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Peter Popoff Exposed Again

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He is selling "Miracle Healing Water" (16 oz. bottles) and "Dead Sea Salt"

Well, he says he is not selling them, but he is.  He sends the items for free.  But there is a catch...

You have to sprinkle the salt on a check, then fill out the check for $27 and send it to him.  Five days later, you receive a blessing.  Amazing, eh?

The water?  About the same.  Drink it, and you will receive a blessing in five days.  Oh, and don't forget to send him another check for it too.  LOL

Imagine that!  $54 for a bottle of water and a little package of salt.  Everybody ought to be jumping at the offer.  RoFL

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Oh, and they showed a clip of him telling people their addresses and illnesses in one of his meetings.  The people were thrilled that he knew so much.  what they didn't know was someone intercepted a signal sent to his earpiece.  The signal?  His wife Elizabeth telling him the names of the people and their addresses and illnesses.

She had had them fill out cards prior to going into the meeting.

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If you change your mind about the salt and water, let me know.  I can get the salt and water at the same price he is getting it and won't charge you half as much.

The blessings?  Sprinkle the salt on your food and drink the water along with the meal.

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Brothers and Sisters, ah hah,

The Lord has shown me in a vision, ah hah,
That you have been going through a trial lately, ah hah,
You've cried out day and night in prayer, ah hah,
And still feel as if your prayers are unanswered.

Well, Brothers and Sisters, I bring good news from the Holy Land, ah hah,
I was directed there just three months ago by the angel of the Lord, ah hah,
The same angel of the Lord that appeared to Moses in the burning bush, ah hah,
He directed me to that very spot where Moses stood and told me, ah hah,
To look under the bush that grew there.

I looked, and there under the bush was a pepper plant, ah hah,
That plant, the angel told me is what sparked the fire so many centuries ago
and allowed Moses to hear the voice of God. ah hah.

The angel told me that if one puts this pepper on their food and consume it, ah hah,
The will feel that same fire burning within, ah hah,
and will hear the voice of God just as Moses heard so many centuries ago.

You too, can have this powerful pepper packed from Horeb by writing me at


I will send the pepper to you free of charge, but in order for you to hear from God
and receive your miracle, you must send me a check for $18.95. Within a week of
consuming the pepper, you will receive your miracle.

Don't miss out on your blessing. Write today.

Edited by Standing Firm In Christ

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I remember several years ago there were many doing this sort of thing with "prayer cloths".


Most would send a prayer cloth after a donation was sent. This prayer cloth was supposed to be something they had prayed over so when the person receiving it prayed while holding the cloth their prayers were sure to be answered.


At least one ministry would send the prayer cloth for a donation but once you received the prayer cloth you were supposed to hold it while saying your prayers and then send the prayer cloth and a donation back to the ministry where they would pray over the cloths for a sure answer to prayer. I imagine this ministry was recycling the prayer cloths so they could clear more on the donations.


I've also seen some who send a bit of "ground from the Holy Land" for a donation. Somehow that little bit of dirt is supposed to hold some power. Others offer "water from the blessed River Jordan".


It's amazing how many fall for these things.

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It's the natural tendency for people to think they have to somehow earn and do in order to get some recognition, and hopefully favor, from God. This is why works based salvation is the way so many cling to. This is why those who offer tangible actions, things to touch and do, receive attention and donations.


We need to be spreading the Gospel and making disciples just as the Lord commands in Scripture. We have so many lost all around us, including millions of professing Christians, that need to hear the truth of Scripture.

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