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    Friend having a baby soon

    A friend/neighbor of mine is having a baby. She's also my pastor's daughter-in-law. It will be the couple's first child and my pastor's first grandchild. She was due last week so hopefully she has the baby soon and everything goes well.
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    Inter-racial marriage

    Actually my original post was about how the lineage of Christ can be pure when he has Ruth the moabite in it. Which indeed was answered it is not. I guess we'll have all our questions answered when we're in heaven. Then again I don't think I'll care about some of the questions I have, mostly I'll be glad to be with Christ.
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    The Beast Revelation

    Pardon me for saying so, but if Israel is blown away by nuclear weapons, how will USA or anyone else come to her assistance?
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    Your Favorite Hymns?

    "Amazing Love" and many more too numerous to name. I just heard an old SS hymn we sang as children, "When He Cometh." That was a favorite when I was a child.
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    Your Favorite Hymns?

    I don't think I have a favorite to sing. I like to sing them all. But to just sit back and reflect on the words, my favorite by far is "'Tis Finished, the Messiah Dies": 'Tis finished! The Messiah dies, Cut off for sins, but not His own: Accomplished is the sacrifice, The great redeeming work is done. 'Tis finished! all the debt is paid; Justice divine is satisfied; The grand and full atonement made; God for a guilty world hath died. The veil is rent in Christ alone; The living way to heaven is seen; The middle wall is broken down, And all mankind may enter in. The types and figures are fulfilled; Exacted is the legal pain; The precious promises are sealed; The spotless Lamb of God is slain. The reign of sin and death is o'er, And all may live from sin set free; Satan hath lost his mortal power; 'Tis swallowed up in victory. Saved from the legal curse I am, My Savior hangs on yonder tree: See there the meek, expiring Lamb! 'Tis finished! He expires for me. Accepted in the Well-beloved, And clothed in righteousness divine, I see the bar to heaven removed; And all Thy merits, Lord, are mine. Death, hell, and sin are now subdued; All grace is now to sinners given; And lo, I plead the atoning blood, And in Thy right I claim Thy heaven!
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