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    Miss Daisy

    Shocked at Services Today

    Maybe I should clarify, if it was my first time in a church and I wasn't a Christian I would not return. The first goal of any church is to help them come to Christ. Not lengthen their skirts. After they are Christians comes instructions. The Holy Spirit is what opens peoples hearts and minds to hearing and recieving instructions/ teachings from the word of God. You must be saved to have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. First comes A then B. You can't put the cart before the horse.
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    Jonathan was baptized on Sunday

    This past Sunday night, my youngest son, Jonathan, was baptized. The heater in the baptistry was not working, but he didn't care - he wanted to get baptized. He sure was shivering when he came out of the water!
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    Shocked at Services Today

    It is indeed a sad indictment of Christianity that society has plunged into such immodest clothing on womenfolk. In this modern age, many preachers are afraid to preach standards (good article, BTW, mikado!!), and have been for a while... One of the reasons for that, I believe, is the push against women wearing pants and long hair on men in the '70's. (now, don't get me wrong - I don't wear pants [nor do I harshly condemn women who do], nor do I believe men should wear their hair long) The problem arose when people were taught not to do these things, but they weren't taught how to be Holy Spirit led. They (and I mean we - I was a teen in the '70's and saw it firsthand) were basically told that if the preacher says it, that's all there is to it. There was no need to search the scriptures. There was no need to seek the face of the Lord. And, indeed, there wasn't a lot of encouragement to do so. This created the mentality of outwardly looking good, but inwardly having a mass confusion...and so standards were lowered...slowly, but surely. And it created a generation of parents who weren't quite sure how to teach their kids how to be right with God...other than the way they looked. And so that generation of kids grew up and rejected many things about the Lord. And then raised their kids.... Who, in turn, looked to Hollywood and "famous" folk for their heroes. Question for those who watch TV: have you ever noticed that in many of the shows, men are in nice t-shirts, button shirts buttoned all the way up, etc. But the women....the women have low cut tops, exposing themselves? This type of thing creates the idea that women should show more of themselves. And then there are the shows that feature all kinds of undress by women. Dancing with the Stars (I've never seen it, but when I've been around tvs, I've seen advertisement) have the men fully dressed while the women wear "clothes" that should be called lingerie instead of dresses. And this is what people feed on. And so, when they come to church, they wear...what they see to be "nice" or "normal" clothes. If they go to a church where women dress modestly, they then feel uncomfortable (that isn't necessarily the Holy Spirit...sometimes it's the holier-than-thou women....I knew a woman who followed a visitor with a safety pin to pin the slit in her skirt - that's awful!) and tug on their clothes. However, one thing we need to remember: many times visitors wear their best clothes to church - even if it's sloppy or a mini-skirt. And they aren't taught what is proper. Because society has come to a point where nothing is unacceptable in clothing (except "fundy" dresses, that is). As I said, it's a sad indictment on Christianity that our society has fallen so low. These ladies who came to church in mini-skirts may not be saved...perhaps it would be a good thing to follow up on them...witness to them - or, if they are saved, disciple them...Some people just don't know any better.
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    I don't have a problem with a woman speaking, per se. What I have a problem with is when she speaks and it is contrary to the Word of God. From what I see in 1 Corinthians 14, the context is the speaking of tongues. A woman was not permitted to speak in tongues. A woman is not usurping authority if the pastor of the Church hears what she has to say and gives her permission to share with the Congregation. Throughout the Word of God, we see women used over and over by God. I am reminded of the elect lady in John's second epistle. She had a Church in her house. There is no mention of whether a man or woman was the spiritual leader there, but I tend to believe the woman was or John would have written to a man.
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    Ok, as the topic line says it can't be salvation b/c we're all very thankful for that ... so I am going with my immediate family ~ family ~ 1) that I have a God-fearing husband active in discipleship with our pastor learning to lead our home and who loves me so much; and 2) I am the mama to two amazing miracle daughters that I get to disciple and love on all day via homeschooling. I feel so richly blessed!
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    Joel Osteen

    I think he is a spineless wolf in sheep clothing leading flock astray in the end times.
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    Shame For A Woman To Speak In Church.

    I think it's also and maybe only, a practical reason. Men are SUPPOSED to be logical while woman are more emotional. Though biblical spirituality has emotion it is good to note that the majority of God's Word is practical and sound doctrine is always practical. Practicality and logic go hand in hand and anyone making sound spiritual (biblical) decisions in any leadership role needs logic and practicality. This includes teaching God's Word. Leadership in any form can never be emotional. Emotional decisions are inevitably bad decisions (not always, but mostly). If one looks at the modern charismatic or denominational churches where woman lead one will always see a higher emotional content rather than a practical and logical biblical one. In this day and age where woman are regarded as equal in the home, the church and the work place we see "harder" woman taking on the roles of men. My wife is a nurse and as an artist I work from home - more often than not she brings in far more than I do and it is often commented upon by certain family members that I am the "wife" as these days "stay at home dads" are accepted as the norm and with job cuts, etc it is sadly often the case that men have to stay at home. Yet I am the leader of our household. I manage the finances, etc but we share all decision making though I have final say and I am blessed with a wife that very seldom says "I told you so!" I say all this because a lot of what Paul said concerning woman has been abused by men for selfish reasons and when we put aside our pride, self and personal feelings we will see that men and woman are equal in God's eyes and are just DIFFERENT with different roles to play, neither one less or inferior to the other. Men are just as prone to make emotional decisions as woman are - usually in anger and always in pride, men are just not supposed to be RULED by emotions as woman can be - we are the father, they the mother. We the law giver, they the care giver (and by law I mean spiritual law, not chauvinistic law) and the list goes on. It's when we reverse these roles that problems arise.
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    Women are not to teach men either, but may be not so on forums?!! I believe e have some women here who act as Bible scholars, and presume to teach. I have heard women "Preach" during testimony, or before singing a special, but I cannot say I agree with it.
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    I would have to say that I believe that women should not be praying in a mixed congregation (meaning men and women present). When a person publicly prays, they are leading in prayer...meaning that the entire group present bows before the throne, following (and praying along with silently, in many cases) the person praying. Because woman is the glory of the man, I believe that for her to pray in public (with men present, I mean) is the same as having her head uncovered - it dishonors her head, her husband. Single women might not have husbands, but I do believe they would be dishonoring their Lord (just as married women would). Does that make sense? Testimony is different, I believe. The person giving testimony is not leading spiritually in any way. They are, rather (at least supposed to be), giving glory to God. At the same time, a woman giving testimony needs to be careful that it doesn't come off as though she were preaching or teaching a truth (I have sat through testimonies like that and they are hard to sit through!). There are churches I know of who don't allow women to testify. That is the business of that particular congregation. I think it cuts off some praise coming from that quarter, and don't totally agree with it, but again, that's that congregation's business and none of mine. Business meetings are different. I know of churches where women don't even attend (and some where, if they do, they are silent and don't even vote). Again, church decision. And not one I am averse to at all. I believe the scripture you mentioned, heart, applies more to actual teaching/preaching, as well as things like business meetings (women who want to control can often try to wrest control of the meeting and cause havoc. Men can too, but it's more often women). Business meetings are set to take care of the business of the church. I know many women who won't like this, but I don't think women necessarily need to be involved in that type of thing. Positions of leadership are the target for verses on silence and not speaking, etc. And praying in public would fall in that category, IMO. Congrats, robmac. Where will you be pastoring?
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    One of my hobbies is collecting and restoring castiron cookware and related items. Haven't counted them, but I'm guessing I have around a hundred pieces, including 3 CI laundry stoves. Some observations, FWIW. Yes, using plain CI cookware is a way to add some iron to your diet. However, a well seasoned skillet can only yield a very small amount, as the seasoning is a barrier between the metal and the food. The better the quality of the seasoning, the less contact there is between foodstuff and the bare metal, itself. Poorly seasoned CI and/or heavy use of acid foods (tomato based for example) an increase the potential for iron in the food. Enameled cookware that doesn't have scratches or chips is the equivalent of cooking in glass, as enamel is considered to be non-reactive. If buying new plain CI cookware, Lodge is by far the best. The best enameled cookware is Le Creuset manufactured in France. (Expensive!) Lodge enamel ware is produced in China. (sigh) In the past foundries were commonplace here in the US and were producing high quality cookware. Over time the foundries closed and the craftsmanship of the remaining ones declined. To my knowledge, Lodge is the last foundry in the US producing cookware on a commercial scale. Sadly, their quality has declined, too. Sometime in the 1960's, they changed their casting/finishing procedures, due to the high cost of replacement finishing equipment when it failed. They couldn't replace it and still stay competitive with the flood of imports, especially the cheap "stuff" from China. If buying new, do support Lodge to help keep them from closing their doors, too. The quality of their cookware is still much higher than the WalMart pieces marked Made In China. If you were to visit my shop, I could easily show you the difference. That said, I can also show you the difference between pre and post 1960's Lodge. As a general rule, the older the piece of CI, the better the quality of pieces that haven't been abused by time. With a little hands-on study, you can tell the difference while being blindfolded. Some brands of old cookware are highly collectable and command high dollars on the collectors market. Griswold and Wagner are the most sought after brands, today. There are several others, including old Lodge. But, even the no-name old pieces are easy to recognize in terms of quality and craftsmanship. When comparing two pieces of the same size, old US cast will be lighter in weight and will have a smooth finish -- that non-stick finish, if well seasoned -- that just isn't available in modern production, regardless of the location of the foundry. Using that same comparison new Lodge has a much higher quality compared to the slipshod castings of the China imports. Next: Sets of cookware. Don't buy them, regardless of the materials used for construction, whether stainless, enamelware, or castiron. I learned that the hardway years ago. "Sets" generally have pieces that go unused, thus are wasted money that could be better spent elsewhere. Buy individual pieces of cookware based on your actual needs and cooking style. Sure a matched set is "pretty" in the kitchen. But what good is "pretty" if the item(s) stays on the back shelf because it isn't used? If you're in the market for castiron and have a limited budget, shop for it at yard sales, flea markets and such. AFTER spending some time teaching your hands how to recognize quality. One way to do this is to visit high end antique stores and handle those old high dollar Griswold pieces. Pick them up and feel the weight compared to the sizes. Run your fingers around the interior and notice the smooth and polished surface. Remember that as you visit WalMart or any other place and do the same thing with "Made in China". The interior will feel like a gravel road in comparison. It does take time to find these old pieces at good prices. Ebay can give you an idea of what the going rate for "collectibles". That'll help you determine when you've found a bargain at a yardsale or in Aunt Bettie's basement. A FWIW... found a #10 Griswold for $4 at a yard sale. Looked it up on Ebay and the going rate for that particular skillet was $150. At the same sale found a #8 Griswold dutchoven for $50. Better half thought I was nuts for paying that much for a DO. That is until I whispered that the trivet in it was selling for $50, by itself. These are rare finds, BTW. OTOH, I've paid from $2 to $5 for QUALITY no-name CI pieces for use in the kitchen. Having Griswold stamped on the bottom, doesn't make that piece cook any better than the same quality ware produced by a foundry that didn't label their craftsmanship. This post is getting long and I've rambled on long enough. Haven't even touched on bringing that old CI back to a useful life. Or, how much I enjoy cooking in CI when compared to the "modern" stuff, even the high end, high dollar All-Clad, Calphalon and other brands. Forget the celebrity endorced sets being promoted by most mass merchandisers - Emeril, WolfGang Puck, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, etc. IMHO, they are like "designer jeans", in that you're paying a premium to have their label in your kitchen. Get busy searching out those old quality pieces of CI. Don't know how to get started? For everything you ever wanted to know about CI cookware, visit this site: http://www.griswoldandwagner.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl There's a wealth of information there, even if you don't become a member with extended access. Hope someone finds these thoughts to be useful this morning.
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    I'm getting a lot of mileage out of this quote these days ... “Errors, to be dangerous, must have a great deal of truth mingled with them. It is only from this alliance that they can ever obtain an extensive circulation.” Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy by Sydney Smith
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    Where Is The Outrage And Protests?

    Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
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    Doesn't do any good whatsoever to protest against wrong when those in authority side with the wrongdoers.
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    need piano

    How is Pastor Blue getting along?
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    Friends Son Gay

    Autism runs a gamut of differences. Many people who have Asperger's can seem as "normal" as the next person for the most part. And there is a growing number of autistic gays. I find it interesting that he comes into the kitchen and begins discussing his "problems" with you. Even though many autistic people are not good listeners (even highly functioning aspergers are not always able to listen well), you have an opportunity to reach this young man with the gospel. As John has mentioned, it is not the young man's homosexuality that needs to be dealt with at this point. It is the fact that he, as is everyone, is a sinner in the sight of God. I have a friend whose young son is autistic. He does not listen well all the time (no child does, but autistics do it differently), but he does hear. He knows in his head that sin is sin. And he knows he has to obey when Mom and Dad say something. But a lot of his actions are rote at this point (because that is how autistics often operate - put them on a set schedule, and don't change things, and they are happy). He can tell you why Jesus died. He can tell you he is a sinner. But there is not conviction within him yet. He hasn't come to a place where he understands. It sounds like the young man you know has a higher capacity for understanding. I would do as John suggests: just give him the gospel. When you get to discussing sin, ask if he's ever disobeyed his parents. When he comprehends, he will honestly tell you yes (asking if he's ever told a lie might elicit a no - because autistics don't do much lying! Of course, high functioning autistics might...). You can show him in the 10 commandments how God says we aren't to do that...and then take him over to James where it says "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all." James 2:10. Quite clearly we see there that just breaking one law makes us guilty of it all...hence, we are all sinners. Then on to Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." This underlines the fact that everyone has sinned - not just certain people who do certain things, but all. And that glory of God that we come short of is Jesus Christ (James 2 calls Him the Lord of glory). So, our measuring stick (or, rather, God's) is His perfect Son. A good verse to insert here would then be Jer. 31:3 "I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindess have I drawn thee." And then go from there into the plan of salvation. If the young man is a reader (and some autistics are - they don't always completely comprehend what they are reading, but they do read), show him scripture. If he's not, use a wordless book, quoting scripture. He just might be fascinated with the idea of a book with no words (and that is often an "inoffensive" way to present the gospel...even to the mother). After salvation is the time to focus on other things, as he is discipled. The Holy Spirit will begin to work in him in ways that just might surprise you! Pray much before you talk to him...and after!
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    May the Lord enrich your ministry for your willingness to be used for His glory. Thank you for the hearing aides. God's timing is always an amazing thing! We just had a door of opportunity open here that I have never seen in the 14 yrs we have worked in Mexico. An Casa de Ancianos (Old Persons Home) has just come under our care. Hearing Aides anyone!? Sure, ... God bless Calvary
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    Friends Son Gay

    The son must have a mild form of autism if he can drive and has a job. That means he's likely able to comprehend the Gospel if someone presents it to him patiently and clearly, and the big "if", if he's willing to listen. One of the best ways I've found to present the Gospel to homosexuals is not to focus upon the homosexuality. As we know, homosexuality is just one of the many sins any lost homosexual is living in. Most often it's best to approach a homosexual with the Gospel in the same manner as with any other lost sinner. Like all lost sinners, the homosexual must come to realize they are a sinner (not just in their homosexuality), there is a terrible price to pay for their sins, they need a Saviour. In whatever way you have successfully helped others come to Christ, that would be the approach, or something very similar, I would use with the homosexual son. What typically DOESN'T work is focusing on their homosexuality, only addressing their homosexuality. Their sin of homosexuality will eventually have to be confronted, but it usually works best for them to bring it up after we have already discussed other sins with them as we help them to learn they are sinners. Even then, try to be careful not to get caught up in totally focusing upon the homosexuality. Make it a point to be clear that their homosexuality is just one of the many sins they are guilty of, they need to repent of, they need the blood of Christ to cleanse them of. Unfortunately, homosexuals themselves will often try to focus totally upon homosexuality and then put up a wall of "I'm offended" and become defensive about "who they are". Rather than addressing the Gospel they focus only upon their prized sin of homosexuality. In most such cases there is no getting through to them at that time. They tend to become argumentative and defensive so that parting from them as kindly as possible is best at that time. If they are open to it, offer to pray for them and/or let them know if they ever want to talk about anything they can come to you. After that, lift them up in prayer and await the Holy Ghost to open a door for you with them or to send another that may reach them. Also, with regards to prayer, spend serious time in prayer for this person and how to reach out to them before you act.
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    Friends Son Gay

    I have difficulty just witnessing to homosexuals. I don't know how I might witness to an autistic homosexual about salvation. What route have you thought about?
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    What does the Baptist Church say about exorcism?

    I forgot to make an important point from the long post above or I forgot to make it clear. Jesus Christ would never teach adversely to his own word. For the "dream person" to tell you "his strength is increased through our faith" goes against what Jesus said in Mt. 28:18. Matthew 28:18 "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. That is why I also qoute, "try the spirit." We have the preserved word of God to try dream spirits and visions against.
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    Seth Doty

    new years resolution

    I always found it rather humorous in a not so funny sort of way that the rainbow has been adopted as a symbol of a evil lifestyle considering what God created it for according to the scriptures. Given that the worldwide flood was sent to destroy man for the utter corruption man as a whole had given himself up to, and given that God, according to the scriptures, created the rainbow as a visible covenant that he would not again destroy the earth by flood it always seemed funny to me that they would chose it as their symbol and wave their rainbow banners in their parades. Sort of like they are unconsciously "reminding" God that he promised not to destroy the whole earth again with a flood for their utter corruption. They failed to read the fine print though, no more worldwide floods, judgement will eventually come as worldwide fire instead...
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    new years resolution

    We should have rainbow flags and banners with Scripture on them. That would be certain to draw some attention among many. It's sad that so much of what was once good, such as the image of a rainbow, the word "gay", and even to an extent "born again", and other things are being corrupted by the world.
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    Steve Schwenke

    Bible curriculum?

    We have never had a whole lot of money to spend on curriculums, so we have piece-mealed our curriculum together. For Bible class, my wife reads a chapter to all of the kids together at the Breakfast table, and teaches that chapter. We have been doing this for a number of years, so after a while, they get quite a bit of Bible teaching. For Church History or Baptist History, they just use the books in my library. Dr. William Grady has an excellent book documenting the influence of the Baptists on the foundation of America - "What Hath God Wrought" available at Amazon. Dr. James Beller has another excellent book on American Baptists - "America in Crimson Red" - a little bit more difficult reading level - definitely more high school level. There are other good books out there on Baptist History, and we simply have them read those books rather than any particular "curriculum." Dr. William Bennet has some decent books out on American History, even though he writes from a Catholic perspective. He has a book entitled "A Century Turns" that gives a pretty good synopsis of events from 1990 to 2010. My high school student son read it for Current Events History.
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