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Way Of Life - Soft Rock: The Gray Area Of Ignorance In Independent Baptists Churches

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Pastor Graham West went to be with the Lord a few weeks back.
Only a relatively young man (40's), he was taken by a reoccurrence of a brain tumor.

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A young man here died just the other day from complications stemming from a brain tumor.


Maybe I'm just musically inept, but many of the points in the article don't seem to gel together or something.


I've never been compelled by any form of music to get up and dance, nor has any one form of music ever been anything like an addiction. It also doesn't seem accurate to say the music style which began in the 1950s is somehow worse than previous styles or ill effects anyone who hears it.


The music of the 20s had many people dancing away, as did the Big Band music, Jazz, etc.


At the same time, certain styles of music might appeal to one group but not another; may be a big mover in one country or part of the world, but not another.


Black Americans tend to respond more to a different rhythm or beat pattern than whites; which has often been noted when black and white churches have mixed, or such as when one or the other attempts to lead music in another church. As well, black Americans typical rhythm inclination differs greatly from blacks in Africa.


When certain hymns are played some folks like to clap or even tap their feet, but not all folks; and not for all hymns.


Anyway, it just seems to me there are more compelling arguments against certain music than this.

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