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Beware disreputable companies claiming to be Christian

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A client who I do work for on occasion, contacted me to see if I'd take over management of a site. The company they were using raised their prices, and they were already out $15,000 on the site, and it didn't work. But before I could get access to it, the company said the bill had to be paid in full. Meanwhile the site didn't work right, and the company was charging $95/hour to fix errors they left in the scripting. By the time the client was able to get everything paid for, they were out $17,000.

This past Friday I was finally given access. I found that the company had hidden the fact that the site was built in Python, not PHP as all the client's pother sites had been built in. I told the client that they'd either have to find someone who could do Python, or let me rebuild the site from scratch. They contacted their other IT guy, who manages many of their other sites, and he agreed with me that it was deceptive for them to use Python, since it's a somewhat obscure language, and that the method they used was even more cryptic and would be almost impossible for even someone familiar with Python to decipher the coding. The company obviously wanted to trap the client there.

So tomorrow I start on a complete rebuild of the site.

The company that did all this advertises itself as a Christian company, and even has links to many churches in their portfolio, but I've never seen such dishonest and deceptive business practices.

I don't know why the company would all of the suddenly start doing stuff like that. The people they're dealing with, so the client tells me, are the same people they've always dealt with, so apparently they either were calling themselves Christian as nothing more than a marketing ploy, or have rationalized cheating people as "normal business"

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