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Purposing My Mouth

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A problem I find                                        For from the abundance                               But it is not my desire,                               For my heart leads my mouth;

As I go through my life;                           Of the heart doth it speak:                            So what is it then?                                      In God's Word we can see it.

My mouth is the cause                            The murmurings, disputings,                       What would thus cause me                       Yet my heart is not led,

Of an abundance of strife.                      Criticizing the weak.                                      To commit such a sin?                              As it should, by my spirit.

My tongue is a fire                                   It is a sobering thought;                                The source of my trouble,                          For my spirit must be purposed

Of untamable heat;                                  A harsh litigation.                                           As I ponder withal,                                       To be kind, good, and meek.

I use it for boasting,                                 Is it true I am thus,                                         Is that my words in their courses              Then from my spirit to my heart,

for slander, and deceit.                            An incompetent Christian?                          Have no purpose at all.                                Only then should I speak.

And yet, I must know,                               Do I set in my heart                                       For would I purpose my mouth

As I look at this sin,                                  To do what is wrong?                                    That it would not transgress,

The problem itself                                    To ruin the weak,                                            I would find it less frequent,

Must come from within.                          And to weaken the strong?                          This terrible mess.

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The formatting of this makes it incredibly hard to read on the phone. The "word wrap" has all the lines of different verses mixed together.

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