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What's wrong with the NKJV

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Well lots of things BUt I will just pick on one subject this


Thomas Nelson Publishers (publishers of the NKJV) claim, on the inside-cover, the symbol, ". . .is an ancient symbol for the Trinity." But Acts 17:29, clearly FORBIDS such symbology: ". . . we ought NOT to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, GRAVEN BY ART and man's device."

What wrong with that you say well everything. I think that we could all agreee that God is holy and seperate from every cult and false religion then why would "his word " have this satanic symbol on it HEre are some other places where theis same symbols is found

[img]http://www.av1611.org/images/craft1d.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.av1611.org/images/charmed3.jpg[/img] [img]http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:KMdAMPxLaRQC:www.elysiumdream.com/Bosa5red.JPG[/img] [img]http://images.google.com/images?q=tbn:_5vnnHtPlyAC:www.thewiccabox.co.uk/images/bookofshadows.gif[/img]


Now why would God use this satanic symbol and associate it with his word??? Your right he wouldn't :roll:
Just thought I would point this out to everyone who doesnt know this already. IF you would like to read more about this I got most of thsi info from http://www.av1611.org/nkjv.html

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The New King James Bible Examined

WHAT ABOUT THE NEW KING JAMES BIBLE? In this article, we want to share with God's people some of the important facts which led us to reject the NKJV and warn others about it. We do not believe that the "NKJV makes the KJV even better" as its publishers cl aim. To the contrary, our study leads us to conclude that the NKJV vitiates the original, reliable, accurate KJV in a most deceptive manner. While claiming to have "preserved the authority and accuracy" of the original KJV, the actual result is a hybrid t ext which incorporates many changes identical with or similar to the corruptions found in other modern Bible versions.

Why the New King James Bible? Its publisher, Thomas Nelson Company, says its purpose is "To Preserve the Integrity of the Original in the Language of Today"-"To preserve the authority and accuracy . . . of the original King James while making it understan dable to 20th Century readers"-"To update with regard to punctuation and grammar; archaic verbs and pronouns"; and "Up-to-date accuracy with regard to words whose English meaning has changed over a period of 3 1/2 centuries." The completed NKJV text is said to be "Beautifully Clear" and "Highly Readable." Thomas Nelson Publishers has spent millions to convince Chr istians that the NKJV is "the" Bible of the present and the future.

Why do we recommend rejection of the NKJV? Space limitations preclude a full discussion of every reason, but we do urge a careful consideration of the following facts. It is essential to know that many of the word changes between the original KJV and the NKJV are not changes which result from removing archaisms, etc. Instead, many are changes which clearly reveal that, contrary to their agreed basis, the NKJV translators departed from the original KJV and its underlying Greek text, the Textus Receptus, in favor of the very same wording found in versions translated from corrupted Greek texts.

The instances in which the NKJV breaks with the original KJV by substituting wording identical to that of corrupted modern Bible versions are too numerous to be considered coincidence. And, since Nelson tells us that the NKJV scholars spent "months of pra yer, research, and discussion over the handling of a single word," we must conclude that these changes were neither coincidental nor accidental.

The following references are listed as examples of the way the translators inserted erroneous words and meanings from corrupted modern Bible versions into the NKJV text:

Titus 3:10-KJV reads, "A man that is an heretick...reject." NKJV and NIV change "heretick" to "divisive man"; RSV and NASV to "factious" man. (The one who holds to heresy is to be rejected, not the one who exposes false doctrine. The new versions confuse who is in mind here).

Acts 4:27-KJV reads, "Thy holy child, Jesus." NKJV, NASV and RSV change "holy child" to "holy servant."

Acts 8:9-KJV reads, "bewitched the people." NKJV and NASV change "bewitched" to "astonished." NIV and RSV change "bewitched" to "amazed."

Romans 1:25-KJV reads, "changed the truth of God into a lie." NKJV, NASV and NIV read "exchanged the truth of God for the lie" or "a lie."

Romans 4:25-KJV reads, "Who was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification." NKJV and NASV change "for" to "because of." (Even the NIV and RSV use the correct word, "for").

2 Corinthians 10:5-KJV reads, "Casting down imaginations." NKJV, NIV and RSV change "imaginations" to "arguments."

Colossians 3:2-KJV reads, "Set your affection on things above." NKJV, NASV, NIV and RSV change "affection" to "mind."

1 Thessalonians 5:22-KJV reads, "Abstain from all appearance of evil." NKJV, NASV and RSV change "appearance" to "form."

2 Timothy 2:15-KJV reads, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God." NKJV and NASV change "study" to "be diligent." NIV and RSV change "study" to "do your best."

Old Testament examples include:

Psalm 79:1-the word "heathen" in the KJV is changed to "nations" in the NKJV, NASV and NIV.

Isaiah 11:3-the entire phrase, "And shall make Him of quick understanding" in the KJV is eliminated in the NKJV, NASV, NIV and RSV.

Isaiah 66:5-the wonderful phrase, "But He shall appear to your joy" in the KJV disappears without explanation from NKJV, NASV, NIV and RSV.

Daniel 3:25-the fourth person who was in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, was identified as "the Son of God." The same identification is given in the text of the NKJV but a footnote reads "or, a son of the gods," and both NIV and NA SV actually have the latter reading in their texts.

In other Old Testament portions, the word "evil" in the KJV is replaced by several different words-doom, disaster, calamity, catastrophe, trouble, adversity, terrible, harm, wild. In four different places in 1 and 2 Kings, "sodomites" is changed to "perve rted persons."

The NKJV does not deserve its respected name. It is a perverted version.

Additional examples of significant changes would include the following: Matthew 4:24; 6:13; 7:14; 20:20; Mark 4:19; John 14:2; Acts 17:29; Romans 1:18; Philippians 2:6; 1 Thessalonians 5:23; 1 Timothy 6:5, 10, 20; Hebrews 2:16; 10:14; James 1:15; 1 Peter 1:7.

A striking word change involves changing "corrupt" to "peddling" in 2 Corinthians 2:17. The KJV correctly says, "For we are not as many, which corrupt the Word of God...." But the NKJV, NASV, NIV and RSV, change "corrupt" to "peddling." Is there any great difference between peddling (selling, or making a gain of) the Word of God and corrupting (adulterating) it? Of course there is, and one does not have to be a Greek scholar to decide which word is correct. When this warning was given in the 1st Century, was there any way for people to peddle (make a gain of) God's Word? Of course not-they were suffering for it. The warning clearly refers to corrupting God's Word, something that was common then as it is now. Only in our day has it ever been possible to pe ddle (make a gain of) the Bible. With its huge profits from the sale of many different Bible versions, the Thomas Nelson Publishers is both corrupting and peddling God's Word.

Dr. Jerry Falwell, a member of the NKJV overview committee, gives this new Bible his unqualified endorsement, stating that "It protects every thought, every idea, every word, just as it was intended to be understood by the original scholars." This simply is not true! As already pointed out, words have been changed and with those changed words have come changed thoughts and ideas.

Some will argue that the changes noted do not affect any fundamental Bible doctrine. We strongly disagree. Is not the verbal inspiration of the Scriptures a fundamental doctrine? Is not every word of the Bible important? Jesus Christ said, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God" (Matt.4:4). He also said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away" (Matt. 24:35). Since Christ is concerned about every word, we should also be con cerned about every word and raise a voice of protest whenever scholarly sleight of hand is discovered in any modern version, including the NKJV.

In raising strenuous objections to the changed words of the NKJV text, we are not referring to those changes which update old English verb forms without changing the meaning, i.e., removing "est" or "eth" from verb endings. Neither do we refer to updating the old English pronouns "thee," "thou" and "thine" where they refer to individuals. We do consider it a tragic mistake to eliminate the use of "Thee," "Thou" and "Thine" where these refer to Deity. There is a disturbing trend toward stripping God of His Majesty both in word and deed. The substitution of the common pronouns 'You" and "Yours" for "Thee," "Thou" and "Thine" which have historically been used to refer to Deity both in the Scriptures and the Hymns of the Church, only helps pave the way for further attempts of sinful men to bring God down to their level rather than exalting Him in every way possible.

The NKJV translators claimed it was one of their purposes to update words where the meaning of a particular word had changed over the last 375 years. In 2 Thessalonians 2:7, they updated "letteth" to "restraineth"; in Psalm 4:2, "leasing" is updated to "lying"; In 1 Thessalonians 4:15, "prevent" is updated to "precede"; in Matthew 19:14, "suffer" is updated to "let" (meaning allow or pennit).

In other instances it is difficult to understand how the NKJV scholars thought they were updating and clarifying the KJV as, for example, when they substituted "minas" for "pounds" in Luke 19:13; or, "satraps" for "princes" in Daniel 3:3; or, "black cummin" for "fitches" in Isaiah 28:27.

Many Christians today are purchasing NKJV Bibles for three reasons: (1) Many pastors and Christian leaders are highly recommending it. (2) They have been assured by translators and publishers that the NKJV is based upon the same Hebrew and Greek texts used by the KJV translators. However, as already mentioned, such a claim is simply not true and can be easily documented by comparing the wording of the NKJV with the NIV, NASV, RSV and other versions whose translators admittedly used other Hebrew and Greek texts. (3) The NKJV is supposedly easier to read and understand but its impurities actually make it doubly deceptive and dangerous.

The duplicity of the NKJV publishers, translators and endorsers greatly increases the possibility of believers being deceived. The word duplicity is used advisedly. Webster's Dictionary defines duplicity as, "Deception by pretending to feel and act one way while acting another." The following duplicity can be fully documented:

The duplicity of the Thomas Nelson Publishers is clearly evidenced by their supposed concern and stated desire to "preserve the authority and accuracy...of the original King James" Bible. Yet, Nelson is the largest publisher of Bibles in the world and publishes eight of the nine modern versions including the iniquitous Revised Standard Version, copyrighted by the apostate National Council of Churches. If the Thomas Nelson Publishers were genuinely concerned about the purity of the Scriptures, would they continue printing the RSV and other corrupted modern Bible versions?

The duplicity of the NKJV scholars is also a matter for concern. Although each scholar was asked to subscribe to a statement confirming his belief in the plenary, divine, verbal inspiration of the original autographs (none of which exist today), the question of whether or not they also believed in the divine preservation of the divinely inspired originals was not an issue as it should have been. Dr. Arthur Farstad, chairman of the NKJV Executive Review Committee which had the responsibility of final text approval, stated that this committee was about equally divided as to which was the better Greek New Testament text-the Textus Receptus or the Westcott-Hort. Apparently none of them believed that either text was the Divinely preserved Word of God. Yet, all of them participated in a project to "protect and preserve the purity and accuracy" of the original KJV based on the TR. Is not this duplicity of the worst kind, coming from supposedly evangelical scholars?

Further duplicity is revealed in the preface of the NKJV and in a 16-page history of the KJV printed at the end. On page VI of the preface, NKJV readers are given the following erroneous information: "There is only one basic New Testament used by Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox, by conservatives and liberals." This is simply not true! There are two basic New Testament texts-the Divinely preserved Textus Receptus from which the original KJV was translated and the satanically corrupted Westcott-Hort Text (and its revisions) which form the basis of all other modern Bible versions.

NKJV readers are further misinformed as to why there are so many differences between the original KJV and all the modern versions. On page VI of the preface, NKJV readers are assured, "...That the most important differences in the English New Testament of today are due, not to manuscript divergence, but to the way in which translators view the task of translation." This simply is not true. Many important differences in the English New Testament of today are indeed due to manuscript divergence (over 5700 differences exist between the TR and WH Greek texts) in addition to the divergent views of the scholars who produced the various translations.

On page VII of the preface is another very significant statement concerning the NKJV footnotes: "Significant explanatory notes, alternate translations, and cross references, as well as New Testament citations of Old Testament passages, are supplied in footnotes. Important textual variants in the Old Testament are footnoted in a standard form. The textual information in the New Testament footnotes is a unique provision in the history of the English Bible. Terms in the footnotes such as 'better manuscripts' are avoided. The footnotes in the present edition make no evaluation of the readings, but do clearly indicate the manuscript sources of readings which diverge from the traditional text. Thus, a clearly defined presentation of the variants is provided for the benefit of interested readers representing all textual persuasions."

As a crowning climax of duplicity and inconsistency, the editors of the NKJV make the following incongruous statements on pages 1,234 and 1,235 of the King lames history printed at the conclusion of the NKJV text:

"The tendency of recent revisers has been to remove words and phrases from the text of Scripture, based on the most recently discovered extant manuscripts. In using the Greek text underlying the King James Bible, these words and phrases were retained. And, in those few places where the majority of the manuscripts did not support a word or phrase, that fact could best be indicated in a footnote. (The New Testament of the New King James Version shows in its footnotes those places where the major textual traditions differ from the language of the King James Bible.)

"It was the editors' conviction that the use of footnotes would encourage further inquiry by readers. They also recognized that it was easier for the average reader to delete something he or she felt was not properly a part of the text, than to insert a word or phrase which had been left out by the revisers."

Will the next modem Bible be the "Do It Yourself" version? This would be a distinct possibility if the advice of the NKJV editors in the two preceding paragraphs were to be followed. In effect, they are saying, let each reader decide for himself what portions, verses, phrases and words should be included in God's Holy Word." NKJV footnotes, far from being helpful, are an invitation to disobey the plain command of God not to add to or take from His Word. Deuteronomy 4:2; Revelation 22:18,19.

The preservation of God's divinely inspired Word is clearly set forth in Psalm 12:6,7, "The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever. " God has fulfilled His promise through the Textus Receptus and the King James Version. Those who replace the KJV with the NKJV will have been duped into accepting a Bible which still bears a respected name but one which has placed "readability" above purity.

The translators of the original King James Bible had a distinct advantage. They were able to use their vast knowledge of ancient languages and translation abilities prior to the time when the deadly virus of so-called "Higher Criticism" infected the whole field of scholarship. False teachers boldly dissected God's Word with the "tools of scholarship" in order to reconstruct it according to their own speculations and presumptions. The result is a pseudo-intellectual aura in which no one can be sure of anything. It's time to get back to the pure Word of God where faith prevails and doubt is vanquished!

Believers who will take the time to compare the KJV with the NKJV and then with other modern versions will see for themselves why the NKJV should be exposed and repudiated as a polluted version. And, those who will take time to carefully look at the NKJV footnotes will be doubly concerned and will join in warning others about it.

Our plea to God's people is to reject the NKJV Bible and continue preaching, teaching, memorizing and meditating upon the pure, unadulterated, Divinely preserved milk and meat of God's Holy Word-The King James Authorized Version of 1611 upon which God has placed His stamp of approval over a span of nearly four centuries. Nothing is more important than the purity of God's Holy Word.

Hope this helps.
Brother Miller.

"Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read" - Isaiah 34:16

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I for one was deceived by the Title "New King James"....its a new translation....loosely based on the King James....but not translated totally from the same manuscripts. I have subsequently gotten rid of mine.

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The "New King Jimmy" is not a King James at all;it is a mongrel composite of the RSV,ASV,and the NASV plus some readings from the AV.It has readings from the RSV,ASV,and the NASV inserted in it's text.See 1st Cor 5:6.

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The greatest method of deception is to counterfeit.
And the master of counterfeit and deception is Satan.

The Bible in 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 warns of Satan's counterfeit: "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness;. . ." Isaiah 14: 14 tells of Satan's ultimate counterfeit: ". . . I will BE LIKE the most High."

And among his greatest counterfeit's is the New King James Bible (NKJV). Christians that would never touch a New International Version (NIV), New American Standard (NASV), Revised Standard (RSV), the New Revised Standard (NRSV) or other per-versions are being "seduced" by the subtil NKJV.

And though the New King James does indeed bear a "likeness" to the 1611 King James Bible, as you'll soon see, there's something else coiled (see Genesis 3:1) "underneath the cover" of the NKJV.


Symbols are used throughout the occult. Harpers' Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience (p.594) says, "Symbols are important to all esoteric teachings, for they contain secret wisdom accessible only to the initiated."
Many people have asked about the mysterious symbol on the NKJV.

Thomas Nelson Publishers (publishers of the NKJV) claim, on the inside-cover, the symbol, ". . .is an ancient symbol for the Trinity." But Acts 17:29, clearly FORBIDS such symbology: ". . . we ought NOT to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, GRAVEN BY ART and man's device."

And why does The Aquarian Conspiracy, a key New Age "handbook", bear a similar symbol? New Agers freely admit it represents three inter-woven "6"s or "666".

Constance Cumbey, author of The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow and a notable authority on the New Age Movement, said, "On the cover of the Aquarian Conspiracy is a Mobius, it is really used by them as triple six (666). The emblem on the cover of the New King James Bible is said to be an ancient symbol of the Trinity. The old symbol had gnostic origins. It was more gnostic than Christian. I was rather alarmed when I noticed the emblem..." (The New Age Movement, Southwest Radio Church, 1982 p.11)

The three esoteric "6"'s separated.
Plainly displaying the interlocked "666".

The Triqueta is used as the centerpiece for the logo for The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP). The ITP is a new age school following the Jungian Psychology [occultist Carl Jung]. One of their stated goals is ". . . to reach the recognition of divinity within"(www.itp.edu/about/tp.html) (see Genesis 3:5, "...ye shall be as gods...")
The same symbol (with a circle) is displayed by the rock group Led Zeppelin. Members of Led Zeppelin are deeply involved in satanism and the occult. Guitarist Jimmy Page, so consumed with satanism, actually purchased satanist Aleister Crowley's mansion. Most believe the symbol is from the teachings of Aleister Crowley and represents 666.

The following picture is "The Hierophant" taken from the Tarot card set designed by satanist Aliester Crowley. The "Hierophant" is a priest in the occult and Eleusinian. Notice the "three circles" at the top of the wand or rod in the Hierphant's hand. Inside the the three intertwined circles is the "NKJV symbol".

To the right is the top of the wand enlarged. Notice the "NKJV symbol" (upside down) inside the three circles.

One of the most occultic television shows ever aired is "Charmed". "Charmed" details the spells and occultic practices of three witches. The "NKJV symbol" is the show's primary symbol of witchcraft and is splattered throughout the series. Notice the "NKJV symbol" displayed on "The Book of Shadows". The Book of Shadows is commonly used in withcraft and satanism:

Book of Shadows: Also called a grimoire, this journal kept either by individual witches or satanists or by a coven or group, records the activities of the group and the incantations used. (Jerry Johnston, The Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism on North America, p. 269)

The Craft: A Witch's Book of Shadows
The Witch's Book of Shadows or Grimoire is a book of spells, enchantments, and rituals. Includes Rituals, Spells, and Wicca Ethics

The Craft Companion: A Witch's Journal

By Dorothy Morrison, a high priest of Witchcraft.

NOTE: We circled (in YELLOW and RED), and also enlarged to the side The NKJV symbol.

Here's some examples of Satanic and Pagan Jewelry which includes the NKJV logo.
LEFT BOX: Notice the satanic pentagram ring in the top right corner. The ring with the NKJV logo is the fourth down on the left, we highlighted it with a yellow circle.
BOTTOM BOX: Notice the very satanic Baphomet Goat.
We broke out and colored the NKJV symbol found in the other two satanic pieces of jewelry.

LEFT: The image on the left is from the rock group Deicide's album "Once Upon the Cross". It is a triquetra (the NKJV logo) with pentagrams and upside down crosses. The group Deicide members are very serious Satanists. Lead Singer Glen Benton has an upside down cross branded on his forehead. The inside cover of the album "Once Upon the Cross" has the Lord Jesus Christ, sliced up the middle, with his insides removed. The name Deicide means the death of God.

RIGHT: The triquetra (the NKJV logo) is also the logo for the Rap / Metal band P.O.D.

The book "Blood on the Doorposts" by former Satanists, Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen, also documents the "trio of sixes (666)" in the "NKJV symbol" and goes so far as claim it is "symbolic of the anti-christ":

"A disguised interlocked trio of sixes, symbolic of the anti-christ. Also symbolizes the triple goddess of Wicca (three interlocked vesica pisces together). Commonly used in Catholic liturgical iconography, and has recently found its way into the logo of the New King James Bible." (Bill and Sharon Schnoebelen, Blood on the Doorposts, p. 150)
Dr. Cathy Burns writes in her book, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, concerning the "NKJV symbol":

"Marilyn Ferguson, a New Ager, used the symbol of the triquetra (another name for the triskele) on her book The Aquarian Conspiracy. This is a variation for the number 666. Other books and material have a similar design printed on them, such as books from David Spangler, the person who lauds Lucifer, and The Witch's Grimoire. As most people know, the number 666 is the number of the beast (see Revelation 13:18) and is evil, yet the occultists and New Agers love this number and consider it to be sacred.
As stated earlier, many organizations, such as the World Future Society and the Trilateral Commission, incorporate this symbol into their logo. I think it is quite interesting to see that this same symbol appears on the cover of the New King James Bible as well!"(Dr. Cathy Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, pp. 242-243)

For more info on the NKJV "mark"

Would God "mark" His word with a symbol in the occult?

The Preface to the New King James Version (NKJV) reads, "A special feature of the New King James Version is ITS CONFORMITY to the thought flow of the 1611 Bible. . . the new edition, while much clearer ARE SO CLOSE to the traditional. . ."

Among the first changes that greets the reader of the NKJV is the removal of the much maligned "thee, thou and ye". The Preface to the NKJV states, ". . .thee, thou, and ye are replaced by the simple you,. . .These pronouns are no longer part of our language." But "thee, thou and ye" were "NO LONGER part of the language" during 1611 either. (just read the intro to the 1611 King James, there are no "thee", "thou" and "ye"). In fact, Webster's Third New International Dictionary, says of ye: "used from the earliest of times to the late 13th century. . ." (p.2648) And yet the 1611 King James was published 400 years later in the 17th century!

So why are they there?

The Greek and Hebrew language contain a different word for the second person singular and the second person plural pronouns. Today we use the one-word "you" for both the singular and plural. But because the translators of the 1611 King James Bible desired an accurate, word-for-word translation of the Hebrew and Greek text - they could NOT use the one-word "you" throughout! If it begins with "t" (thou, thy, thine) it's SINGULAR, but if it begins with "y" (ye) it's PLURAL. Ads for the NKJV call it "the Accurate One", and yet the 1611 King James, by using "thee", "thou", "ye", is far more accurate!

By the way, if the "thee's" and "thou's" are ". . .no longer part of our language" - why aren't the NKJV translators rushing to make our hymnbooks "much clearer"? "How Great Thou Art" to "How Great You Are", or "Come Thou Fount" to "Come You Fount" Doesn't sound right, does it? Isn't it amazing that they wouldn't dare "correct" our hymns - and yet, without the slightest hesitation, they'll "correct" the word of God!

The NKJV claims to make the "old" KJV "much clearer" by "updating obsolete words" (New King James Version, 1982e. p. 1235)

How about that "obsolete word" - "hell". The NKJV removes the word "hell" 23 times! And how do they make it "much clearer"? By replacing "hell" with "Hades" and "Sheol"! Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines Hades: "the underground abode of the dead in Greek MYTHOLOGY". By making it "much clearer" - they turn your Bible into MYTHOLOGY! Not only that, Hades is not always a place of torment or terror! The Assyrian Hades is an abode of blessedness with silver skies called "Happy Fields". In the satanic New Age Movement, Hades is an intermediate state of purification!

Who in their right mind would think "Hades" or "Sheol" is "up-to-date" and "much clearer" than "hell"?

Matthew 16:18
KJV: "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
NKJV: "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."
Luke 16:23
KJV: "And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom."
NKJV: "And being in torments in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom."
Hell is removed in 2 Sam. 22:6, Job 11:8, 26:6, Psalm 16:10, 18:5, 86:13, 116:3, Isaiah 5:14, 14:15, 28:15,18, 57:9, Jonah 2:2, Matt. 11:23, 16:18, Luke 10:15, 16:23, Acts 2:27, 31, Rev. 1:18, 6:8, 20:13,14.

Then the NKJV decides that maybe "Hades" should be "grave"! So the NKJV makes 1 Corinthians 15:55 "much clearer" by changing "grave" to "Hades"! ". . . O Hades, where is your victory?" Clear as mud. . .

Another one of those "obsolete words" is "repent". They take it out 44 times! And how does the NKJV make it "much clearer"? In Matthew 21:32 they use "relent". Matthew 27:3 it's "remorseful" Or Romans 11:29 they change "repentance" to "irrevocable".

The term "new testament" is NOT in the NKJV! (see Matt. 26:28, Mark 14:24, Luke 22:20, 1 Cor. 11:25, 2 Cor. 3:6, Heb. 9:15,) The NKJV replaces "new testament" with "new covenant" (ditto NIV, NRSV, RSV, NASV). An obvious assault at the written word!

The word "damned", "damnation" is NOT in the NKJV! They make it "much clearer" by replacing it with "condemn" (ditto NIV, RSV, NRSV, NASV). "Condemned" is NO WHERE NEAR AS SERIOUS as "damned"! Damned is eternal! One can be "condemned" and not "damned". Romans 14:22 says, ". . . Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth." Webster defines "condemned": to declare to be wrong, but the much more serious and eternal "damn": "to condemn to hell".

The word "devils" (the singular, person called the "devil" is) is NOT in the NKJV! Replaced with the "transliterated" Greek word "demon" (ditto NIV, RSV, NRSV, NASV). The Theosophical Dictionary describes demon as: ". . . it has a meaning identical with that of 'god', 'angel' or 'genius'". Even Vines Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words (p.157) defines "demon" as: "an inferior deity, WHETHER GOOD OR BAD". Webster defines "demon" as: "divinity, spirit, an attendant power or spirit", but "devil" as: "the personal supreme spirit of EVIL. . ."

In 2 Timothy 2:15, the NKJV (like the NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV) remove that "obsolete" word - "study"! The only time you're told to "study" your Bible. AND THEY ZAP IT! Why don't they want you to "study" your Bible? Maybe they don't want you to look too close - you might find out what they've ACTUALLY done to your Bible! The "real" KJV is the only English Bible in the world that instructs you to "study" your Bible!

That "obsolete" word "virtue" is replaced with "power" in Mark 5:30, Luke 6:19, 8:46! How does anybody confuse "virtue" with "power"? Simple - by being "bosom-buddies" with the NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV! That's what they did!

One of the most absurd changes ever made is changing the word "servant" to "slave"! The NKJV in Romans 6:22, reads: "But now having been set FREE from sin, and having become SLAVES OF GOD. . ." The NKJV, in 1 Corinthians 7:22, calls the Christian, "Christ's slave". Talk about a contradiction! John 8:36 says, "If the Son therefore shall make you FREE, YE SHALL BE FREE INDEED." But isn't a Christian supposed to serve? Yes, in love. Not as a slave! Galatians 5:13 explains it, perfectly: "For, brethren, ye have been called unto LIBERTY;(not slavery!) only use not LIBERTY for an occasion to the flesh, but BY LOVE SERVE one another."

In order to "harmonize" with the satanic New Age Movement (and of course the NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV!), the NKJV changes "end of the WORLD" to "end of the AGE"! And in it's no longer the "WORLD to come" but "AGE to come". The New Age Movement teaches a series of ages (hence the name: New AGE). See Matthew 12:32, 13:39, 13:40, 13:49, 24:3, 28:20, Mark 10:30, Luke 13:30, 20:34,35, 1 Cor 1:21.

The New Age Movement and the occult are longing for one called the Maitreya. The Bible calls him the Anti-Christ. New Ager's refer to him as the "the Coming One" - AND SO DOES THE NKJV! In Luke 7:19, 20 (see also Matt 11:3) John told his disciples to ask Jesus: "Are You THE COMING ONE. . ." In the "The Great Invocation", a "prayer" highly reverenced among New Agers and chanted to "invoke" the Maitreya, says, "Let Light and Love and Power and Death, Fulfil the purpose of the Coming One."

And to REALLY show their sympathy with the satanic New Age Movement - BELIEVE IT OR NOT - in Acts 17:29 the New Age NKJV changes "Godhead" to "Divine Nature"! ( ditto NIV, NASV)

And if you think the NKJV just "innocently" updated the "obsolete words", removed the "thee's and thou's" - here's what the translators proudly admit: "IT IS CLEAR that this revision REQUIRED more than the dropping of "-eth" endings, removing, "thee's" and "thou's," and updating obsolete words." (The New King James Version, 1982e. p. 1235)


Here's a sampling of the required changes:

Genesis 2:18: The NKJV ought to make Hillary Clinton proud: "And the Lord God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make a helper COMPARABLE TO HIM"

Genesis 22:8: One of the greatest verses in the Bible proclaiming that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh: "God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering:" The NKJV adds that little word "for": "God will provide for Himself the lamb for a burnt offering" And destroys the wonderful promise! Where'd they get their little "for"? From the NASV!

Genesis 24:47: The "old" KJV reads: "I put the earring upon her face". But the NKJV has different plans for beautiful Rebekah: "I put the nose ring on her nose". Where did it get the ridiculous idea to "cannibalize" Rebekah? Just take a peek at the NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV!

Ezra 8:36: The KJV reads, "And they delivered the king's commissions unto the king's lieutenants. . ." The "much clearer" NKJV reads, "And they delivered the king's orders to the king's satraps. . ." Who in the world thinks "satraps" is "much clearer" than lieutenants? The NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV - they do! They put in the same "much clearer" word!

Psalms 109:6: removes "Satan". (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV).

Matthew 7:14: change "narrow is the way" to "difficult is the way". There's nothing "difficult" about the salvation of Jesus Christ! Jesus says in Matt. 11:30, "For my yoke is EASY, and my burden is light." THE EXACT OPPOSITE! Boy, you talk about a contradiction!

Matthew 12:40: change "whale" to "fish" (ditto NIV) I don't guess it matters (what's the truth got to do with it?), the Greek word used in Matthew 12:40 is ketos. The scientific study of whales just happens to be - CETOLOGY - from the Greek ketos for whale and logos for study! The scientific name for whales just happens to be - CETACEANS - from the Greek ketos for whale!

Matthew 18:26 & Matthew 20:20: The NKJV removes "worshipped him" (robbing worship from Jesus) (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

Mark 13:6 & Luke 21:8: removes "Christ" (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

John 1:3: change "All things were made BY him;" to "All things were made THROUGH Him" (NIV, NRSV, RSV)

John 4:24: change "God is a spirit" to the impersonal, New Age pantheistic,"God is spirit" (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

John 14:2: (NKJV 1979 edition) change "mansions" to "dwelling places" (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

John 14:16: change "comforter" to "helper"(refers to Holy Spirit) (NASV)

Acts 4:27, 30: change "holy child" to "holy servant" (refers to Jesus) (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

Acts 12:4: change "Easter" to "Passover" (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

Acts 17:22: changes "superstitious" to "religious" (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

Acts 24:14: change "heresy" to "sect" (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

Romans 1:18: change "hold the truth" to "suppress the truth" (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

Romans 1:25: change "changed the truth" to "exchanged the truth" (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

Romans 5:8: change "commendeth" to "demonstrates" (NIV, NASV)

Romans 16:18: change "good words and fair speeches" to "smooth words and flattering speech" (NIV, NASV, NRSV)

1 Cor. 1:21: change "foolishness of preaching" to "foolishness of the message preached" (ditto NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV) There's nothing foolish about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unless you're not saved! 1 Cor. 1:18 says: "For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish FOOLISHNESS. . ." I wonder where that leaves the translators of the NKJV, NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV?

1 Cor. 1:22: change "require" to "request" (NASV)

1 Cor. 6:9: removes "effeminate" (NIV, NRSV, RSV)

1 Cor. 9:27: change "castaway" to "disqualified" (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

2 Cor. 2:10: change "person of Christ" to "presence of Christ" (NASV, NRSV, RSV)

2 Cor. 2:17: With all the "corruptions" in the NKJV, you'd expect 2 Cor. 2:17 to change. IT DOES! They change, "For we not as many which CORRUPT the word of God" to "For we are not, as so many, PEDDLING the word of God" (ditto NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

2 Cor. 5:17: change "new creature" to "new creation" (NIV, NRSV, RSV)

2 Cor. 10:5: change "imaginations" to "arguments". Considering New Age "imaging" and "visualization" is now entering the church, this verse in the "old" KJV just won't do. (NIV, RSV)

2 Cor. 11:6: change "rude in speech" to "untrained in speech" (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

Gal. 2:20: omit "nevertheless I live" (NIV, NASV, NRSV, RSV)

Phil. 2:6: (NKJV 1979e.) change "thought it not robbery to be equal with God" to "did not consider equality with God something to be grasped". (robs Jesus Christ of deity) (NIV, NASV, RSV)

Phil. 3:8: change "dung" to "rubbish" (NIV, NASV, NRSV)

1 Thess. 5:22 change "all appearance of evil" to "every form of evil" (NASV, RSV, NSRV)

1 Timothy 6:5: The NKJV changes "gain is godliness" to "godliness is a MEANS OF gain". There are NO Greek texts with "means of" in them! Where, oh where, did they come from? Care to take a wild guess? YOU GOT IT! The NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV!

1 Timothy 6:10: The NKJV changes "For the love of money is the root of all evil:" to "For the love of money is a root of all KINDS OF evil". The words "KINDS OF" are found in NO Greek text in the world! Where did they get them? Straight from the NIV, NASV, NRSV!

1 Tim. 6:20: change "science" to "knowledge" (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

Titus 3:10: change "heretic" to "divisive man" (NIV)

Hebrews 4:8 & Acts 7:45: "Jesus" is changed to "Joshua". (NIV, NASV, RSV)

2 Pet. 2:1: change "damnable heresies" to "destructive heresies" (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

1 John 3:16: remove "love of God"; (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

1 John 5:13: The NKJV reads: "These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may CONTINUE TO believe in the name of the Son of God." They add "CONTINUE TO" without any Greek text whatsoever! Not even the perverted NIV, NASV, NRSV and RSV go that far! A cruel, subtil (see Genesis 3:1) attack on the believer's eternal security!

Rev. 2:13: change "Satan's seat" to "Satan's throne" (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)

Rev. 6:14: "Heaven" is changed to "sky" in (NIV, NASV, RSV, NRSV)


The NKJV removes the word "Lord" 66 times!

The NKJV removes the word God 51 times!

The NKJV removes the word "heaven" 50 times!

In just the New Testament alone the NKJV removes 2.289 words from the KJV!

The NKJV makes over 100,000 word changes!

And most will match the NIV, NASV, RSV, or RSV!

And Thomas Nelson Publishers have the audacity to claim in an ad for the NKJV (Moody Monthly, June 1982, back cover), "NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED except to make the original meaning clearer."

The New King James is a COUNTERFEIT!

It's NOT NEW! The changes are already in the NIV, NASV, NRSV, or RSV!

And it's certainly NOT true to the 1611 King James Bible!


Friend, I want to ask you the most important question anyone will ever ask you:


It's simple to be saved ...
Know you're a sinner.

"As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:" Romans 3:10

"... for there is no difference. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;" Romans 3:23
That Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins.

"Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, ..." 1 Peter 2:24

"... Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,"Revelation 1:5
And the best way you know how, simply trust Him, and Him alone as your personal Savior.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

Pray this prayer, and mean it with all your heart.

Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and unless you save me I am lost forever. I thank you for dying for me at Calvary. I come to you now, Lord the best way I know how, and ask you to save me. I now receive you as my Savior. In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.

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God's Holy Word, The KJV 1611 is God's pure Holy Word. It doesn't change so why do people feel that they should update it.

:sing: Give me that old time religion....it's good enough for me....It was good for my grandfather.......it will do when I am dying......it will take me to heaven.

The kjv not those perversions out there.

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Forget the original languages, just compare English to English, and you will see that many major doctrinal scriptures are destroyed in any of the new perversions of the Bible. The new so called "updates" of the Word of God are open attempts of man to justify himself instead of relying on God's grace through Jesus Christ. However, this has been reoccuring since Genesis 3. We should believe Psalms 119:89, "For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven" , then pray for the confused and delussioned, who put themselves above God in preserving His word. The scriptures are very capable of defending themselves, however, we as God's people are to do our part to help others see the light. (Mark 16 : 15) God forgive us for comprimising His Word and words.

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[quote="Jon Taylor"]
Forget the original languages, just compare English to English, and you will see that many major doctrinal scriptures are destroyed in any of the new perversions of the Bible.

I agree that you can clearly see the differences by comparing Bibles side by side, especially comparing the King James Bible with others. But I caution against any approach that thinks the original languages are not valuable (not saying you are doing this, just want to cover it anyway, though).

Comparing the King James with my NASV, an NIV, and several others, I realized there were some serious differences between them. I truly thank the Lord that I had gotten a Strong's Concordance several years prior to this point. When I first started comparing versions, I did not know there were different Greek and Hebrew texts, but many places where I came across a serious difference between the KJB and another version I looked in the Strong's to see what the word was in Greek or Hebrew and realized the King James followed that and the others did not.

Since then I have studied many articles on the various texts and the preservation of the Textus Receptus and the Massoretic Text. It was going to the original preserved languages (texts) and comparing them to the King James that convinced me that it was 100% accurate, as well as the only one that wholly followed these texts.

Also, seeing as the King James has been proven to be an accurate translation of the preserved Hebrew and Greek texts, I find it useful to study these languages (by using my Strong's Concordance and my Greek New Testament) to help me get a better grasp on my English Bible. I have never sought to correct the English by my studies (and I strongly warn anyone against ever doing that!)

I believe there is a depth in the Bible languages that modern English does not fully convey. It is the same picture being conveyed, but now it is in color, not just black and white. For example, in Hebrews 2:18 and 4:16, the words succour and help are from the Greek word meaning "to run to the cry". It is not a different meaning, but gives a more vivid picture. Jesus will help me when I need it, in fact, He will run to my cry when I call out.

When I come across a difficult passage, I am sometimes able to figure out what the passage is saying (or not saying) or able to refute false interpretations of this passage by seeing the Greek and Hebrew words used. For example, in 1 Corinthians 12:29-30 Paul asks a series of rhetorical questions in which the answer is obviously no - but when talking with a Charismatic about those verses they will try to skirt around this and say that Paul means yes, but not everyone is seeking those gifts. In the Greek, every single one of those sentences start with a word meaning "no". There is no room for debate.

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Last year our fill in pastor did a series in bible study on this issue, a video tape from Pensacola Bible College..."The text is the issue"...boy did I learn a lot...it's good to have an educated opinion.

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Gentlemen, I realize that the KJB follows 95% of the existing manuscripts and the perversions follow only 5%, if that much. I understand that knowing the two paths of the different texts culminating in the KJB and the other perversions. However, with I John 2 : 27 to back up John 14 : 26, our education is null and void in light of what the Holly Ghost can teach us. We can not require every layman to study Hebrew and Greek. What we can do is teach them to compare what they can read in English. For the educated few, we would not want to become Pharisees and say that a layman can not take a proper stand on the KJB without knowing Hebrew and Greek. If we take this stance, we are no better than the money hungry, self-righteous men and women who have changed the word of God. Our goal is the furthering of the true gospel of Christ, as Aquila and Priscilla helped Apollos. We will be beating our heads against a brick wall trying to teach above the layman's head. With all humility, education is a wonderful thing, but the English of the KJB has been purified seven times since 1611. Thus, if we go backwards into this process, we are doubting the ability of God to not only preserve His word and words, but, also, His ability to translate it in just a pure was as it was originally inspired. "I am persuaded He is able to keep that which I have committed unto to Him against that day". (Believe me this is one of my favorite topics. Rarely do I have an opportunity to discuss it in any length with others. Thank you and God bless you in your faithfulness to God's word)

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However, with I John 2 : 27 to back up John 14 : 26, our education is null and void in light of what the Holly Ghost can teach us. We can not require every layman to study Hebrew and Greek. What we can do is teach them to compare what they can read in English. For the educated few, we would not want to become Pharisees and say that a layman can not take a proper stand on the KJB without knowing Hebrew and Greek.

Possibly you misunderstood me. I believe the Greek and Hebrew (as well as a good dictionary, like Webster's 1828) are tools to help me better understand my English King James Bible better. In times past, solid preachers like Spurgeon preached out of the KJB and they also used what resources were available to them. That is what I am doing. I do not believe that you necessarily need to study Hebrew and Greek sentences (but I do believe it is helpful to study some words) to understand the Bible, nor teach it. The Lord expects us to be diligent with what we have.

You mentioned that an education was null and void, etc, but only what the Holy Spirit has taught us is valuable in understanding His Word. I agree 1 Corinthians 2:14 teaches that the natural man cannot understand the things of God. You also left the impression that all education was in contrast to what the Holy Spirit can teach. I am self taught when it comes to my Bible study, and one resource I regularly use to better understand the Bible is my Strong's Concordance. I sincerely pray for wisdom when I study and I believe my results are guided by the Holy Spirit, including when I use these other tools. [i]I have never sought to correct or change the English of the KJB. I believe that whenever someone does that they will be accountable to God.[/i]

Here is an example of what I mean by the benefit of learning Greek definitions: I read a passage and see the English word "love". We have many ways we use that word, and I wonder which one really fits - love like a friend, sacrificial love, etc. I look up the word in my Strong's Concordance and see the word is [i]agape[/i] which is the word for selfless love, the love of God. It helps me to better get a grasp on the passage. It does not correct nor change the meaning - only narrows it down further in this particular case.

For the educated few, we would not want to become Pharisees and say that a layman can not take a proper stand on the KJB without knowing Hebrew and Greek.

I'm not sure how my position (or one similar to it) results in being a Pharisee. I am a layman - I have not taken any technical or formal education, except one semester at a liberal Bible college which I left.

I believe I know where you are coming from. There are colleges and churches (like Bob Jones University) that teach unless you go to their college, listen to their teachers, and learn more about higher criticism, and become one of their elite, you cannot properly understand the Bible. That is what they refer to as the educated position. [i]I am not endorsing that attitute or philosophy in any way. I do not beleive you need a formal education to preach, teach, and understand the Bible at all. But I am not opposed to someone going to a sound college if the Lord leads them. The Lord equips us in many ways to serve Him. My "education" has been me and my Bible, firstly. Then, whatever solid resources I have handy - but if I ever come across a statement or even a word definition that contradicts the Bible (or a particular passage) then I discard it.[/i]

Hopefully you can understand where I am coming from.

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Our retired pastor and current pastor never went a solid day to a bible college and I have never yet met men so full of biblical knowledge, understanding and wisdom....

Like you Jerry, they studied diligently God's word and submitted to sound teaching.

I do believe that God has preserved His word, but that satan has also attempted through man to corrupt it through some very bad translations...but....God did give us of His Holy Spirit to discern between the 2 and I discern that the KJV is most accurate.

This is through comparison, study and teaching from biblical scholars on the texts used for translation.

True, for many years , I did use the NIV, til I discovered what it was missing...but I never grew as soundly in doctrine through it.

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Jerry, I pray I did not sound like I was condemning you for studying the original languages. However, most educated people have no desire to relate their knowledge to the layman on terms he can understand. My own exhaustive study of the different versions and their documentation of the original manuscripts has left me overly defensive against any thing that does not enlighten the man in the pew. My stand on the KJB was attacked by a man who worshiped his education. Now that I have completed as much as he has, he has now began his attack on the school I attended as being insignificant. In his attacks, there were no mention of the Holy Ghost teaching him anything. Since our last conversation, I have begun a diligent prayer war for his heart to be shown that his education is immaterial when attempting to learn the truths of the Holy Bible. Don't ever doubt that I appreciate each and every man and woman who take a stand on the KJB as the word and words of God. The only reason I started a formal educational program was to be able to say to those Pharisees, that education is of little import if we are not using it to reach the lost and to teach others to teach others (II Timothy 2 : 2) the truth about these other perversions of God's word. Thank you for responding and God bless you.

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was that Pensacola Bible College or Pensacola Christian College? Dr Ruckman or Dr. Dell Johnson?? They both put out textual debate stuff. I had Dr. Johnson in college for a few Bible classes and he was GREAT!!! What a riot!! :D

Sorry to get off track.. just wondering.. :)

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No problem, Jon. I appreciate your input.

education is of little import if we are not using it to reach the lost and to teach others to teach others (II Timothy 2 : 2) the truth about these other perversions of God's word.

Yes, I totally agree! If we do not put what we have learned into practice (in our service of the Lord, and in our daily lives) then we are fooling ourselves. I believe it is a necessity to pass on what we have learned from God's Word to others - either to Christians to build them up in the Lord, or to the lost as we share with them the Gospel of Christ.

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Hello everyone,

I praise the Lord for this forum to discuss and post topics like these. Before my computer crashed I had been studying the differences in each version. I received a lot of insight from the av1611 site. (I am not a bible major or have not attended a Bible College like PCC or BJU but both schools are highly recommended by our Church.) For me I am always looking for the Truth of Gods word so I began with the Satanic symbol on the NKJV.

After studying this symbols history I asked one of my Pastors why this was on some NKJV Bibles but not all of them. He didn't really give me an answer and unfortunately I haven't pursued it any further. But today as I sit here reading these posts I ask my self "should I throw out my NKJV that has this symbol on it, what should I do with it?" I haven't really used it in the last few years but I have kept it for reference. I am stuck in the middle it seems. I use my KJV 99.9% of the time, I prefer to use My KJV for scripture reading, Bible studies, memory verses,teaching my children, etc. etc. but I have held on to the other versions for reference. What are your feelings on this???

My church only Preaches from the KJV but I have seen several of the Pastors or layman use a comparison Bible or NIV for study, etc. Just curious. I believe that if I do not understand a scripture God will teach me through his Holy Spirit. I do use my concordance, commentary, etc. for further study as well.

I have asked mostly men in my church because it seems (but may not be true) that the women don't study such in depth topics like dispensationlism, etc. Are there any born again women here that study theology or other topics in depth???

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The problem with the NKJV is that it is not a direct translation from the KJV but it icorporates the texts also used for the NIV not all the Textus receptus or the majority text...in other words it is a composite to put it simply.....

A bit of a false representation....

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I have held on to the other versions for reference. What are your feelings on this?

My church only Preaches from the KJV but I have seen several of the Pastors or layman use a comparison Bible or NIV for study, etc. I believe that if I do not understand a scripture God will teach me through his Holy Spirit. I do use my concordance, commentary, etc. for further study as well.

For reference, if you mean for the purpose of comparing to see what is different about them, I think that is a good idea. I have about 13 versions on my bookshelf that I have marked the differences in, and if anyone asks I can let them look at the books themselves.

But if you mean to study from, I think that is very dangerous. Why do we stick to the King James? Because the other versions are corrupt, changed, watered-down, verses removed, etc. How is studying from one of them going to help you understand the King James better, when they say different things? Frankly, I have a serious problem with someone who "preaches" from the KJ but who studies from another version. What versions doctrines do you think he is preaching - certainly not sound doctrine from a sound Bible!

I have asked mostly men in my church because it seems that the women don't study such in depth topics like dispensationlism, etc. Are there any born again women here that study theology or other topics in depth???

I think anyone who reads and studies their Bible - men or women - will get a basic grasp on any theology presented in it! God doesn't limit His wisdom to just men, though I do believe that He gives husbands greater wisdom than wives to lead their family, and Pastors greater wisdom than the rest of their congregation to lead them. Not as a clergy concept, where only they can understand the Bible, but as a measure of grace because they need more to fulfill the role the Lord has given them. That said, I don't think an ungodly husband or a worldly (or ecumenical) pastor will have more wisdom.

In church leadership and in the home, the Lord has placed the man in charge because the woman is the weaker vessel and because of Eve's deception. It doesn't mean women are less smart, but I believe they are more likely to be influenced by their emotions (at times) then men would.

I think it is up to all God's children to seek to understand His Word, through studying it and the Holy Spirit teaching us. Someone may not understand a theological term, but it doesn't mean the concept is beyond them. I think in many cases (from my experience), many women just don't bother getting in-depth in their Bible studies - digging deep. But I also know some that do! Angela is someone who knows her Bible - she knows how to study it as well. There are several women in our church that teach Sunday School, and in conversations with them, I find they are very knowledgeable about Bible doctrines and issues.

A good Pastor will teach his flock - men and women alike - how to study their Bible. The responsibility is then on the individual Christian whether they will do so or not. As a preacher in training, I spend more time in Bible studying, researching, and reading commentaries than most other Christians I know because I have a thirst to know what the Word of God says so I can pass that on to others. In general, because the Lord has called men to be Pastors, Evangelists, Preachers, you will find more men getting in-depth in their Bibles.

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I have other bible versions on hand for one reason only, if I need them to show others the truth about the removed and changed verses and what not.

The KJ Bible is not hard to understand, and lets let God's Word speak for itself: 2 Peter 3:16 [i]As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are [b]unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.[/b][/i]

1 Corinthians 2:14 [i]But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.[/i]

If a person is not saved, not seeking God's truth, or not right with God, they simply will not understand the scriptures.

As a general rule, I've seen men have more biblical knowledge, especially husbands, and that is as it should be because they are the head of the home and need to have that.

Ephesians 4:7 [i]But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.[/i]

God gives each person what they need. Lumi, you are the head of your home, so God will give you more grace and spiritual discernement because you need it to perform your role. He may not give me the same, simply because my husband is suppose to be the head.

Pastor's are especially given HUGE amounts of grace, but exactly the type they need for their specific role, just as God gives the needed grace to Sunday School teachers, Christian counsellors (not psychologists), and so on.

Basically, God just gives each one of us exactly what we need to perform His will for our lives.

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lumi, in understanding the word of God, we must understand John 1 : 1 & 9, then meditate on the idea put forth in Hebrews 4 : 12 & 13. The true Word of God (Revelation 19 : 13) knows the intent of your heart every time you open it to study, even when you do not. John 14 : 26 and I John 2 : 27 will also help you to understand God's word. When you are studying, remember, you will not get it all the first time. Jesus sums it up in John 16 : 12. However, God does make studying a challenge for us, if you read Proverbs 25 : 2 with a sense of humor. None of the other versions command us to study (II Timothy 2 : 15). In fact, the KJB has the word "study" in it three (3) times. All the other versions retain the one in Ecclesiastes 12 : 12, where study is wearisome. I pray you not only use your KJB, but realize that all the other versions are based on manuscripts from Rome, Alexandria and Hell. Satan is the father of lies and he is the father of those imitations of God's Word.

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I am thankful for my childrens encouragement to stick with the KJV. My daughter and I were memorizing our verses one night and I wanted to read the verses from the NKJV and she told me to just stick to the KJV. That is what she reads now. She really doesn't read from any other versions unless there are a few listed in her discipleship book which she does not memorize the NKJV verses. My son also has a memory verse book that has 5 different translations and we are able to compare them and see how they corrupt Gods Word. We choose to study the KJV verses only. I have noticed that 90% of all childrens Bible studies use NIV or worse. I did find one KJV Study Bible for 8-12 year olds but haven't got a chance to buy it yet.

OK so what do I do with my NKJV that has that symbol on it? I do not think I want to keep it for even comparing the errors, but I "feel" like it would be a sin to throw away a Bible. Is that Satan at work? Even as I type this I get disconnected, but I know that God is trying to teach me something that I need to change.

Should I destroy this NKJV?

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