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  1. Alan

    Activity on Online Baptist

    Swathdiver, If you ever find the photo of the Pond Apple Snail on your daughter's arm, and you feel led to, can you upload it so we can see? Alan
  2. John, I am glad to know that the devotion on Joseph and his Brethren was a blessing to you. Alan
  3. Alan

    Was Simon the Sorcerer saved?

    John, Thank you for uploading this message on Simon the Sorcerer, Acts 8:9-25 I especially appreciate the quotation of Proverbs 27:2 and incorporating it into your message. "Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips." Proverbs 27:2 And, later on your comments on 1Corinthians 12:7-12 and Isaiah 55:1 in relation to Simon and his thoughts that Peter perceived. As you mentioned, the spirit of Simon, and his sorcery is much in evident in the Christian world today; especially in the Charismatic realm. As Simon deceived others through the desire of promoting himself, trickery and deception, the shysters in our age are all around us in the religious movements in the various denominations. Alan
  4. Alan

    Addition to the rules and regs?

    I really would like to have this incorporated into requirements for a teacher (among the other items that I listed).
  5. Alan

    Addition to the rules and regs?

    To my knowledge, during the course of this matter of this thread, after a brief search of the different forums, I have seen recent posts of the individual who gave dates for the events in the Book of Revelation, the two individuals who gave me a lot of grief, in my Revelation Chapter 19-22 Study, and one of the other individuals that gave me grief in the, "There are Still good Men in the IFB Churches," (this is the "Internet Theologian," study I tried to teach in), still posting in the other forums. I think most folks know who I am referring too and out of politeness I am not mentioning their names nor forums that they are posting in. Unless the false teachers are banned, most, not all, will still post their false teachings. Even after the required number of posts on the other forums the individual who caused grief they are still posting their false teaching. Requiring individuals to post a set number of postings before they can teach is commendable and I support it; but, we need to still have them declare their religious background, answer honest questions, and require that any non-IFB individual be not allowed to teach any subject relating to the scriptures. If they want to teach us how to operate a chain saw, fix a car, canning techniques, etc... that is no problem. Yes, I know that they can give us false church website information in order to try and deceive us. Yes, I know they can say they are IFB in order to try and deceive us. But, all of my reasonings that I posted beforehand in this thread are the best we can do under the circumstances. The only difference that I can offer at this point in the discussion is possibly have the teacher, in their Profile Page here on OnLineBaptist, have a written doctrinal statement and denominational affiliation. A doctrinal statement that is specific, clear, no ambiguity, and no generalizing. The required number of postings before an individual can teach is ok when they are listed as IFB and will give the members, not just the moderators, a doctrinal statement. The doctrinal statement can be in the form of a website or it can be listed in their personal information in their profile page on OnLineBaptist. Quite frankly, the scriptures are the foundation of our faith and the individual that teaches any subject of the scriptures should be held to the highest standard possible: whether in the church or on the Internet forum.
  6. Alan

    Addition to the rules and regs?

    I understand the concerns of an individual making known in a public forum their background. Throughout my tenure here on OnLineBaptist, as a teacher, if memory serves me well, I have answered any honest question, either public or in private, to individuals who have asked. Other honest teachers here on OnLineBaptist has done the same. But, one of the reasons why the last two false teachers, and a host of others that have come on OnLineBaptist in years past, have gotten away with their deceit is due to the fact that they can remain anomalous, and their religious background can remain unknown, to the individuals on the forum. I for one, am tired of verbally fighting with these false teachers who knowingly are trying to teach false doctrines on OnLineBaptist. These false teachers are using the advantage of anonymity to promote their own false teaching agendas. I would like the anonymity not, repeat, not, to be a factor in dealing with these individuals. Again, I do not want to cause any ill feeling with any moderator. But, if the moderators only know what the background of these individuals, and not the members, then the members are still in the dark; and every false teacher will know this fact and will take advantage of the members being in the dark.
  7. Alan

    Addition to the rules and regs?

    1. I am of the persuasion that the background of the teacher should be known to all of us; not just the moderators. 2. I am of the persuasion that only, may I repeat, only, IFB individuals should be allowed to teach. To me, this is of utmost importance. I am tired of verbally fencing swords with false teachers here on OnLineBaptist that are not IFB. I came on OnLineBaptist for fellowship and honest, may I repeat honest, discussions on biblical issues with IFB brethren and not to verbally fence with the vast hoard of false teachers on the various Internet forums who are just trying to push their doctrinal agendas. 3. I am of the persuasion that individuals that teach should make their home church known and that church has a readable doctrinal statement on a website that is IFB. At one time is was a requirement with OnLineBaptist. I do not want to debate the issue; but, maybe it should that it is a requirement for teachers to be IFB. 4. I am of the persuasion that adherence to the KJV is of absolute necessary. 5. Students in every classroom in the world, and in every church, are allowed to ask reasonable questions with an expectation of reasonable answers. The last two teachers are classic examples of false teachers. In my eyes, when an individual, especially a teacher, is ambiguous, side-stepping questions, belittles the individuals asking hard questions, and slanders the individual instead of answering the question, than that teacher is hiding something that he does not want to be known.
  8. Alan

    Two Cents

    Hope all of you like my two cents worth of thoughts on this forum ... I want to thank Wretched for the photo.
  9. Alan

    Revelation Bible Study.

    Brethren, I have not forgotten in stating that I will put this study on the prophecies of the Old Testament prophecies and Revelation 20:4-6 into a PDF format. The necessary major work changes in our ministry have precluded the study, the work, the categorizing the Old Testament prophesies into proper order (as I listed on the charts that were uploaded on August 31, 2017), the sifting through the various lessons in correcting mistakes and adding new lessons on passages of scripture that I failed to mention is a task for which I do not have the time for in this period of our ministry. I have some of the work accomplished. And, as time goes on I will need to add a few more passages in this study before I finish. Alan John Young, We are looking forward when you can do the work on, "The Word of the Lord," and the Old Testament prophecies. I am sue that the study will be a blessing to all of us. Alan
  10. Alan

    Addition to the rules and regs?

    Yes, I agree. I would like to add my two cents (Oh! how I wish we had the 2 cent avatar back). Please, somebody find a two-cent avatar. 1. In the last two, quote unquote, "teachers," neither one was IFB. 2. Both of the teachers used a non-KJV without even an indication that is was non-KJV as they did not tell us what version it was. Both individuals are knowledgeable in the scriptures enough to know that it is common courtesy, unless the version is the KJV, to abbreviate the version used. In my eyes this was done deliberately to deceive us. 3. Both of them were unwilling to state what church, or fellowship, they belonged to. 4. Both of them gave vague, ambiguous, half-truths, or very general answers to questions that were appropriate and desirable in Christian circles. 5. One of them (I will forbear mentioning which one), when caught in a out-and-out lie, had the audacity to state we (the members on this forum who rebuked the individual), were on a witch hunt and were the cause of the ill-feeling. 6. Both of them, in my eyes, were "Internet Theologians." They went from forum to forum spreading their beliefs. 7. Both of them did not care one bit what any of us believed. In my opinion, they were insincere, dis-honest, and knew what they were doing. Both individuals were intelligent and knowledgeable of the scriptures and the different beliefs. So, they were not ignorant. 8. Both individuals, in my eyes, knew what IFB brethren believed and came on OnLineBaptist deliberately to try and persuade us to change. Those are my thoughts, and as we were reminded very recently, in a forceful manner, we (especially Dave), are not infallible. So, I will declare beforehand (before I am reminded that I am not infallable infalible unfalable. ) I need to go and check my dictionary and learn how to spell infallible. Alan
  11. Alan

    Hello from Minnesota

    Minnesota! Brrrr ... that is one cold country. But, it sounds like you have a warm heart. So, welcome to OnLineBaptist James. Looking forward to knowing you better as the days progress. Feel free to ask any questions you want, and, maybe, we just might answer a few of them!!! HaHaHa!!! God Bless! Alan
  12. Alan

    A Cute little movie

    Very good short video that absolutely refutes the theory of evolution by 3 short scientific facts. Furthermore, it very simply shows that evolution is not scientific in any meaning of the word.
  13. Alan

    mental health and other things

    I will be praying for you today.
  14. Alan

    Let's Get Past The Four Spiritual Laws

    Dave is not being a nuisance. Nor is it applicable to apply the other negative, and incorrect, statements that were obviously applied to him and/or others on this forum who challenged your doctrinal stand on evolution and religious background. Dave's questions are viable, correct, and understandable in light of your previous teachings. Maybe, just maybe, if you informed us more of your church, or fellowship, or doctrinal background, and answered Dave's questions in a more friendly manner, we would be more acceptable to your thoughts on other subjects. Or, if you just found some other Bible subjects that are already being discussed here on OnLineBaptist and discussed those other subjects we could get to know you better and find ares of doctrine, and background, that are similar and familiar to us. Sometimes a slow approach to a new forum is advisable.
  15. Alan


    Jim, Thank you for letting us know what is going on in your life. We can wait until you are ready to post again. Also, concerning your avatar. I remember awhile back when folks thought my avatar was, shall I say, "different" from others. Well, for one reason, I noticed that my facial features changed quite a bit over the years, so, I did not want a photo, I am no good in computer photo manipulation, so, I figured if I used a rock I would not have to change my avatar. Most folks here know that you are somewhat older than the avatar (as with most folks who use a photo avatar), so, there is no misleading. Alan