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Possible Car-Jacking, Possibly Thwarted.

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Went to Walmart today for our monthly groceries. When we got our groceries into our vehicle, we noticed a young black woman with two children in the parking space next to us putting groceries in their car.

I looked out the passenger window and noticed that there was a plastic cup under her vehicle and behind the rear tire on the driver's side. (The cup was in a standing position, so it is OBvious it was deliberately put there) There were three black men near the vehicle who were occasionally looking over in that direction.

I called the cup to her attention and she removed the cup before getting in the vehicle and starting it.

Possible Car-Jacking scenario. Cup placed behind wheel. Driver doesn't notice and backs up. Driver hears a crunch, puts car in park, not thinking to take keys out of ignition. While driver is inspecting tires, one or more men run and jump in open door, putting car in gear and speeding off.

Thoughts? Could it have been a Jacking plan as I thought in my mind? Are there any other possibilites?

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Seems to me when I was a kid we would put a cup under the back tire and when the person backed up it would pop.  Funny for the little brats (like I was) but to the adults.

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