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'get Your Bibles Out,' Military Tells Gideons Volunteers

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'Get Your Bibles Out,' Military Tells Gideons Volunteers


For more than a decade, new military recruits at the Maxwell Air Force Base Gunter Annex in Alabama have received a Bible from Gideons International volunteers. But that tradition has come to an end after volunteers said they were told by the military that they would no longer be allowed to personally distribute the pocket-sized Bibles to recruits.

“They kicked us out,” Gideon’s volunteer Michael Fredenburg told me in a telephone interview from his home in Montgomery, Ala. “They told us, ‘Get your Bibles out.’”

Gaylan Johnson is a public affairs officer for the Military Entrance Processing Command (MEPCS). He told me the Gideons’ side of the story is “not strictly true.”

“They can place their literature within our facility, but they are not allowed to stand there and talk with applicants or hand them [the Bibles] out,” he told me.

Fredenburg said his father started the tradition of giving Bibles to new military recruits at the Military Entrance Processing Command center more than 10 years ago. He assumed leadership of the group when his father died last July.

For years the Gideons have distributed Bibles to new recruits four days a week. After they finished their paperwork, the recruits would pass by Gideon volunteers, who shook their hands and offered them a pocket-sized Bible.

The Gideon volunteers had military identification cards and had been allowed to store Bibles on the base, Fredenburg said.

“It worked beautifully,” he said.

But that changed last week, when Fredenburg said a sergeant informed the Gideons that the Bible distribution program was about to come to a end.

“I tried to get ahold of the colonel, but he would not return my call,” Fredenburg said.

So Fredenburg instructed the volunteers to continue distributing the Bibles until they received official orders. Those orders came on Wednesday. The Gideons would no longer be allowed to give the recruits God’s Word, he said.

“I contacted one of my guys and asked him to get the Bibles out,” Fredenburg told me. “He went over and got all the Bibles—and we’re out.”

Just like that. The Gideons were never told why.

Johnson said there is a command-wide policy regulating any organization that’s not a member of the federal government. Those organizations are referred to as non-federal entities.

“The policy says non-federal entities shall not be permitted to post or station a member within the premises of any MEPCS, including outdoor areas under the exclusive control of the MEPCS for purposes of distributing literature,” he said.

Johnson said the Gideons are allowed to have a literature display rack, which they are welcome to replenish on a recurring basis.

“They were informed they couldn’t stand within the premises anymore and hand them out,” Johnson said. “The Bibles are on a table. Applicants at their own free will can pick one up if they like.”

Word of the ouster of the internationally known Christian community spread like wildfire among Fredenburg and his friends. All were in a state of disbelief.

“They were happy my dad wasn’t alive to see it,” Fredenburg said. “If he would’ve seen that happen, it probably would’ve killed him.”


Todd Starnes



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I heard on the news this morning there is growing pressure to allow "transgender" people to be fully accepted in the military. Obama's panel to study the matter came out in favor of allow transgender people into the military. No surprise, the panel was made up of those who support and promote the full acceptance of the whole homosexual agenda.

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Even when I was in the Air Force in the early 80s they were drumming it into our heads that if called upon it was our duty to obey whatever the President ordered even if that men facing down Americans. They often told us that it didn't matter what mom might say, if our president ordered us to put down Americans, that was our duty.


My friends in the Marines and Army during that time and afterward have said they were told the same and worse.


Don't forget the Clinton Administration totally ignored the law and sent the military against American citizens in Waco, Texas.


For many years now the military has been working with local law enforcement agencies which has led to the militarization of law enforcement. We now have laws giving law enforcement authority to do "no knock" home invasions with their force dressed in military garb, carrying military style weapons, dressed in black, often with face masks. These "special unites" are used terrorize and assault innocent civilians as well as criminals.


Whereas several decades ago local police saw themselves as locals there to protect the interest of their fellow local citizens; today they are much more inclined to think of themselves as a part of a virtual nationalized police force, ready to obey the orders of the Fed. This has become even more of a problem since President Bush created the unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security and through that many federal tentacles have been sunk deep into local law enforcement agencies.


Truly, our only trust is in the Lord.

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Yes, now the SWAT teams storm people's homes looking for shoplifters and check kiters instead of 3 time losers with a history of gun violence.  Until it happens on their block, most folks don't realize that we already live in a police state.

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The media has done a good job of covering for all this. How often do we see nationwide coverage of these SWAT team overkill operations that happen in major cities practically weekly? How often do we see the national news covering the real crime going on in this country or the military tactics of the police?


Instead the media focuses on what Beyoncé thinks about the word "bossy", covers "news" about American Idol, repeats the same old political stories over and over again, and latches onto anything they can to direct attention away from the real news going on.


We have several 24 hour news channels and they all report on the same bland stuff while ignoring so much real news. Coincidence?

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It's covered but not gone after as something that is wrong.  The reason is, the very people who opposed the formation of the SWAT units back in the 1960s-1970s are now in charge and using them.  Not always the same people mind you, I mean the ideology of those folks.


Right leaning media reports on it and declares it wrong.  The drive-by media reports on it as something normal.  I think people have come to accept them now, even most folks who are politically conservative.

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Sadly, conservatives today seem to think the end justifies the means. They are willing to accept law enforcement acting like the Gestapo or KGB so long as it doesn't directly effect them. They call this "being tough on crime", rather than what it really is, a violation of liberty.


If these so-called conservatives really wanted to be tough on crime, they would rewrite the criminal code so it would once again be simple and easy to know and understand, with clear, approrpriate and swift punishments for the guilty designed to deter others while eliminating the threat from violators.

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