some of the old-time country style Gospel, Quartets, and music along those lines. At church I love it when my favorite piano player sits at the piano and starts playing one of my favorite hymns!
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    C. S. Lewis + Sword Of The Lord

    Aah! Heir, I do not find a question like 'do you agree with his doctrine of salvation' to be open-ended. It requires one to simply state what one understands his doctrine of salvation to be, and then indicate your agreement or lack thereof. Would you please stop dancing around the question? And stop with the accusations of witch-hunts and our supposed intractability. They are untrue and unnecessary. You have the right to leave this discussion at any time, if you so wish. If you wish to discuss Lewis - then by all means discuss him! I would love to hear some actual quotes and facts to back up either side. Quotes, please, not straw men.
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    Praise God for His great grace and mercy which brings the lost out of darkness into His kingdom of light. Thanks be to God for the blessed hope we have in Christ, we know our saved loved ones who pass before us are safe and well with Jesus and that one day we will be reunited with them in glory. Praying the Lord will send comfort, strength and peace to help during this time of loss...
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    Dave...no reason to get huffy with me like this. I'm not saying it was the greatest decision I ever made, but I explained, why, and in honesty why I did not provide you with an explanation. Those were my reasons, whether they were the best ones. I provided you with an explanation for why I hadn't offered the response you sought. Frankly...I don't exactly owe anyone that. You are now, as you were before...inter-lacing what you claim to be a genuine request for information with somewhat snide remarks like this one. What am I supposed to think? You are switching between what appears to be a genuine question for which you seek an answer to retorts like this. C'mon man. I've essentially explained that you aren't exactly going to get the "smoking-gun" you may be looking for....and someone already posted a link to an article which heavily quotes Lewis in "Surprised"....Frankly, Dave, you probably well know it can be nearly impossible to prove to the satisfaction of an IFB'er that someone they are pre-disposed to doubt is genuinely saved....Double that with the fact that this thread is nothing more than a witch-hunt. Maybe I'm acting a little paranoid ....can you blame me?
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    Witnessing To A Catholic

    Yes we can, we have a copy of God's Word, & it gives only one way to be saved, not many, & those that refuse that one way are lost. They prove they are not saved by telling how they think they got saved. Tell us, about your salvation experience.
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    90 Minutes In Heaven

    The 700 Club has stories like these all the time.
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    Witnessing To A Catholic

    Your right, theology doesn't save, Jesus saves, & its only by faith thru grace, not of works, not of self, its a gift, & the Catholic, SDA, JW or Mormon, as well as many more do not teach that, they teach a path to being saved that does not exist.
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    Witnessing To A Catholic

    I agree with some of this, but when a church teaches a false gospel then they are a false church. The biblical Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Christ Jesus is the absolute key factor that separates true from false churches.
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    I don't believe any of these conspiracy theories floating around about 9/11, Sandy Hook, or the Boston Bombings. However I also agree that the government uses them to gain further control. I do also think its very possible Russia could have been aware of this bombing before it happened. They certainly haven't apologized, that I know of? I also think that the original Saudi guy who was quietly deported and the meeting in the White House with the Saudi leader is fishy, but that has been very secretive. Still, I do not think these crises were manufactured or made up....just well used once they occur.
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