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  3. Thanks for pointing out that context is important, including the context of the OP. Sometimes people forget that.
  4. Chicken and vegetable tikka masala and rice.
  5. Yep, I agree Jim, but it still burdens me.
  6. My own personal opinion on how to change that scenario is through prayerfully and scripturally addressing this situation during the times when they are actually there. If God's Word doesn't change them nothing will. In my experience trying to address it one on one with them in a personal setting usually doesn't work. They will most likely be offended and think of it as a rebuke against them.
  7. Last week
  8. Paul didn't simply quote a philosopher or poet and leave it at that (which is what is common to do on fb), he used those quotes to gain the attention of the audience who would be familiar with the source material, then used that to show them the error of worldly wisdom and the truth of God's wisdom. They were basically sermon illustrations which he used in such a way that the listeners would understand the gospel. He did not use the quotes in support of the author or the original intent, he always turned them around and pointed towards Christ. So in this sense, it would be misleading to say something like "Paul quoted pagan poets" and not mention why he did so. Otherwise it would make it seem like Paul quoted them in support of their philosophical outlook on life, which is clearly not the case. When specifically speaking of sharing quote memes on fb, it's very common for people to just slap a nice sounding quote on a pretty background and share it, which is then shared by many others, without thinking/caring about who said it or what it might really mean.
  9. I am in the process of starting the next lesson on the local church as brought out in the book of Romans. As a starting point, I will be discussing Romans 1:7. In connection with Romans 1:7 and the usage of the word "saints," I will be referencing to the previous lesson in this thread on October 2, 2018, Paul's speech to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20:17-38, and the numerous points that I brought out on the book of Ephesians, "Doctrines Distorted in the Book of Ephesians." God bless! Alan
  10. Miss Daisy, not judging, seeking answers. Brother Matt actually mentioned your points of the elderly or unwell, and although I did not mention it in my post I am fully aware of these matters. But it doesn't address those who choose not to attend. These are the ones I was speaking of. Those whose vision does not do well at night, those whose health drops with the cold night air.... these are legitimate reasons. But there are many who choose not to attend for the sake of their own convenience. And of course, as some mentioned, it is because they love the Lord less than whatever keeps them away, but that doesn't address the question. How does one help those who CHOOSE not to attend the other services to love the Lord enough to change that?
  11. Are you suggesting that people SHOULD quote heretics?
  12. I can't find your post to see what sort of judgement you are referring to?

  13. Did not Paul quote pagan poets in Acts 17?
  14. I think in some respects it is even worse today with the interwebs.... People can look up and find out about the person and follow them into whatever their heresy is..... In times past the person would often just remain a name and nothing more.
  15. I do know the 7s in the book of revelation are always divided into two parts one part with 4 and then the other part with 3. The churches are also ordered in the direction of travel on the main road from Pergamos and were the closet churches one would naturally go to when departing from the Island.
  16. We're doing a study on Revelation in our Wednesday night study and while talking about the 4 of the 7 churches listed in Ch. 2, one of the congregants asked if there was a specific reason the churches were separated into 2 chapters. I reminded her that when John wrote this, he didn't list chapter and verse, but that these were added later on. She kept questioning and raised a thoughtful question. Is there any significance to the order due to geography? If you look at a map, see attached, there is order (Ephesus to Laodicea in a Clockwise circle.) Does anyone know if there was significance to the order or are we looking for meaning where there isn't meaning intended? TIA, Bro. Richard
  17. Hello and welcome to Online Baptist.
  18. I am blessed and glad to join here.  

    I am proud to be Baptist 

  19. I just know that certain names seem to pop up regularly when you see "Conference preaching" advertised, and I thought his was among them.....
  20. He graduated from Hyles Anderson. That isn't meant to be derogatory in any way - I simply mean by it that he likely knew/knows a number of what you refer to as "big name" preachers as a result.
  21. Earlier
  22. Wasn't he associated with meetings with Doug Fisher, Paul Chappel, etc? I am sure I was given a CD set of some preaching meetings with a bunch of "big name" preachers, and I am pretty sure that name was among them.
  23. Many years ago, so many years that I had forgotten what year, I visited with Pastor Eric Capaci at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs, AR at the church and met some of his staff. I did not have a meeting with the church but I was just in the area and wanted to ask him personally for a meeting. At that time, he was, to my knowledge, IFB, had a very active soul-winning ministry and a lighthouse for the gospel in the Hot Springs area. As a missionary, I was well treated, his staff showed me the ministry, and I was afforded every courtesy as a missionary. It saddens me to know that he is in the SBC.
  24. That's too bad. I know a number of people who either went to the college or were in the church years ago - when it was IFB.
  25. I know that he used to be a somewhat "popular" Youth Conference preacher among some IFB churches many years ago. An IFB church that we once were members of (in the mid-90's) tried to get him to come to one of the Youth Conferences. I didn't know he was now in the SBC.
  26. Remember my location: "Under a Rock but Crawl Out Occasionally", or in other words: I've always been too busy with the ministry the Lord had me in to get out much. So, I had heard somewhere about an Eric Capaci and got the impression he was somewhat known with Independent Baptists????? Anyway, I was calling for meetings in Arkansas and left a message on his voice mail at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs. I read something this week saying that he was dabbling around SBC ministries and events. FWIW, if anyone is wondering if there's any truth to that - I just got off the phone with him (I must give him credit for returning my call, over 3/4 of pastors DO NOT!!!!!!! I know several missionaries who can concur to that. As a pastor I made it a point of being courteous enough to return those calls because it's the right thing to do!) Back on track - he told me "we are Southern Baptist and though we do support some missionaries who are not SBC most of our missions work is through the Convention." So, there's no question, he is upfront about their current status as an SBC church and College.
  27. On Saturday, August 10th, 2019...my Dad passed away from this life into the loving rest of Jesus Christ.

    This was also my dear wife's birthday. Though he hasn't known who I was for several years, he still had the same loving and happy disposition as before. 

    I count myself blessed to have been the son of this great man. He was my teacher, my inspiration, and my hero...he was...

    ...my Dad.

    Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me to be his son.

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    2. HappyChristian


      Oh, NoNi - I am truly sorry for your loss, but so thankful you know where he is. And I'm thankful you have the memories that you do.

    3. DaveW


      Hey brother, I will be praying for you.

      Another friend of mine's dad went to be with the Lord last Wednesday - another great saint unrecognised by most, but known by the Lord, a faithful servant of the Lord.

      These are the ones who many never hear about but who faithfully serve the Lord, not for the recognition of men, but for the glory of the Lord. Men like these will hear those words "Well done thou good and faithful servant.."

    4. No Nicolaitans

      No Nicolaitans

      Thank you all.

  28. Howdy! Seems like you're good with a paint brush. Care to tell us a little about you and your family and your testimony?
  29. I've done it before and it was wrong. It's not right to eat the meat and spit out the bones. A little leaven, still leaveneth the whole lump.
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