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    From the 'for what it's worth department', I grew up in a broken home, as some call it. My Dad got remarried, divorced, remarried, divorced. There were, besides my step mothers, various women spending the night. Drinking to excess was normal. You get the picture. I read and studied the Bible, spent as much time at church as possible, attended school and worked. God is faithful. He knows and will provide for His children.
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    Touch Not God's Anointed

    God's anointed, are any and all true believers. David was afraid to touch God's anointed, even though David himself WAS one of God's anointed. What lesson can we learn from that today? Matthew 18:6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. In other words. it matters not WHO or WHAT you are or think you are, God is no respecter of persons; You can BE one of his anointed and yet still be punished/chastened for offending or 'touching' another of His anointed. Not only is it dangerous for the people "in the pews" to mistreat the preacher, but it's just as dangerous the other way around. Too many men seem not to realize that like David did. David was God's anointed, yet he had spiritual sense enough not to touch even a backslidden, disobedient, rebellious enemy who himself was already mistreating God's anointed (David).....yet David did publicly rebuke the man. No matter how ornery someone else is or how bad they treat us, we are to go by the guidelines of Matthew 18 or rebuke them publicly IF the offense is already public. But we are not to retaliate in either word or deed. David got it right.
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    Majesty Music And Getty

    It would help if we had specific rules or guidelines regarding music that was consistently held to. This isn't the case, whether we are talking about Christian churches in general, Baptists or even specifically IFBs. Even if we only speak to the smaller issue of IFB churches, there is no agreement as to what rules or guidelines to use in determining the acceptable or unacceptable status of songs. When individual churches have some set of rules they follow for themselves, these rules are most often not applied consistently. Typically certain types or styles of music are rejected based upon their rules yet music they like which also doesn't meet their guidelines are accepted using various exceptions so they can accept them. There is also the very difficult to contend with aspect of preference. How much debate over music is simply a matter of preference, with the preference (whether pro or con) not being a matter of right or wrong, but simply of preference? What determines the line between legitimate preference and a sound standard? For the sake of discussion, I'm only considering true bibical churches here, made up of those born again in Christ. We know that even when we narrow the issue down to just considering actual Christians, there is still no agreement, no solid standards that are consistently followed. There are true Christian churches using a wide variety of music in a variety of styles, from orchastras to organ only, from bluegrass to modern Southern Gospel, from piano only to old style Southern Gospel, from psalms only to only hymns from a particular hymnbook, from one aspect of what is called CCM to another, from guitar to no guitar, from any musical instrument to only a select few or even no instruments at all. Is it likely all these true Christian churches are going to come together and agree upon one standard for church music and then consistently apply the standard? No. When it comes down to it, we really only have influence in this area within our own church. Often, even within a true Christian church with a set of clear music standards established, there is not full agreement in this area. Music is an important thing to consider and each individual and church should confront the issue and settle it as best as possible. Beyond that we must remember that part of IFB is Independent and that means we will never have one set standard that is consistently applied among all IFBs, and we absolutely won't see that beyond IFBs. Our church has a short set of guidelines regarding music and the pastors have the authority to accept or reject music. Anyone is free to suggest a song be played or sang in the church, or to have one dropped, but it will be the pastors making the decision based upon the guidelines. It seems some other churches have something similar, some follow "their" select hymnal only, some allow a "music pastor/leader" to determine such matters, and some are so open almost anything is allowed. This is an important area to consider when looking for a church home. It's possible to have a good church with a good pastor preaching the Gospel yet they use music one has a preference against or that one doesn't believe is appropriate. Better to learn this before committing to a church.
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    Majesty Music And Getty

    I'm not going to post much under this topic, I don't believe I can really add much to it. When reading this post you made replying to my post reminded me of what use to be my favorite Baptist Christian Book Store. I have made comments about them selling literature that goes 100 % against the teachings we stand for. They also sell musical CD's by singers that are nothing but trash & would not be in a good Baptist Christian Book Store that only wants to promote God's truths. Before they got so bad I bought much literature from them, & any time I was over there I would stop in & browse around. Now I hardly ever enter the place for I have to wade though to much junk them generally worn out from that & give up leaving before I find anything worth taking home. Sad thing is, many other Baptist Christian Book Stores have gone down the same path, its generally all about making the bucks, & when that happens many people, even Christians that were once good Christians, become blind.
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    Ugh, just realize there are 6 Stuart Townend "hymns" in the hymnal. I'm working on a letter to Majesty Music. They of all groups should know better because of Dr. Frank Garlock.
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    I think this has gone on long enough. :threadlockedbc5:
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    While it's true God looks at our hearts, God also looks at our appearance and actions too. Our outward appearance should be a reflection of our hearts. It's not so much that a particular article of clothing is or isn't good/bad, it's what they represent. For instance, there are certain gang infested areas that if you walk into "their" neighborhood wearing the "wrong" color, you will be confronted and likely assaulted, or worse. In America we have the liberty to wear what color we want to but is it wise to excercise that liberty in an area where we know others will view our liberty as being an afront to them. Would it not be wise, for their sakes as well as our own, to avoid wearing the color that offends them? I've heard a few people say the know of pants that are modest on women. I won't argue against what they say because I haven't seen what they are referring to. For myself, I have not yet seen any style of pants on a woman that was modest. Women's pants are made to show off the female form and if they are wearing men's pants (another problem for many) the female body doesn't fit in them the same as a man's. We can't judge these matters by externals, such as what one church does or wears, how one church has gone overboard one way or another. We need to look at the whole of Scripture. Put all of what Scripture says that even touches on the topic and see what God's will is, not our will, not our preference, not our opinion, not what culture or society dictates, but what pleases God in the matter. Scripture is clear men shouldn't dress like women and women shouldn't dress like men. There is to be a clear distinction between what men and women wear, it should be clear that men are wearing men's clothes and women are wearing women's clothes. Scripture is also clear with regards to modesty. Our flesh should be well covered and it should be covered in a manner that doesn't draw attention to the form of the body. Scripture clearly tells us we are to consider others as better than ourselves. We are indeed to consider our appearance with regards to how others will view us. Will our dress cause others to stumble or lust? Will our dress make others think we stand out from the crowd (in a God honouring way, or in a bad way)? Will our dress make others comfortable or uncomfortable in our presence? There are other aspects of Scripture which apply as well, but this post is already getting long. I've mentioned it before but will repeat for those who have not read it. I used to wear leather biker jackets because they are warm, comfortable and keep the wind out. However, most people seem to look at the style of jacket I wore as being a sign one is a rebel, an outlaw, a tough guy, and those sort of things. The Lord convicted me in this and I put that favorite jacket of mine away. That leather jacket was a man's jacket, it was modest, it protected greatly from the weather, there was really nothing wrong with the jacket in and of itself, however the perception many would have when seeing me wearing that jacket was not good. What should come first, my liberty to wear the jacket or my concern for how my jacket impacted the thoughts of others? For the good name of the Lord, I hung that jacket up. There are other clothes I used to wear that I wouldn't wear now either because I don't think they were modest enough or because they could send the wrong message (yes, our clothes send a message whether we actually mean them to or not). We need to consider the message our clothes send. Whatever we wear, whether pants, dresses, coats, shirts, shoes or hats, we need to consider whether what we wear glorifies God or not. We are to do all things to the glory of God. Does what I'm wearing bring glory to God or does it bring reproach, shame, anger or something else?
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